10 Best Movies Filmed In Alabama (Mobile)

Many of your favorite movies are filmed in Alabama, and you may be asking – why?

Alabama offers state incentives, including rebates to offset production costs and for locally sourced labor.

The production of movies in Alabama helps the local community and bolsters the economy. 

Okeydoke, let’s get to the list…

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021)

Movies filmed in Alabama - The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

A more recent film to shoot in Mobile is The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, an Amazon sci-fi romance original directed by Ian Samuels.

The movie follows two teenagers caught in an endless loop where they live the same day repeatedly as they work to figure out how and if they should escape this time loop.

Filming took place in Mobile and Fairhope, Alabama.

In Mobile, filming locations included the Dew Drop Inn Restaurant on Old Shell Road.

Actually, when we watched the movie, we grabbed this clip – it looks like he was going to drive into the Dew Drop Inn with a bulldozer!


About My Father (2021)

A comedy film starring Robert DeNiro and comedian Sebastian Maniscalco was filmed in Mobile.

The movie is inspired by Maniscalco’s life and relationship with his dad

The film follows Maniscalco as he tells his old-school Italian immigrant father, Salvo, who De Niro plays, that he will propose to his all-American girlfriend.

Salvo insists on crashing a weekend with her parents. The majority of filming is happening in West Mobile.

I Still Believe (2020)

I Still Believe

I Still Believe is a true-life story of Jeremy Camp, a Christian musician, on his journey of love and loss to find hope.

This movie was filmed on Spring Hill College’s campus and features locations around campus, including dorm rooms, Rydex Commons, and St. Joseph’s chapel.

Get Out (2017)

Get Out - Movies filmed in Alabama

Get Out is a thriller and horror movie filmed in Fairhope, Alabama.

The movie was written and directed by Jordan Peele and stars Daniel Kaluuya.

Filmed in just 23 days, the movie was moved to Alabama last minute due to budget cuts.

In this movie, a young guy visits his girlfriend’s family for a weekend.

He is met with an overly accommodating reception at the beginning of the weekend, which progresses until reaching boiling point.

Mississippi Grind (2015) 

This is a film about gambling and friendship.

It follows two men, Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn) and Curtis (Ryan Reynolds), who meet by chance and decide to road trip through the South with visions of winning big.

Gerry is struggling with debt and sees Curtis as his lucky charm.

Together, they hit various casinos and racetracks, hoping to make it to a legendary high-stakes poker game in New Orleans.

Fun fact: I was an extra in this one and actually made the trailer of the movie. See if you can find me in the video below 😉

Did you find me?

Ok, let’s carry on.

Gerald’s Game (2017) 

Gerald's Game

Gerald’s Game is a psychological horror thriller based on Stephen King’s novel with the same name.

This movie is about a couple taking a vacation to rekindle their marriage, but things go awry and end in tragedy.

The movie was filmed almost entirely inside the Mobile Civic Center in downtown Mobile. 

Heist (2015)


Heist is an action thriller movie starring Robert De Niro as “The Pope,” the gangster who owns the casino.

In this movie, a father does not have the money to pay for his daughter’s medical treatment, so as a last resort, he and a coworker decide to rob the casino where they are employed.

In 2015, the Crystal Ballroom in The Battle House Hotel on Royal Street was turned into a 1940’s style casino for the movie, and they also filmed scenes on the Causeway.

Vice (2015)

Vice Movies filmed in Alabama

Vice is a sci-fi action film starring Bruce Willis. This movie follows Bruce Willis’s character, Julian Michaels, who opens a resort with questionable ethics that allows people to act out their fantasies with androids.

One android escapes and then works to destroy his resort. The movie was shot entirely in downtown Mobile. 

Fun note: I was almost an extra in this movie, but wasn’t able to make the filming dates. Next time…

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage (2016)

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage is an American war film based on the true story of the loss of the USS Indianapolis ship in World War II and stars Nicolas Cage.

After delivering parts of an atomic bomb, the ship is struck by a torpedo and sunk. The surviving members of the boat are stranded for five days until being rescued by plane.

The USS Alabama depicts the USS Indianapolis, and filming takes place at Battleship Memorial Park. 

Another fun note: I was actually in this one. Below is the image of one of the scenes I shot as an extra. I’m 99% certain that’s me (it was 7 years ago, and I was required to shave my beard).

uss indianapolis deck shot

Under Siege (1992)

Under Siege

Under Siege is an action thriller film. The film focuses on a former Navy SEAL turned cook who must work to stop a group of mercenaries who have taken over the USS Missouri.

While posing as a rock band, a group of mercenaries takes over the USS Missouri as it is announced the ship will be retired.

This movie was also filmed on the USS Alabama, which sits in Mobile Bay. 

The Final Destination 4 (2009)

The Final Destination 4

Final Destination 4 is a supernatural horror film and is the fourth installment in the Final Destination series.

In this film, a group of college students is stalked by Death after escaping a car crash during a race.

The opening crash scene was filmed at the Mobile International Speedway.

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