The Ultimate Guide To Mobile, Alabama

The South has everything from beaches to mountains, history, culture, and cookery.

One city that has the perfect combination of these things is Mobile, Alabama. 

It’s no wonder that folks are flocking in to visit or move to this gorgeous gem of the South.

It’s a prime location that is steeped in history and Southern traditions. 

Read on to discover what Mobile, Alabama, has in store for you!

This will be your handy guide should you ever want to drop by or relocate to The Gateway to the Gulf. 

mobile alabama

A Brief History of Mobile, Alabama 

Incorporated in 1702 as the administrative center of French colonial Louisiana, Mobile was a part of New France for more than 60 years. 

Mobile was in the heart of the fighting in 1720 when France and Spain were at war.

That’s when Biloxi was chosen as the new capital. 

As a result of their victory in the Seven Years’ War, Britain seized possession of the province in 1763. 

Mobile was taken over by the Spanish during the American Revolutionary War and was kept under the conditions of the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

When American forces originally took control of Mobile in 1813, they added it to the Mississippi Territory.

In August 1817, Mobile was rezoned into the Alabama Territory.

Eventually, on December 14, 1819, Mobile joined Alabama, the nation’s 22nd state and one of the country’s first. 

Forty-one years later, in 1861, Alabama seceded from the Union and allied with the Confederate States of America. 

After the American Civil War, it made a comeback in 1865.

Before the Civil War, Mobile had been a part of the French, British, Spanish, and American powers for a combined 160 years!

Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama 

Mardi Gras in Mobile Alabama 

Speaking of the French, let’s talk about Mardi Gras.

Typically, we think of Mardi Gras as being in New Orleans, with all the parade fun in Uptown and the French Quarter. 

However, Mobile, Alabama, hosted the first carnival celebration that we are familiar with today.

Mobile still celebrates with masked balls, parades, kings and queens, and mystic societies!

So, how did the first Mobilian Mardi Gras celebration come about?

The story goes that there was a cotton broker named Michael Krafft. 

Krafft sat down in the entryway of a nearby hardware store after stumbling through the dark streets of Mobile.

He had been enjoying a delightful New Year’s Eve supper with a ship’s captain docked there.

He unintentionally overturned a rake and a cowbell string.

In his playful mood, he fastened the bells to the rake and led a parade through the town while jingling the bells. 

After giving it some thought, Krafft said, “the Cowbellion de Rakin Society,” when asked what society his group stood for.

So, every year, the Cowbellions made annual appearances on New Year’s Eve.

This became the date for Mobile’s Mardi Gras celebration for years. 

Then following the Civil War, Joe Cain of Mobile led a parade through Mobile.

He was a local resident who was tired of the suffering caused by the war and Reconstruction.

At that point, Mobile was still under Union control. 

He dressed up as a Native American and went by the name Chief Slackabamarinico.

He moved Mobile’s Mardi Gras celebration from New Year’s Eve to Fat Tuesday in addition to bringing it back to life.

The Weather in Mobile, Alabama

The winters are brief and mild in Mobile.

The summers are long and can get oppressively hot. 

But for most of the year, it’s pretty damp, thanks to Mobile’s subtropical climate.

The average annual temperature ranges from 42°F to 90°F, rarely falling below 28°F or rising over 95°F. 

So, when would be the best time to visit?

That would be from early April to late May and from late September to late October. 

Folks generally visit Mobile for warm-weather activities.

The city boasts an average of 220 days of sunshine. 

Being on the Gulf Coast, it’s not a problem to cool off in the water during those long hot days.

We adapt to our weather, dress appropriately, and make time to be outside all year round.

The Neighborhoods of Mobile, Alabama 

The third-largest city in Alabama, Mobile, is a beautiful community, especially in the springtime when the azaleas are blooming.

The affordability of the area is what draws folks to move here.

Mobilian neighborhoods are more affordable than most other areas in the nation.

In reality, Mobile has housing costs that are around 50% lower than those in many other locations.

Here are some of Mobile, Alabama’s top neighborhoods if you’re thinking about relocating: 

  • Ashland Place
  • Country Club Estates 
  • Huntleigh Woods 
  • Jackson Heights 
  • Kingswood 
  • Llanfair 
  • Marchfield 
  • Muir Woods 
  • Regency Oaks
  • Ridgefield
  • Satsuma
  • College Park / Spring Hill
  • Parkhill 
  • Berkliegh 

Mobile’s unique blend of innovation, economic growth, and old-world elegance makes it worth moving to.

The standard of living is high, and the cost of living stays low. 

The average household size in Mobile is 2.36.

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What To Do In Mobile, AL 

Now, on to the meat of this guide.

There are tons of things to do in Mobile, whether you want to enrich your soul, mind, social life, or culinary palate.

There’s always something for every type of adventurer. 

Let’s explore Mobile’s unique offerings, from must-visit sites to local businesses! 

Schools in Mobile, AL 

If you’re moving with kids or you’re a student yourself, one of your top concerns is probably the education system in Mobile. 

Good news!

There are many schools for all levels in Mobile, on top of being a gorgeous backdrop for a positive educational experience. 

Here are some colleges for you to check out: 

Spring Hill College 

Michael Portier established Spring Hill College, a small private Jesuit university, in 1830.

Around 1,200 students attend Spring Hill, which focuses on liberal arts. 

The school’s mascot is a badger, and its colors are purple and white.

In 2020, Spring Hill implemented a tuition reset that effectively slashed tuition costs in half.

In addition, they no longer require admissions tests.

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University of South Alabama 

university of south alabama

South, a public university with a four-year curriculum, was founded in 1963.

There are ten different colleges in this university, including ones for engineering, business, medicine, computing, and other fields.

Additionally, they have 17 sports teams for their more than 15,000 student population.

Their mascot is a jaguar, and their school colors are blue, red, and white.

University of Mobile 

Established in 1961, UMobile is a private Baptist institution.

There are approximately 1,500 students enrolled there. Their mascot is a ram, and their school colors are garnet, black, and gray.

There are Business, Christian studies, education, and nursing colleges there.

UMobile and Auburn, and South Alabama also have an engineering partnership program.

Coastal Alabama Community College 

There are eight campuses of Coastal Alabama, a public two-year community college located in Southern Alabama.

This college was founded in 1965.

They provide undergraduate degrees in management, marketing, computer, and information sciences, as well as other business-related subjects.

They also major in engineering, healthcare, mechanics, and repair technologies.

Bishop State Community College 

BSCC was established in 1927 and is a historically black, public, two-year community college.

More than 50 associate degree and certificate programs are available from this school.

They have four campuses with around 2,400 students in Mobile County.

Of course, there are other excellent public and private schools for high school and elementary levels.

There are also religious schools like the Mobile Christian School, Corpus Christi School, and Mary Catholic School if your family is so inclined.

If your kids aren’t quite old enough to go to regular school yet, there are plenty of daycare centers in Mobile as well. 

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Healthcare in Mobile, AL

Healthcare is probably one of your primary concerns if you’re thinking about moving to Mobile.

Fortunately, there are well-equipped medical facilities around to address your medical needs. 

There are hospitals, rehabilitation centers, birthing centers, pharmacies, and clinics to cater to the Mobile population.

The top-rated hospitals in the area are: 

  • USA Children’s $ Women’s Hospital 
  • Mobile Infirmary 
  • USA Health University Hospital 
  • Springhill Medical Center 
  • Providence Hospital 
  • Thomas Hospital 
  • North Baldwin Infirmary 

Hotels and Rentals in Mobile, AL 

If you’re planning a cruise, make sure to stop in Downtown Mobile, as it is an iconic port city.

Hundreds of cruise ships from all over the world dock at the vast ship port every day.

The port is conveniently located in Downtown Mobile, close to a wide variety of accommodations.

Guests can expect a high standard of comfort and convenience at these establishments with their spacious, modern rooms, top-notch amenities, and comprehensive list of services.

Plus, staying at one of these hotels will put you in the middle of the action.

You’ll be close to restaurants, shops, museums, and more. 

If you want to immerse yourself in Mobilian culture fully, then you might want to live like a local in the many Airbnbs in Mobile.

Some are conveniently located near the Mobile regional airport.

Sure, inns and hotels have their perks, but it’s a more comforting experience to stay at a unique place set up by a local.

For a real restful getaway, try checking out the many beachfront rentals and condos available near Mobile. 

Some folks only need a hotel to rest in between engaging in water activities throughout the day.

Others will stay in their rooms to make use of the amenities and relax. 

Whatever your hotel requirements are, Alabama’s coastline accommodations make it easy to find something that suits you.

Museums in Mobile, Alabama 

Mobile has always been able to provide tourists with thrilling, enjoyable, and instructive experiences all year long. 

Whether it’s history or the arts, it most likely has a museum for it in Mobile.

Drop by the following must-visit Museums to get some learning in your itinerary: 

History Museum of Mobile 

The Italianate-style History Museum of Mobile, which was initially constructed in 1855 to house the city market and some of the city’s government ministries, now houses more than 117,000 objects from the city and its surroundings. 

Visitors can discover more about Mobile’s past, from its earliest Native Americans to eras of slavery and civil rights, among other subjects.

Mobile Medical Museum 

The Mobile Medical Museum was established in 1962 by Dr. Samuel Eichold II.

It’s meant to honor Mobile’s significant role in the history of medical education and public health in the state of Alabama and among the Gulf Coast cities.

The museum maintains and exhibits medical artifacts and archives.

The public can gain a comprehensive understanding of the development of the art and science of healthcare through the museum’s collections and exhibitions.

​Over 300 years of local and global medical history, from the colonial era to the present, are displayed in the museum’s permanent exhibits.

Phoenix Fire Museum 

The Phoenix Volunteer Fire Company No. 6’s renovated home serves as the Phoenix Fire Museum. 

Early motorized vehicles and horse-drawn steam engines from the turn of the century are housed in this facility. 

The volunteer fire companies of Mobile are chronicled in the gallery on the second floor, beginning with their founding in 1838.

Mobile Carnival Museum 

The Mobile Carnival Museum can provide you with a fascinating peek into the past of one of the oldest yearly festivities in the United States, Mardi Gras.

You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Discover how locals create their costumes and floats 
  • View old images of the parade from the 19th century 
  • Examine various artifacts like scepters, crowns, and robes of former Mardi Gras monarchs 

You can even pose for a portrait as a monarch yourself! It’s one of Mobile’s staple tourist attractions.

Bragg-Mitchell Mansion 

Bragg-Mitchell Mansion

When Judge John Bragg and his family were not at their cotton plantation outside Montgomery, they could enjoy Mobile’s social season at this Greek Revival mansion.

It was built way back in 1855. 

The 20-room estate, which was donated to the city by its final private owner, the A.S. Mitchell family, currently houses a museum that explores life in the South at that period. 

During guided tours, you are fully immersed in the historical ambiance and tales of the previous occupants.

GulfQuest National Maritime Museum 

You can check out over 90 interactive nautical displays at GulfQuest that include:

  • Gulf towns 
  • Trade routes 
  • Military history 
  • Ship navigation 
  • Coastal habitats 
  • Marine life

You can watch a documentary about the WWII history of the Port of Mobile in the Discovery Hull Theater. 

Then you could use a simulator at the museum to steer a ship across Mobile Bay and its surroundings in a variety of situations. 

The museum is the only institution of its sort devoted to Gulf of Mexico customs, culture, and local history.

Condé-Charlotte Museum

Prior to becoming a family residence and subsequently a house museum, this historic structure served as Mobile’s first courthouse and jail. 

During a tour, you can see artifacts, historical furniture, and other items that illustrate the diversity of Mobile, which has flown the French, English, Spanish, Confederate, and American flags.

Mobile Museum of Art 

The permanent collection of the city’s art museum has more than 6,400 works of fine and decorative art from America, Europe, and Asia.

Of course, they may not all be on view at all times. 

The collection of the Mobile Museum of Art includes pieces that date all the way back to classical antiquity. 

The museum also holds a number of special exhibitions all year long that spotlight particular media and artists. 

If you’re so inclined, you could join the museum’s classes for glass fusing, ceramics, jewelry-making, and other creative forms. 

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Parks in Mobile, Alabama 

Parks in Mobile, Alabama 

The numerous squares, parks, and gardens throughout Mobile are a clear indication that the city values community.

These spaces are decked out with seating, water features, statues, and gorgeous landscaping.

Mobile gains intrinsically from parks in terms of ecology, aesthetics, and general recreation.

They also provide favorable economic advantages. 

They raise property values, boost tax revenues for the city government, and entice employees and retirees to the area.

Here are some of Mobile’s lovely parks and gardens: 

Mobile Botanical Gardens 

The 106-acre Mobile Botanical Gardens, which opened its gates in 1974, boasts the largest plant collection on the Gulf Coast.

Take a leisurely walk on the grounds and admire the dazzling azalea collection, pollinator garden, camellias, and Japanese maples.

The second generation of pines that were cut down in the early 1900s is growing on 35 acres of conservation forest. 

Ask the office for some fish food if you’re visiting with kids so they may feed the koi.

They also provide activity backpacks that have treasure hunts, kid facts, and samples of honey from the gardens. 

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park 

uss alabama battleship memorial park

The USS Alabama, known as the “Heroine of the Pacific,” made its maiden voyage during World War II. 

Its Memorial Park opened only a few years after Mobile residents recommended a different solution to the federal government’s plans to scrap the battleship in 1962.

The USS Drum, the oldest US submarine now on public display, and the USS Alabama are both available for tours inside.

Tanks, warships, and artillery from various wars are also on display throughout the park. 

Explore the grounds and memorials of veterans before entering the Medal of Honor Aircraft Pavilion to observe the collection of vehicles, planes, and other items.

Maeher State Park 

Meaher State Park, located less than 10 miles east of downtown, is a fantastic location to explore the Mobile Bay wetlands.

You can take as short or as long of a hike as you wish before taking advantage of the park’s amenities for boating and picnics.

This park is also a stop on the Coastal Alabama Birding Trail, so bring along those binoculars! 

Another popular activity among visitors is fishing from the 300-foot pier.

The Mobile-Tensaw River Delta is the second-largest delta in the contiguous US and the most biodiverse river system in North America. It’s also known as “America’s Amazon.” 

Cooper Riverside Park 

This 3-acre waterfront park serves as a tranquil outdoor retreat where you may sit and unwind following your tours of the Mobile History Museum and GulfQuest Maritime Museum.

This park offers views of the busy ship traffic in the Mobile port, along with sculptures, seats, and lovely green grass. 

The US Coast Guard Monument, which honors those who have served in Mobile since 1819, is also located in the park.

Beaches Near Mobile, Alabama

Beaches Near Mobile, Alabama

Mobile is a terrific spot to start your beach holiday, even though it doesn’t have any beaches of its own. 

There are many top-notch beaches in close proximity to the city.

You don’t have to drive far to work on a tan or have some sandy fun. 

If you’re willing to drive a little bit further, there are even more warm-weather getaways. Here are a few coastal highlights: 

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach 

The two beaches in Alabama that receive the most visitors are Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Both places are established resort towns. 

For beach enthusiasts, the short journey from Mobile is absolutely worthwhile.

These communities are well known for their seaside vacation rentals and resort hotels. 

The beaches are excellent for swimming, parasailing, jet skiing, beachcombing, watching dolphins, and many other beach activities.

Fort Mogran Peninsula 

The southernmost point of the peninsula, which includes Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, is where Fort Morgan is located. 

A quick ferry journey will take you to Dauphin Island. The Fort at the far western end is where it derives its name. 

Compared to Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, this beach is not nearly as developed.

This untouched ruggedness is what Fort Morgan is best known for. 

There are many trails near the beaches that are all worth visiting.

The Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge is another notable feature of the area. 

Along the beach, there are a number of bed and breakfasts in addition to the Beach Club, a sizable resort with complete amenities. 

Dauphin Island 

dauphin island mobile alabama

Dauphin Island is unquestionably the most well-known beach in the region.

This barrier island is 3 miles off the mainland and is situated 40 minutes south of the actual city. 

There is a bridge that connects the beach island to the mainland, making it very accessible.

There are many condominiums and beachfront accommodations there. 

On the island, you may go swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, surfing, looking for shells, and many other pastimes. 

The Dauphin Island Sea Lab’s Estaurium is located on the island. Species that are native to the bay can be found at its aquarium.

It is an excellent spot to visit if you’re tired of sand getting between your toes.

Point Clear 

The beach that is nearest to the actual city is Point Clear. Instead of being on the gulf, it is a man-made beach on the bay.

This has a few special benefits. 

For starters, the waves are much calmer than they are on the gulf coast, making swimming and other water sports more soothing. 

The beach has white sand, just like the beaches along the gulf. It also features a shack where you may rent beach equipment.

This establishment also offers boat rentals to visitors. 

The Grand Hotel is a well-known landmark in Point Clear.

Since the 19th century, this hotel has been a popular rental destination.

This is undoubtedly the place to go if you want to stay in a hotel that is full of American history.


On the eastern side of Mobile Bay, not far from the city of Mobile, is the tiny arts and crafts community of Fairhope.

It’s a charming little town that’s quiet and serene. 

Fairhope is a lovely area to stop by and spend a day at any time of year.

The streets are lined with lovely flowerbeds and trees, and you’ll find a friendly welcome in every shop and restaurant.

Fairhope has three distinct beaches, although they are all pretty similar in that they offer excellent views of the sea.

The waters are generally calm, making it ideal for swimming and other fun activities. 

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Shopping in Mobile, Alabama 

Is online shopping not your thing?

Well, there are several shopping opportunities around Mobile to suit every taste, style, and budget. 

Head on over to Downtown Mobile to check out specialty stores and boutiques.

Welcoming vendors provide a variety of goods, including apparel, souvenirs, and handcrafted items. 

A huge array of antique stores and galleries with a diverse collection of treasures, vintage finds, and unique items are also available in Mobile. 

Year-round, a massive Mardi Gras warehouse store is open to satiate all celebratory whims.

Here are other notable shopping spots in the city: 

The Shoppes at Bel Air 

Here, you can explore more than 100 fantastic retailers, like: 

  • rue21
  • H&M 
  • Buckle 
  • House of Hoops 
  • Victoria’s Secret 
  • Francesca’s 
  • Bath & Body Works 
  • Versona
  • Dillard’s 
  • Sephora 
  • Target 
  • Belk 
  • Zumiez 

This covered setting, which is conveniently situated near Airport Blvd and I-65, is the ideal shopping spot for the entire year.

Three Georges & The Nuthouse 

Considered a Mobile tradition since 1917, Three Georges is undoubtedly the best candy store in Alabama. 

Visit the shop and watch the staff hand-dip chocolates and smell the divine pralines right out of the oven. 

They’re also known for their soda fountain, cakes, cookies, and Cheesetraws.

If you feel like you have to earn your dessert, then start with one of their fabulous Southern lunches. 

Mobile Flea Market 

If you’d like to make a day out of your shopping, then the Mobile Flea Market is worth the modest admission fee. 

With over 800 booths, you’ll encounter merchants from all over the world with unique items you won’t find elsewhere. 

You can find just about anything in this market, including books, clothes, furniture, novelty items, art, and more. 

And to refuel as you shop, you can snack on some freshly-made funnel cakes, cotton candy, lemonade, burgers, and hotdogs. 

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The Haunted Bookshop 

The Haunted Bookshop

Does your idea of a perfect afternoon involve pursuing the shelves or a new and used bookstore?

If your literary heart says yes, this is the spot for you. 

The beloved former bookshop in downtown Mobile that was operational from 1941 until it closed its doors in 1991 inspired the name of The Haunted Book Shop. 

The Haunted Book Shop by Christopher Morley was the favorite book of founders Adelaide Marston (later Adelaide Trigg) and Cameron Plummer.  

Adelaide’s granddaughter is the business’s present owner.

Nightlife in Mobile, Alabama 

It’s pretty clear that we like to have a good time in Mobile based on Mardi Gras and the other events held throughout the year.

The fun doesn’t stop when the sun sets over Mobile Bay; it’s just getting started!

The Dauphin Street entertainment district’s establishments close at around 2 AM, giving partiers plenty of time to socialize. 

Here are some of Mobile’s notable watering holes: 

Alchemy Tavern 

Every night of the week, Alchemy Tavern offers a variety of events, including DJ nights, karaoke, and video game tournaments.

The bar also offers happy hour deals and has over 40 beers on tap!

The Haberdasher 

The Hab, as it’s known to us locals, is a terrific location to go for a drink because of its welcoming environment and lively social atmosphere.

It’s one of the bars in the area that employs real mixologists. 

Customers also often order the best tapas in town from this place.

Head over to the kitchen window and tell them what tickles your fancy. 

The Ice Box Bar 

The Ice Box, formerly the famed “Crystal Ice Factory,” is ironically Mobile’s hottest bar.

It’s a beer drinker’s haven. 

They also serve classic cocktails that will melt away your stress from work. 

They also have games to keep the patrons entertained, like air hockey, shooting games, darts, pinball machines, and other old-school video games. 


As its name implies, this bar is nothing fancy.

However, it does have everything you need to have a good time: great drinks at reasonable prices, friendly staff, and lively music. 

It’s so casual that dogs are allowed, and they even hold the occasional crawfish boil! 

Callaghan’s Irish Social Club 

Since 1946, Callaghan’s Irish Social Club has been operating in Mobile’s Oakleigh Garden District. 

It serves the best burger in Alabama, according to USA Today, Alabama Cattleman’s Association, and The Lagniappe. 

They were also chosen as Mobile Bay Monthly’s Best Music Venue and ESQUIRE Magazine’s Best Bar in America!

It’s a warm and friendly place that’ll hit the spot if you want hearty and familiar food and drink. 

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Food and Drink in Mobile, Alabama

This is going to be this guide’s biggest section because Mobile has so much to offer when it comes to good eatin’. 

Our rich six-flag history has resulted in an amalgamation of various cultures, which has significantly impacted its gastronomic scene.

Mobilians are good cooks, but more importantly, they’re good eaters.

In Mobile, there is always a delightful culinary experience waiting for you at every corner. 

Shrimp, blue crabs, oysters, and other wild-caught Gulf seafood are abundant and fresh.

There’s also Southern fare like fried chicken, cornbread, collard greens, and grits that could rival your mom’s cooking. 

You can dine at humble hole-in-the-wall gems or upscale farm-to-table establishments.

Food is definitely one thing that Mobile gets right. 

Southern Food 

southern food

If you’re an American, comfort food nearly always equates to Southern food, regardless of which state you’re from. 

And when we think of Southern food, the two dishes that are likely to pop up are gumbo and fried chicken. 

Oh, Gumbo.

The three essential ingredients that makeup Cajun cuisine—celery, bell peppers, and onions—shine in this hearty Southern stew. 

This is in addition to a bounty of shrimp, crab, oysters, okra, exotic Creole spices, and, of course, spicy andouille sausage, all resting on a cushion of fluffy rice.

A trip to Mobile without gumbo would be like a trip to Philadelphia without a Philly Cheese Steak. 

The Royal Scam is the greatest spot in Mobile to have seafood gumbo!

Each spoonful is guaranteed to have fresh seafood from the Gulf and just the right amount of seasoning. 

As for the fried chicken, try Mary’s Southern Cooking.

This unpretentious, cafeteria-style eatery has perfected down-home Southern and soul food classics. 

Mexican Food 

Mexican cuisine is vibrant and hot, two characteristics that will leave you wanting more.

Additionally, Mexican cuisine is generally considered to be healthy.

You have a balanced Mexican lunch using common ingredients like beans, tomatoes, avocados, limes, corn, and meats.

Mexican cuisine is likewise bursting with flavor, so people who don’t mind a little heat are typically on board.

So, where do you get the best tacos in Mobile? That would be Taqueria Mexico.

There are 11 different street-style taco varieties available at this taqueria, including Lengua (beef tongue), Tripas (fried tripe), and Cachete (beef cheek).

This authentic taqueria is down-to-earth and is definitely where you want to go if you want homemade tacos made from scratch.

Incidentally, they also make a good margarita!

Are you in the mood for other authentic Mexican fares?

Try Agave. They serve traditional Mexican cuisine, including their famous Menudo stew. 

Whether you’re a purist or a more daring eater, Agave has something for you.

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BBQ mobile alabama

Barbecue comes in different forms, but they’re all a part of a meat eater’s repertoire.

Alabamian BBQ usually comes with mayo-heavy dressing. 

Others serve barbecue drenched in Carolina vinegar, packed with Tennessee dry rub, or infused with Texas smoke. 

What we all have in common is fall-of-the-bone, cut-with-a-spoon, melt-in-your-mouth meat.

Pair that with a soft bun and some creamy coleslaw, and we’re in business. 

Sure, when it comes to Alabama BBQ, north Alabama gets all the limelight.

But keep an eye out because MeatBoss in West Mobile is making waves! 

The “25 Best Places for Barbecue in the US” list published by Travel + Leisure recently included MeatBoss. 

Whether you choose the beef brisket, ribs, or pulled pork, you’ll tell all your friends about it and keep coming back for more.

Italian Food 

Italians have a long history in the US, and it shows in our love of their food. 

Whether you’re looking for casual eating or a romantic date night in Mobile, there are many delectable Italian food options to choose from.

Do you want a straightforward pizza that even a New Yorker would approve of?

Try good old Joe’s Pizza & Pasta. 

They serve fully-loaded pies and scrumptious pasta like Veal Canneloni and Spinach Ravioli.

You can then end the meal with a slice of NY cheesecake or roasted almond cake. 

Maybe you want a lovely evening out with your significant other. Via Emilia is just the spot. 

This place serves Italian fare made from scratch with fresh, regional ingredients.

And you’re sure to discover the ideal wine to go with your meal among their large selection of 35 different wines.

Chinese Food 

Picture this: you’re parked in front of the TV with a new season of your favorite show ready to play.

What’s missing here? Probably Chinese takeout. 

The good news is excellent Chinese food is abundant in Mobile, thanks to its diversified tastes. 

These Chinese restaurants provide everything from authentic dumplings to Orange Chicken to satisfy your cravings.

The majority of Chinese recipes that we eat today have been modified to suit our preferences.

Even so, the variety is fantastic, and the food is generally good for you.

So, where do you order Chinese takeout from in Mobile?

Look no further than Mandarin Kitchen. 

Mandarin Kitchen, run by a charming couple, draws visitors from all over.


It’s a place where folks will remember you and treat you like family.

Who doesn’t like that? 

Even with the slight language barrier, it’s a very lovely experience.

When it comes to their food, it’s absolutely delicious, and you get A TON of it.

If you were to order takeaway, you would be given a styrofoam box overflowing with food.

What about the best sit-down Chinese restaurant? That would have to be Asian Garden. 

Asian Garden is an unassuming corner eatery that is nestled away in West Mobile and is practically a local secret.

But as soon as you enter, you’ll see how special it is.

The setting is neat and cozy, ideal for a peaceful supper with friends and family.

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There can never be too many cafes in a city, and Mobile has plenty of them.

Stop by one of them to study or get some work done or hang out with friends. 

You might as well sample some excellent brews and pastries while you’re at it.

Here are some notable coffee shops in the area

Carpe Diem 

Carpe Diem is right next to Spring Hill College and is likely the oldest of the coffee shops around.

Many students go there to study and socialize. 

It has a warm and welcoming ambiance, making it the ideal spot to spend the day when you need to get work done.

With a dozen different types of tea and hot, iced, or frozen coffee, Carpe has something for everyone.

Additionally, they offer delectable breakfast dishes all day long.

Serda’s Coffee Company 

In the center of Mobile’s downtown stands Serda’s, a cute little café.

They serve Italian gelato in addition to coffee and tea.

Open until 11:00; this location is ideal for late-night grinding.

Nova Espresso 

This coffee shop, which is still fairly new, is situated just outside of Mobile’s downtown.

They provide both indoor and outdoor seating in a spacious, bright environment. 

They offer a limited menu and are renowned for their espresso.

Check out the mural outside and pose for an Instagram pic!


Many folks in Mobile consider Yellowhammer to be a local gem.

They have a well-established shop on Dauphin Street in addition to the mobile Yellowhammer trailer.

They have a selection of healthy smoothies, coffee, and tea.

Brunch Spots 

People adore brunch, a delightful mashup of breakfast and lunch.

Who says you have to wake up early for your favorite morning meal? 

Brunch can go two ways: the sweet route or the savory route.

For an extra relaxing time, you might even want to throw in a couple of mimosas in there. 

For a classic brunch experience in Mobile, try out Spot Of Tea right in the heart of downtown.

If you want a naughtier brunch with cocktails, try The Blind Mule.

They serve a mean bloody mary. 

If you’re a serious breakfast fan, Big Bad Breakfast lives up to its name by serving heavy breakfasts like tabasco brown sugar bacon and grits. 


Beer mobile alabama

There’s a pretty serious beer scene in Mobile.

Small-scale breweries are popping up here and there, offering their unique brews. 

Whether you’re looking for IPAs, Porters, Pilsners, Lagers, Stouts, or Ales, there’s bound to be a brewery in Mobile to hit the spot. 

If you want to be a nerd about it, breweries like Oyster City Brewing lets customers walk along the tanks and check out the beer-making process. 

If you’re all about food pairings with beer, they’re perfecting the perfect beer-food menu over at Iron Hand Brewery. 

Their menu features a wide range of culinary styles, including vegan, Mexican, German, American, Greek, and British. 

Iron Hand offers a complete bar with wine and cocktails in addition to the on-site brewing of their own craft beer. 

This brewery offers a living room-like atmosphere with couches and board games to entice guests to sink into their seats and pass the time like royalty.  

Special Mentions: Iconic Dishes of Mobile, Alabama

If we had to pick certain dishes to represent Mobile, these would be high on the list: 

Freshly Harvested Oysters From Wintzell’s Oyster House 

Wintzell’s is one of Mobile’s legendary establishments. Fresh Gulf oysters from Wintzell’s, which has been serving them in the same spot since 1938, are a must-have during every trip to Mobile.

They can be ordered fried, stewed, or raw.

The Signature Hotdog From Dew Drop Inn 

The Dew Drop Inn has been selling hot dogs since 1924 when they were still a novelty.

Go for the famous “all the way” dog, which is covered in chili, sauerkraut, ketchup, and mustard.

Classics are classic for a reason!

Redneck Gyro From Mediterranean Sandwich Co. 

The Mediterranean Sandwich Co.’s Redneck Gyro, which combines a conventional gyro with Conecuh sausage, Cajun seasonings, smoked Gouda, and tzatziki sauce, is one of the best sandwiches in Mobile.

It’s a sandwich connoisseur’s delight!

West Indies Salad From Bayley’s Restaurant 

One of the dishes that originated in Mobile is the iconic West Indies Salad. 

Head over to Bayley’s and order the original for the finest rendition of this traditional dish of jumbo lump crab flesh served chilled with vinegar.

While you’re at it, order the fried crab claws too!

Beignets From Mo’Bay Beignet Co. 

A beignet is a must-have when visiting the oldest French settlement on the Gulf Coast, and Mobile has the greatest ones!

The handmade syrups that are drizzled over the beignets give Mo’Bay the edge, setting it apart from the competition.

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Events in Mobile, Alabama 

Events in Mobile, Alabama 

Mobile is bustling with activity.

On top of the well-known Mardi Gras, there are other events and festivals to attend all year round.

If there isn’t anything big going on, you can always go to the Mobile Civic Center to catch a movie or watch a game.

If you need even more excuses to visit Mobile (there are already so many), here are some events to experience the unique local spirit: 

Moon Pie Drop 

We all know that the ball drops in Times Square New York every year. Well, Mobile drops something too… a Moon Pie! 

We herald in every year with the moon pie, which is a popular treat associated with Mardi Gras, as part of Mobile’s extensive Mardi Gras tradition!

Fifty thousand people congregate downtown to see and cheer the moon pie drop as one of Mobile’s long-standing traditions celebrated annually.

The Greater Gulf State Fair 

Every year, the Greater Gulf State Fair comes to town.

The fair has much to offer everyone with its numerous attractions, shops, rides, and food kiosks.

There’s something for everyone at this fair, whether you’re a serious shopper or a foodie. See you there! 

Dauphin Street Beer Fest 

I told you Mobilians take their beer seriously. One of Mobile’s most well-loved festivals is Beer Fest!

This huge gathering is put on by 24 venues, and there are over 74 different beers to sample.

Since it began 22 years ago, it has been the biggest pub crawl of the year.

Clear your calendars, stay alert, and get ready to collect your tickets!

Reese’s Senior Bowl 

The Reese’s Senior Bowl is proudly held in Mobile each year.

Senior college football players who wish to pursue the NFL Draft frequently compete in the Reese’s Senior Bowl.

Scouts and management from NFL teams across the nation visit Mobile to observe practices, participate in weigh-ins, interact with players, and more.

Additionally, there are other opportunities for you to say hello to your favorite college football players. 

You can attend the Senior Bowl Experience on the Friday prior to the game at the Mobile Convention Center.

Fitness in Mobile, Alabama

There are plenty of hiking trails in Mobile to walk off those extra beignets.

The most famous one is the Glenn Sebastian Nature Trail. 

If you like staying active by playing sports, try the Medal of Honor Park, where they have facilities for soccer, football, softball, tennis, and baseball. 

If you’re more of an indoor person, there are lots of gyms and yoga studios around too. 

Aside from gym franchises like Anytime Fitness and Orangetheory Fitness, there are independent centers like Jason’s Fitness and Sterling Hot Yoga Wellness. 

Cleanliness of Mobile, Alabama 

It’s hard to ignore that Mobile is pristine when you visit.

We notice these things when we arrive in a city. 

There are beautiful flowers around that are well-maintained.

You might even witness a BID worker clean stuff off the sidewalks. 

Mobile recovers pretty quickly from major events, and that’s because the locals value cleanliness. 

Road to work, a project led by our colleagues at Ransom Ministries, is one of the newest concepts in our community.

In collaboration with the City of Mobile, they are hiring homeless people to pick up roadside litter.

Not only does this give opportunities to the less fortunate, but it also keeps the city spotless.

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Final Thoughts 

Mobile or Azalea City is a special place. It’s rich in all the ways that matter. 

There are many reasons why someone would want to visit or move here, and this guide is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Mobilians have everything they need, from culture to Southern comforts.

But most importantly, they have each other. 

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