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Birmingham District Brewing Company

35 of the Best Alabama Breweries to Visit

Nowadays, the brewery industry is becoming more popular as many people want to try out different and new beers. Over the last 5-10 years, we’ve seen the number of Alabama breweries skyrocket. If you want to spend a special beercation, here’s a guide on Alabama’s classic and rising breweries to find your perfect brew.  What … Read more

Dauphin Island Pier Things to do in dauphin island

15 Things to Do In Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island is a perfect place for an escape in paradise, where its beauty and wildlife can help you unwind.  If you want to exit the busy streets scene, then the laid-back vibe on Dauphin Island is the place for you.  This small island is a nature lover’s dream because of its scenic view, abundant … Read more

barber vintage motorsports museum

The Best Museums In Alabama

Museums are more than having stuff on display. They inspire, educate, and enrich our lives. Visiting a museum also gives you a sense that you’re an active part of a community.  If you’re away on holiday or simply have a free afternoon, it’ll do you a world of good to head to a museum.  Fortunately, … Read more

Water Oak trees in alabama

25 Common Trees in Alabama

Alabama has beautiful and diverse scenery that everyone will appreciate. Among these sceneries are the trees that grow in the area.  You’ll see various common trees from the rivers, streams, uplands, coastal plains, and other areas in Alabama.   Here’s a compilation of the various kinds of trees that grow in Alabama to explore its diversity: … Read more

coral snake - alabama snake

Snakes you might come across in Alabama

People have always had a love-hate relationship with snakes. It is because they terrify people and also tend to fascinate others at the same time. To some, snakes are creatures of the dark. To others, they are medicine. Did you know that there are approximately 50 species of snakes you might come across in Alabama? … Read more

Black Widow and Recluses: Keeping Yourself Safe From Common Venomous Spiders In The Southeast

Spiders of Alabama – How To Stay Safe From Them

When it comes to animals that are feared, spiders are easily one of the most well-known. Need proof? Then say the word “spider.” We guarantee that word alone is enough to conjure a mental image of the creepy crawlies. Unfortunately, this shouldn’t be their reputation at all. The truth is, spiders help control pest populations … Read more