This is Alabama

Sand Island Lighthouse

Standing the Test of Time: A Tale of Two Alabama Lighthouses

Middle Bay Lighthouse Reference: Sand Island Lighthouse                                                                                                              Reference: Artist Bio Gwen AinsworthThe Alabama Tourist As a native of Mobile, Alabama, my connections to this city run deep. It is not only my home, but a wellspring of inspiration for my photography. I seek to capture the spirit of these landscapes, intricate details, … Read more

fort morgan state historic site

Alabama Historical Sites That Will Astonish You!

Ready to jump into Alabama’s rich history but not sure where to start?  I get it; it can be a lot to take in — All those epic moments and game-changing stories packed into one state!  As a local, I visited and grew up around these sites. So, I bring you this guide that’s more … Read more

wales west light railway

Pumpkin Patches in and Around Mobile, AL

Every year, when the leaves start to turn, I’m reminded of the time I tried to carve my first pumpkin.  Imagine a little me, an overly ambitious design, and a kitchen covered in pumpkin guts!  But mistakes and all, it’s the memory that pops up when this season comes around.  And lucky for us, Mobile … Read more

alligator alley

Where to See Alligators in Alabama

You ever wander down a swamp and think, “Is that a log or…? Oh snap, it’s an alligator!”  Yup, those sneaky sunbathers are everywhere in the south of the state.  There are prime spots where you can see these cool creatures, living their best gator lives.  So, if you’ve got an adventurous spirit and a … Read more

13 Best RV Parks Near Mobile, Alabama, For Your Next Adventure

13 Best RV Parks Near Mobile, Alabama, For Your Next Adventure

If you are an adventure-seeker and love traveling in your RV, Mobile is a great place to park and explore.  Mobile is in the Gulf Coast region, which makes the RV parks scenic ideal and ideal for a leisurely stopover.  From luxurious resorts to family-owned parks, you have many options to get the best out … Read more

4 Things to Do in Spanish Fort, AL

Spanish Fort, Alabama: Timeless Charm and Unforgettable History

Spanish Fort, Alabama, is a charming, picturesque town with natural beauty, rich history, and a laid-back lifestyle. If you seek a place to reel in big catches, uncover historic marvels, and savor Southern delicacies, Spanish Fort caters to all tastes. Join us and uncover the treasures waiting in Spanish Fort! Introduction to Spanish Fort, AL … Read more

Attractions and Activities near Coden, AL

Coden, Alabama Adventures: Your Complete Travel Blueprint

Let’s discover a hidden gem in the Gulf Coast that is an ideal place to escape the busy city and to Southern Living.  It’s no other than Coden, Alabama! Their friendly locals can immediately make you feel welcome despite their small community. But it only means that most people in the town have a tight-knit … Read more