11 Of The Best Areas To Live Around Mobile AL

Mobile is more than simply a gorgeous city with a rich history of festivities. Hence there are many best areas to live around Mobile AL.

In Mobile, you’ll find unique museums, beautiful French architecture, delicious cuisine, and a party-loving crowd.

The population of Mobile is about 190,000 people.

It is densely populated, with a suburban feel and most people owning their own houses. 

There are also several parks in Mobile, which makes it ideal for many families with children.

In addition, you can also enroll your children because Mobile’s public schools are among the best in the country.

You can also find young professionals living here, with most residents living liberally. 

Mobile has some of the best areas to live around because the city itself is an excellent place to live and explore with many things to offer.

Note: if you were looking for cool neighborhoods inside the city of Mobile, then you can check those out here.

Best Areas To Live Around Mobile AL

1- Chickasaw – The Best Areas To Live Around Mobile AL

Alabama’s Mobile County is home to Chickasaw, a city in the state. It is a part of the metropolitan area of Mobile.

Located in the center of Mobile County, Chickasaw is a little town with a lot of charm.

Chickasaw is within 15 minutes of Mobile as a small town, making it a unique place to live.

Above all, Chickasaw is a community that values its residents above everything else.

2- Chunchula

Located in Mobile County, Alabama, United States, Chunchula is an independent settlement.

Only one site in Chunchula is on the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage, the Chunchula School. 

Chunchula enjoys a rural setting, and most own their own houses.

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3- Citronelle

Alabama’s Mobile County has Citronelle, a small city located on the county’s north side. It is a part of the metropolitan zone of Mobile. 

It is a little town in South Alabama with a moderate climate. Citronelle is near Mobile and the Gulf Coast beaches and casinos, which offer a lot.

In addition, Citronelle offers brand new K-12 schools, massive golf courses, an RV park on a lake, cheap homes with better ISO ratings, and excellent sports activities.

Above all, It also has a safe and excellent business environment.

4- Creola – The Best Areas To Live Around Mobile AL

Alabama’s Mobile County includes the city of Creola. It is a part of the metropolitan region of Mobile.

You can enjoy beaches in the Gulf of Mexico and fishing grounds in Mobile Bay here in Creola.

5- Grand Bay

Mobile County, Alabama’s census-designated place, is Grand Bay. It is a part of the metropolitan region of Mobile.

Residents of Grand Bay enjoy a suburban-rural mix, with most owning their own houses. 

However, Grand Bay is a conservative community populated mainly by seniors. Grand Bay’s public schools are better than most private schools.

In Mobile, there are several excellent hospitals within a short distance. There are also churches of various faiths and top-notch intellectual and religious institutions.

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6- Mobile

Of course, we also include Mobile on the list! Mobile, Alabama, is a coastal city on the Gulf of Mexico. One of the oldest Gulf Coast towns, Mobile is always ready to provide tourists with fun and thrilling activities year-round.

For instance, The city has a Battleship Memorial Park.

The Mobile Carnival Museum’s floats, costumes, and images showcase the city’s centuries-old Mardi Gras heritage.

Be sure to check out the best neighborhoods in Mobile!

7- Saraland

Saraland established its school district in 2006. Students obtain an excellent education in nursing, engineering, and welding in advanced facilities.

Saraland has an extremely low crime rate, which may be because of the police department.

The police work with local citizens to ensure a safe environment via their approach to community enforcement.

Moreover, Saraland’s youth sports activities are quite popular, with 11 municipal parks for various leisure purposes.

There are plans for a state-of-the-art sports complex that may cater to baseball, softball, tennis, and soccer.

For active elders, the Saraland Senior Center provides a variety of activities like handicrafts, painting, card games, swimming, fitness equipment, and computer rooms.

Also, this city is a component of the Alabama Forever Wild Land Trust, which protects some of Alabama’s most ecologically varied territory. 

Some of the resident’s favorite activities are camping, hiking, and bird viewing in this well-preserved natural environment.

8- Satsuma

Citrus, particularly satsumas, and pecans previously thrived in the City of Satsuma in Mobile County, Alabama. You can find Satsuma south of I-65 and Highway 43. 

The neighborhood has been around since 1959 and today exists as a suburb of Mobile, Alabama. Despite its tiny size, Satsuma’s population has grown significantly.

Because of its rapid growth, Satsuma acknowledges the necessity of conserving the natural environment while still pursuing its economic development.

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9- Semmes

Semmes is a town in Mobile County, Alabama, with a total land area of approximately 2100 acres. 

The Semmes region is by Citronelle to the north, Saraland, Prichard to the east, Mobile to the southeast, and Big Creek Lake to the west.

It has a long history of producing attractive plants like the azalea, which has become a worldwide favorite. Therefore, Semmes has once been dubbed the “nursery capital of the world”.

10- Theodore

Theodore is a census-designated place (CDP).

Before 1900, Clements was the original name of this city until it changed to William Theodore Hieronymous, a sawmill operator, and post office head.

People of Theodore enjoy a suburban-rural mix, with the majority of residents being house owners.

There are several parks in Theodore that many people enjoy. In addition, Theodore has a large population of families, and its citizens are primarily conservative.

11- Tillmans Corner

In Mobile County, Alabama, the United States, Tillman’s Corner is an isolated settlement.

Residents of Tillman’s Corner enjoy a quiet suburban lifestyle, with most of the area’s residents owning their own houses. 

In addition, there are several parks in Tillmans Corner as well. Tillmans Corner is a conservative neighborhood with a lot of families.

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