Classic Mobile

Under Siege

10 Best Movies Filmed In Alabama (Mobile)

Many of your favorite movies are filmed in Alabama, and you may be asking – why? Alabama offers state incentives, including rebates to offset production costs and for locally sourced labor. The production of movies in Alabama helps the local community and bolsters the economy.  Okeydoke, let’s get to the list… The Map of Tiny … Read more

Power Utility Box Art - Downtown Mobile Alabama

Beautiful Power Utility Box Art in Downtown Mobile

Power boxes covered in art — what?!? In 2022, funds started being awarded to local artists to cover these utility boxes in art. It’s a unique idea and really brings some creativity to the streets of downtown Mobile — it’s a great fit with all of our mural art located downtown! Every week, we’re going … Read more

Michael Donald Marker

The Inspiring Story of Michael Donald and Beulah Mae Donald

Let’s travel back to the year 1981, in Mobile, Alabama.  It was a time and place filled with history and tension, where racial divisions were painfully evident.  In this story, we meet Beulah Mae Donald, a strong and resilient African-American mother, and her 19-year-old son, Michael.  They were living in a community that grappled with … Read more

Wrapping Up Alabama Bucket List

18 Unforgettable Adventures to Add to Your Alabama Bucket List

If you’re up for adventure and want to experience southern hospitality, Alabama is where it’s at! This state is a bundle of friendly folks, a vibrant community, beautiful sceneries, and exciting culture.  You can never find a dull moment from the lively city of Birmingham to the laid-back vibe of Mobile. Every city celebrates art, … Read more

Mobile Mural: Location: corner of South Warren and Dauphin

10 Unique Murals in Downtown Mobile

When strolling through the streets of downtown Mobile, you are sure to find some of the colorful artwork that decorates the building throughout the downtown area. More than 15 murals in downtown Mobile highlight aspects of Mobile and its rich history and are great spots for you to take photos in town. These murals help … Read more

Bienville Buzzz 🐝

Chris (owner of Bienville Bites Food Tours) and I (one of the Rundown owners) have a new show…The Bienville Buzzz 🐝 (formerly The Chris & Brooks Show – creative, I know). To check out new episodes, make sure you get our weekly newsletter. But you can also watch (or listen) below! Chris and I have … Read more

Places to Stay near Satsuma, AL

Experience the Famous Southern Hospitality in Satsuma, Alabama

Satsuma, Alabama, is a lively town in the heart of the Gulf Coast known for its reputation for friendly locals and laid-back atmosphere.  The picturesque surroundings make the town an ideal destination for anyone who wants to experience Southern hospitality.  Their hospitality is one of the main attractions because the town feels right at home, … Read more

About De Tonti Square District in Mobile, AL

The Amazing De Tonti Square District in Mobile, AL

Nestled under the shade of majestic oak trees in Downtown Mobile, you’ll find the vibrant De Tonti Square Historic District.  While the name might imply that it’s merely a square, it’s a neighborhood with a strong sense of community and rich history.  Its roots trace back to the 1820s to the 1830s when Mobile flourished … Read more

About the Ashland Place District in Mobile, AL

The Wonderful History of Ashland Place District in Mobile, AL

Ashland Place is a vibrant neighborhood renowned for its elegant homes and rich history.  It was once home to the renowned Ashland House, the residence of Augusta Evans Wilson.  The district gained its name from this Greek Revival antebellum mansion that stood proudly on Lanier Avenue.  Although the house, unfortunately, burned in 1926, the legacy … Read more

About Church Street East District in Mobile, AL

the Beautiful Old Dauphin Way Historic District in Mobile, AL

The Old Dauphin Way Historic District in Mobile is a charming neighborhood that showcases the city’s rich history.  Spanning 766 acres, it is considered Mobile’s largest district.  The area is prime, nestled among Broad Street, Springhill Avenue, Government Street, and Houston Avenue.  As you explore the streets of this neighborhood, you’ll be transported back in … Read more