Off To RV City, Toll Concerns, & Alcohol Bans

Starting last Friday, Mardi Gras party-goers began arriving Downtown in their RVs. They’re going to be setting up camp in RV City along South Wafer St. for the next month.  The city reports that all of the highly sought-after spots have been reserved. There’s a waiting list for this spot!  Everyone is excited about the … Read more

mardi gras tree lit

That Mardi Gras Tree is Lit…

At Mardi Gras Park on Saturday night, the City of Mobile performed its yearly Mardi Gras Tree lighting ceremony. The cold sure can’t dampen our spirits and keep us from participating in our yearly customs.  Mayor Sandy Stimpson declares that he is prepared for the season to start. It looks like the rest of us … Read more

we're seeing purple, gold, and yellow

Crawfish and King Cakes

Things are looking good for job seekers out there.  The job market in Mobile developed dramatically over the last year. This created a need for more workers in the area.  There were 1,342 new jobs generated thanks to projects launched by the Mobile Chamber’s Industrial Development Board and Industrial Development Authority.  That’s a significant increase … Read more

gulf distributing from the 1980s and the mobile press building

From News to Booze – Gulf Distributing Moves Downtown

We’ve all heard of Gulf Distributing, one of the most reputable beverage distributors in the South.  Well, it intends to move its operations from Moffett Rd to Downtown Mobile. Maybe folks will get their drinks at the bar even faster!  Jokes aside, the company will revamp the former Press-Register Building at 401 N Water Street.  … Read more

mobile geared to become alabama's 2nd largest city

Mobile Geared To Become Alabama’s 2nd Largest City

Officials in Mobile have committed to expediting the annexation process. This could result in a vote by the general public in March deciding whether or not the Port City would add 26,000 additional residents. The outcome of the vote, which would take place during a special election sometime following the city’s Mardi Gras festival, will … Read more

mileigh's miracle

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Now Allowed

The Mobile city council has been debating a dispensary ordinance for medical marijuana for weeks. Some folks voiced their fears for the future of the city at the last meeting.  Councilman Ben Reynolds, realizing there were still concerns to be answered, filed a last-minute motion to postpone the vote until February. For starters, it has … Read more

mobile international airport has begun construction

Mobile International Airport Has Begun Construction

The first commercial flight from Mobile International Airport is scheduled for 2025. One of the most significant milestones toward this goal is the construction of the airport’s terminal and parking garage. The new airport is not just a massive opportunity; because of its ideal placement, it will also be more accessible and competitive. The Mobile … Read more

stay healthy out there

Inspiration From A Brave 3rd Grader

Getting to school on foot is second nature for many kids because they do it every day.  Gunnar Chester, a third-grader at Rockwell Elementary, has overcome a great deal in his young life, but last week was his first time doing something like that. At the age of ten months, Gunnar underwent his first amputation. … Read more

mobilians know how to shop

Mobilians Know How To Shop!

Many downtown Mobile stores reported a solid Black Friday turnout even amid this inflation.  ‘Small Business Saturday’ helped even more. People were encouraged to patronize their neighborhood shops and other independent enterprises. The vitality of a community depends on its small businesses, which also happen to offer fantastic retail experiences. Folks were seen strolling through … Read more

buy a tree, change a life

Buy a Tree, Change a Life – Africatown Lantern Walk – STEM Fest

For many folks, the Christmas tree is the central symbol of the holiday. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a sparkling fir.  Mobile’s Pathway Church is assisting people in their search for the ideal Christmas tree while also providing aid to underprivileged kids throughout the world.  The program is called Buy a Tree, Change a … Read more