Music Meets Mischief: The Silly Arrests of Hangout Fest 2023

Music Meets Mischief: The Silly Arrests of Hangout Fest 2023

Fashion no-nos and stealing hearts weren’t the only crimes committed at Hangout Fest this year. There were quite a few arrests made for felonies and misdemeanors.  We don’t want to give it away, but here’s a little table counting the arrests for the venue and surrounding area:  OFFENSETotalUnlawful Possession of Controlled Substance109Distribution of Controlled Substance2Possession … Read more

Join the Green Revolution

Join the Green Revolution: Mobile Considering Curbside Recycling

The City of Mobile is pumped and ready to explore curbside recycling. And guess what? They want to know your thoughts and preferences on this exciting initiative.  Here’s the deal: Mobile recently scored a major grant to explore recycling options across the entire county.  The brains behind this operation is Casi Callaway, Mobile’s Chief Resilience … Read more

Joyride Revival

Joyride Revival: Electric Scooters and Bikers Returning to Mobile!

Great news for those looking for alternative modes of transportation! The city has just inked a three-year partnership with Lime.  This means you’ll soon have access to electric scooters and bikes once again. If you ask the locals, you’ll be met with a resounding chorus of praise for these micromobility options.  It’s true; they are … Read more

Clearing the Air: Proposed Bill Takes Aim at Underage Vaping Epidemic

Here’s a headache-inducing sight for all parents: kids and those puffy vapor clouds.  Well, Alabama Senator Vivian Figures has just made a power move to safeguard our precious youth from the dangers of vaping.  In a display of bipartisan unity, Figures introduced this much-needed bill that aims to make it ILLEGAL for minors to possess … Read more

About My Father

‘About My Father’ Puts Mobile in the Spotlight

There’s some Hollywood excitement in our neck of the woods. Award-winning actor Robert De Niro has brought his dad skills to the big screen once again with his latest movie, “About My Father.”  It was filmed right here in Mobile and Baldwin Counties.  With De Niro in the lead, the film promises another dose of … Read more

Mobile’s Unwanted Guests

Mobile’s Unwanted Guests: Residents Mobilize to Shield Their Homes

Termites are on a rampage, and boy, are they relentless. Folks are flooding social media with photos of these tiny terrors taking over their doors, windows, and porches.  Talk about an unwelcome houseguest.  Sure, it might seem like a temporary nuisance, but these critters can wreak havoc on your wallet if you’re not careful.  Even … Read more

Mating Mania

Mating Mania: Alligators Find Love in Unexpected Places

The alligator mating season is in full swing. April and May mark the time when these scaly Casanovas come out to play, and Mobile County has become their hotspot.  But fear not, friends, because these amorous reptiles are more interested in romance than in causing trouble. They’re on the lookout for their perfect match, not … Read more

Squashing “Beefs” Around Town

Squashing “Beefs” Around Town: The Mobile Fire Rescue Department Receives ‘Gold Standard’ Accreditation

The Mobile Fire-Rescue Department does a lot.  When they’re not putting out fires or investigating them, they undergo training, conduct inspections, engage in community outreach, provide emergency medical services, and maintain equipment.  Firefighters also often help with non-fire-related incidents like rescuing animals, containing hazardous spills, and sorting out vehicular accidents.  MFRD recently helped out in … Read more

Seeing Purple

Seeing Purple In Mobile? ThEn You Best KEEP OUT! 

Forget the red tape; it’s all about purple paint now!  Alabama legislators introduced the little-known Purple Paint Law back in 2017, which makes us one of the fifteen “Purple Paint States” in America.  This isn’t any old paint, either. Nope, this royal hue is the official warning signal that’s meant to yell, “Keep off my … Read more