High Spirits, Higher Prices at Christmas Tree Farm

Weekly Roundup: Key Developments Across Alabama

Here are the top 10 news highlights we saw around the area this week: Alabama’s $2.7 billion 1–10 upgrade is still chugging along. Gov. Ivey gets design approval authority to avoid delays.  Mobile County’s dishing out $5 for a bigger med school at USA Whiddon. Aim? More doctors, better healthcare, and an economic boost.  Eric … Read more

Dessert Duo

New Restaurant Alert: Tijuana Flats!

Mobile, get ready to get saucy! Tijuana Flats just opened its doors on McGregor Ave, and it’s all about bold flavors and fun times.  We’re adding it to our top Mexican restaurants ASAP. Here’s what makes this place a must-visit:  🚢 Casual Interiors:  Inside, the vibrant USS Hot Sauce mural sails across the wall, bringing … Read more

Big Names Are Coming to Mobile’s 2024 Country Music Festival

Mobile Welcomes New Topgolf Facility

Mobile just got a little cooler with its brand-new Topgolf!  This place is a full-on entertainment hub, complete with food, drinks, and even mini-golf.  If you want to check it out, it’s where the old Hollywood Theatre used to be.  The grand opening was a blast, with officials and locals eager to whack their stresses … Read more

Cammie’s Old Dutch Scoops Up New Location in Fairhope

Cammie’s Old Dutch Scoops Up New Location in Fairhope

Great news for all you ice cream nuts out there!  Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe, a beloved local institution, is spreading its sweet joy to Fairhope.  They’re going to have a brand new location opening this spring.  This marks the third spot for the popular ice cream shop, and we couldn’t be happier to … Read more

alabama power activates mega generator

Man’s Slow Cart Getaway Fail

In what might be the slowest getaway in criminal history,  Herman J. McMillian, aged 66, decided to hijack an electric shopping cart from Piggly Wiggly.  The Mobile police were called to track down Herman after he made his daring escape at a breakneck speed of 2.5 mph.  The “excitement” unfolded around 2:30 p.m. on a … Read more

mythic maiden

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Woman?

Back in ‘71, Mobile had its own homegrown myth, kind of like Bigfoot, except way weirder.  Folks were buzzing about seeing some Wolf Woman — a creature with a woman’s face but a wolf’s body.  It was rumored to be lurking around Davis Avenue and Plateau.  The local paper (Press-Register) even ran a story about … Read more

snack surprise

Is Your Cinema Snack a Rat Trap in Disguise?

The year is almost over, but 2023 keeps giving like an overzealous aunt who won’t quit! So, a teen got more than the price of admission during movie night at the AMC Theatre.  And no, this isn’t your usual jump-scare or sticky floors.  Nope, Ayden, the popcorn-loving patron, reached into his bucket for a handful … Read more

track talks

Is it Finally Train Time?

Here’s the latest on the Gulf Coast rail saga… After what feels like an eon of bureaucratic ping-pong, Mayor Stimpson’s office finally flung the lease to Amtrak for a downtown train stop.  That ticks off the last box in a paperwork marathon that might just end with actual trains running between Mobile and the Big … Read more

electric avenue

Mobile Goes Electric: Not Trashy, Just Flashy!

Our city is now the proud owner of Alabama’s first-ever electric garbage truck!  That makes us eco-friendly trailblazers, right?  Yup, Mobile’s not just about the rich history and Southern charm, folks;  We’re zooming into the future with a commitment to sustainability! This might look like a small step, but it proves that we’re a forward-thinking … Read more

top golf location in mobile alabama

Tee-rrific Times Ahead with TopGolf’s New Spot

TopGolf is putting the final touches on their new spot in McGowin Park.  And the place is shaping up quite nicely!  They’ve got a team lined up and ready, but if you’re interested, there’s still a chance to jump aboard.  So, when is it going to open?  They are being a tad secretive about the … Read more