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Things to do With Kids in Orange Beach

Planning a trip to OBA and wondering how to keep those energetic kiddos busy?  As a parent of a teen now, I remember those early years well.  Looking for activities ahead of time is key! So, I’m here to give you a hand by laying out kid-friendly activities in Orange Beach for you to pick … Read more

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Things to Do With Kids in Gulf Shores

Planning a trip to Gulf Shores with the kids and not sure where to take them?  I’ve been there… As a fellow parent, I totally get the challenge of finding places that are engaging for the little ones.  That’s why I put together this list of kid-friendly spots in Gulf Shores.  I’ve tried and tested … Read more

red dot fishing

The 10 Best Fairhope Fishing Charters

Ahoy there, angler!  Want to hit the waters for an epic fishing trip but feel lost in the sea of planning?  Well, I got you.  I’ve put together a no-nonsense guide to all the fishing charters in Fairhope and its surrounding areas.  From family-friendly outings to adventure-packed expeditions, I’ll highlight the best picks for every … Read more

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The 11 Best Escape Rooms in (and Around) Mobile, Alabama

Struggling to find something fun and mentally stimulating in Mobile?  I’ve been there…  Maybe it’s time to check out some of the best escape rooms around.  As someone who likes a good puzzle, I’m captivated by their clever challenges and immersive themes.  This guide is packed with insights about each establishment’s unique offerings, ideal for … Read more

Sand Island Lighthouse

Standing the Test of Time: A Tale of Two Alabama Lighthouses

Middle Bay Lighthouse Reference: Sand Island Lighthouse                                                                                                              Reference: Artist Bio Gwen AinsworthThe Alabama Tourist As a native of Mobile, Alabama, my connections to this city run deep. It is not only my home, but a wellspring of inspiration for my photography. I seek to capture the spirit of these landscapes, intricate details, … Read more

Dolphin tours

Dolphin Tours Gulf Shores: 20+ Amazing Cruises You’ll Love

Alabama’s coastlines are packed with fun activities for you and your loved ones. From relaxing on the beach to gorging on seafood, there’s no shortage of things to do — even on a rainy day! But, a real highlight is taking a dolphin cruise in Gulf Shores and nearby spots. There are many companies offering … Read more

pickleball in mobile alabama

The Best Pickleball Spots In Mobile AL

Pickleball is rocking Mobile, AL! Ready to join a team or just want a fun weekend activity? We’re spilling the beans on pickleball’s charming history, sharing some neat facts, and listing the top places to play in Mobile. So, gear up for an action-packed time! The Origin of Pickleball  The game was invented at the … Read more

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Top Places to Karaoke and Play Trivia in Mobile AL

Are you itching to show all your friends that you’re the smartest in the room? Well, this article is a collection of all the spots to let loose and play trivia in Mobile AL during the week! In addition to trivia, we’ll also go over where to do karaoke and play bingo. [*Trivia dates and … Read more

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Things to Do With Kids in Fort Morgan

Looking for ways to keep your kids engaged and happy in Fort Morgan?  I totally get it —  Keeping the little ones busy can be a real head-scratcher, especially if you’re in a new area.  Well, you’re in luck! I’ve put together an awesome list of kid-approved activities in Fort Morgan and its surrounding areas.  … Read more