Best Breweries in Mobile Alabama to visit in 2022

There’s a lot “brewing” in the craft beer scene here in Mobile. With the recent openings of some locally owned brewhouses, the Port City has become the newest craft beer destination. Check out this list of local favorites for the top breweries in Mobile AL.  [of course, you might always want to check out the nightlife]

Breweries in Mobile AL

Oyster City Brewing

Located at 600 Government Street is Oyster City Brewing (formerly Serda’s Brewing).  Whether you are looking for a Porter, IPA or a Pilsner, Oyster City has the beer spectrum covered. The beer is brewed on-site next door to the taproom. You can walk beside the tanks and view the process while enjoying a beer.    

Serda_Brewing_Mobile_AL - breweries in mobile al

Iron Hand Brewery

Iron Hand is a brewery in Mobile AL located in the downtown historic neighborhood named Detonti Square. The neighborhood was named after Henri de Tonti, an 18th-century Italian in the service of Mobile founder, Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville, who lost his hand in an explosion and was forced to wear a metal prosthetic. So now you know how the name of this brewery was born!

Iron Hand focuses on providing an eclectic food and beer selection for its patrons. Their menu covers a wide variety of tastes including Mexican, German, American, Greek, British and Vegan. While Iron Hand brews their own craft beer on-site, they also offer a full bar with wine and cocktails. The brewhouse encourages visitors to stay awhile by offering a living room feel, complete with board games and couches.

Braided River Brewery 

One of the newest breweries in Mobile AL, located at 420 Saint Louis St. in downtown Mobile, Braided River Brewery is a destination spot for tourists and locals alike. The brewery is located in the historic Wheeler Building which housed a Chevy dealership back in the day. Major renovations were made to accommodate the brewery and taproom that takes up residence in what was once called Automobile Alley.

The founder and brewmaster, David Nelson, creates a unique lineup that meshes well with our coastal vibe. Nelson originally led the quality control department of a North Carolina brewery, which won national and international brewing awards.

braided river brewing - breweries in mobile al

Old Majestic Brewery 

This is another brewery in Mobile AL located on Saint Louis Street.  Historically, this street was called Auto Alley, but it might just need to be changed to Brewery Alley. The taproom is housed in an old reassembled cotton warehouse originally from Mississippi.  It was taken apart, moved to downtown Mobile, and reconstructed.  Visitors can view the brewing process from the taproom. They serve a number of beers and you can also order flights in order to test out multiple beers at once.

BJ’s Brewhouse

If you want to try beer brewed by an establishment in our area and also see a food menu that you can get lost in, this is your place.  There are pages and pages of menu options.  I am amazed at how they handle their food logistics.  That’s got to be a full-time job.  If you’re not sure which beer to try, enjoy a flight.  BJ’s has over 200 locations in the U.S. and was started in California, so it’s not exactly local.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a beer brewed by them.  

It’s time to gather your friends and fill up your glass at any one of these breweries in Mobile AL. These breweries will give you a taste of some of your favorite brews along with an enhanced variety.  And after you’ve had a brew or two at one of these spots, check out the nightlife in Mobile or get prepared to hit brunch in Mobile AL.  

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