21 EXCITING Things To Do When it’s Wet Outside

According to World Atlas, Mobile is the “wettest” city in the United States.

It rains almost throughout the year, from mild to heavy storms.

If you enjoy doing fun activities outdoors, you might find this fact a burden on your trips.

The rain might hinder your plans if you’d planned to spend the day outside.

But don’t fret as there are beautiful places and interesting things to do for the whole family even in rainy weather.

So here’s a guide to rainy day activities to do in the Mobile area if the weather stops you from your outdoor activities.

Best 21 Rainy Day Activities Mobile AL

Mobile Welcome Center

Rainy day activities mobile al - Mobile Welcome Center

Before starting any rainy day activities, you must visit the Welcome Center to kick off your Mobile stay properly. 

You can find your tourist needs at the Welcome Center, whether you’re a first-time and repeating visitor or a local.

You can get visitor information or sign up for a tour to know more about Mobile’s history, culture, and vacation spots.

Their accommodating staff can answer your questions and recommend indoor activities and top attractions in the Mobile area.

Address: 111 S. Royal St. Mobile, 36602 

Phone Number: 251-208-7304 

History Museum of Mobile

Rainy day activities mobile al - History Museum of Mobile

The Southern Market or Old City Hall, built-in 1857 and a National Landmark, is a great place to learn about the rich Mobile history and culture. 

By visiting the museum, you can gain insight into the history of this storied Gulf Coast metropolis. 

You should also check out their exhibition galleries, Discovery Room, and the museum’s shop.

The History Museum of Mobile is a visual masterpiece that offers a museum-going experience like no other.

Address: 111 South Royal Street, Mobile, 36602

Phone Number: 251-208-7569

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Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center

Rainy day activities mobile al - Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center

The Exploreum Science Center aims to raise the science literacy levels of residents and visitors in south Alabama and the Gulf Coast.

They are one of the science museums that has been a global catalyst for creativity, curiosity, and discovery.

The Exploreum Science Center continues to provide educational opportunities because of its donors and volunteers.

Address: 65 Government Street Mobile, 36602

Phone Number: 251-208-6893

National African-American Archives and Multicultural Museum

Rainy day activities mobile al - National African-American Archives and Multicultural Museum

The National African-American Archives and Multicultural Museum features archives and collections about African Americans in the United States. 

There is an exhibition of artifacts, photos, art pieces, and more highlighting Africatown, Mardi Gras, and slavery.

Before it became a museum, it was the former Mobile Public Library for African American residents.

They offer free admission for everyone if you want to visit the museum and learn more about African American history.

Address: 564 Dr. Martin L King Jr Avenue, Mobile, 36601

Phone Number: 251-433-8511

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Mobile Medical Museum

Rainy day activities mobile al - Mobile Medical Museum

Patricia Heustis Paterson started the Mobile Medical Museum in 1962 as a tribute to her father, James F. Heustis, M.D.

He was a native Mobilian with an accomplished medical career. Samuel Eichold, II, M.D. gave the idea of naming the museum after him.

Initially, the medical museum started its collection with 100 artifacts and documents.

These items honor Mobile’s role in medical art, sciences, and public health in Alabama and the Gulf Coast area. 

Address: 1664 Springhill Avenue, Mobile, AL 36604

Phone Number: 251-415-1109

GulfQuest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico

Rainy day activities mobile al - GulfQuest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico

GulfQuest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico is the only museum in the world to pay tribute to America’s Sea. 

It is a family-friendly tourism attraction that features the rich history and culture of the Gulf Coast.

You can explore the 90 interactive exhibits and theaters inside that will teach you more about the area’s maritime heritage.  

Kids can also try being captains as they sail through Mobile Bay and Mobile River.

Address: 155 South Water St., Mobile, 36602

Phone Number: (251) 436-8901

Conde-Charlotte Museum House

Rainy day activities mobile al - Conde-Charlotte Museum House

The Condé-Charlotte Museum, located on the Mobile Riverbank, was Mobile’s first court and prison before becoming the Kirkbride family’s treasured home. 

Today, it serves as a historic home museum, displaying artifacts and historical furniture that depict Mobile’s rich past.

The Conde-Charlotte Museum House, established in 1850 for Jonathan and Elizabeth Kirkbride, offers guided tours to the public. 

Visitors can see portions of the prison, which stood on the location from 1822 to 1850, and the building’s historical treasures.

Address: 104 Theatre St Mobile, AL 36602

Phone Number: (251) 432-4722

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Mobile Carnival Museum – Rainy Day Activities Mobile AL

Rainy day activities mobile al - Mobile Carnival Museum

The Mobile Carnival Museum opened its doors to the public in 2005. Many Mobilians wanted a Mardi Gras museum for years.

The Mobile Carnival Association led the effort to rent the famous Bernstein-Bush mansion and acquire artifacts and decorations. 

MCA gathered volunteers, historians, artists, attorneys, merchants, architects, builders, and dressmakers to open the museum. 

They received donations from crowns, swords, royal gowns, and more. You can find more of the collection in the museum.

The Mobile Carnival Museum features 14 exhibition rooms, a photo zone, a theater, and a gift shop.

Address: 355 Government Street, Mobile, AL 36601

Phone Number: 251-432-3324

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Alabama Contemporary Art Center

Rainy day activities mobile al - Alabama Contemporary Art Center

Mobile’s historical Cathedral Square is home to the Alabama Contemporary Art Center, a non-profit institution founded in 1999. 

Through their exhibitions, public programs, education for adults and kids, and outreach efforts, they strive to give back to their local community. 

They offer guest curatorships, artist residencies, and independent initiatives to support the work of living curators and artists worldwide.

Address: 301 Conti Street, Mobile, AL

Phone Number: 251 208 5671

Mobile Museum of Art

Rainy day activities mobile al - Mobile Museum of Art

The Mobile Museum of Art is the Gulf Coast’s largest art museum, with a size of 95,000 square feet. 

More than 5,000 artifacts from more than 5,000 human histories are in the Mobile Museum of Art exhibitions. 

They include Asian and African works as well as European paintings and sculptures. 

Aside from its regular collection, the Mobile Museum of Art offers space to rotate contemporary art exhibitions from the entire world.

Address: 4850 Museum Drive, Mobile, AL 36608

Phone Number: 251-208-5200

Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

In 1703, a year after the foundation of Mobile, they built the first Catholic Parish on the Gulf Coast.

Canonically ordained and appointed as the first priest of the Church of Fort Louis de la Louisiane, Father Henri Roulleaux De la Vente began his ministry in 1704. 

They rebuilt the church when Mobile City relocated to the west Royal Street, north of Conti Street, in 1711.

The parish church got its current name, “Church of the Immaculate Conception,” in 1781 when Spain colonized Mobile.

Many tourists find the stained glass windows fascinating as it depicts various life events of Mary.

Address: 307 Conti Street, Mobile, Al 36602

Phone Number: (251) 434-1565

Fort Conde Museum

Fort Conde Museum

The History Museum of Mobile also operates the historical Colonial Fort Condé on South Royal Street.

French explorers constructed the first Fort Condé in 1723. Fort Louis, Fort Charlotte, and Fuerte Carlota were some of its former names. 

You can see the Mardi Gras Park’s ancient fort ruins facing Church Street, where they were discovered in 1966 while working on the Wallace Tunnel. 

In 1976, they launched a replica fort as part of the United States’ bicentennial commemoration. 

Address: 50 South Royal Street, Mobile, 36602

Phone Number: 251-301-0273

Mobile Opera

Mobile Opera - Rainy day activities mobile al

Mobile Opera is a creative and active local opera company serving the Central Gulf Coast region by presenting high-quality stage performances. 

They also offer educational activities and community engagement initiatives to promote performing arts.

This opera company is one of the nation’s oldest professional opera organizations and one of Alabama’s oldest performing arts institutions.

Students are welcome to try training courses and performances by visiting local artists and in-school tours.

Address: 257 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36602

Phone Number: 251-432-6772

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Bragg-Mitchell Mansion

Bragg-Mitchell Mansion

The Bragg-Mitchell Mansion is one of the country’s most visited and photographed historic homes. 

Many people admire the Greek influence in its architecture, along with the antique decorations and wood. 

Visiting the mansion gives visitors a glimpse of what hospitality was like years ago because of its vast area. 

It makes it an ideal venue for special events like parties and dinners; thus, Bragg-Mitchell Mansion also rents the place for these events.

Address: 1906 Springhill Avenue, Mobile, AL 36607

Phone Number: (251) 471–6364

The Shoppes at Bel Air

The Shoppes at Bel Air

The Shoppes at Bel Air is the newly renovated version of the Bel Air Mall in Mobile. 

Many customers enjoy shopping in Bel Air because they get almost everything: fashion, food, and entertainment.

They have the usual mall stores along two main streets like H&M, Pandora, Bath & Body Works, Aeropostale, and more.

It may look small outside, but the mall has a lot to offer inside, and you can buy almost everything you need. 

Address:3299 Joe Treadwell Dr., Mobile, AL 36606

Phone Number: 251-478-1893

Nexus Cinema Dining

Nexus Cinema Dining

The freshest and finest blockbuster movies are always available at Nexus Cinema Dining.

Nexus Cinema Dining is the best spot for moviegoers who want to watch a movie while enjoying a wonderful meal. 

You can reserve and get tickets online to watch your favorite popular movies to save you the hassle of queuing lines. 

Additionally, Nexus Cinema Dining takes pride in its dining experience among other movie theaters.  

You can choose a complete meal, snacks, and beverages from their menu. 

Aside from the food, the luxury reclining chair tops the movie experience to simultaneously give you comfort and luxury. 

Address: 7070 Bruns Dr, Mobile, AL

Phone Number: 251-776-6570

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Bonus: 5 Rainy Day Activities in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Fort Morgan

When you hear Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Fort Morgan, you may immediately think of the outdoors, beach, and sun. 

However, there are also fun things to do in these places that don’t require you to be outside or a plan B in case it rains. 

For example, you can visit movie theaters, historic homes, science museums, live animal exhibits, and history museums. 

Depending on your hobbies and interests, many rainy day activities are available. 

But in case you can’t pick where to start, here are some fun things to try during rainy days:

Breakout Games

Breakout Games

Breakout Games is a unique rainy day activity that challenges you to escape a room under a time limit. 

To add a little spice to it, you need to solve riddles and codes and discover treasures before you can escape. 

Kids may find it fun, but people of all ages can try and challenge themselves with Breakout Games. 

Also, there are a lot of game styles to choose from, so you won’t get bored of solving the same puzzle all over again. 

You may enjoy Breakout Games that you will return to on rainy and sunny days. 

Address: 4776 Main St., Ste. L-208, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone Number: (251) 929-8330

Gulf Bowl

Gulf Bowl Rainy day activities mobile al

The Gulf Bowl started its family-owned operation in 1959. Since then, customers have continued to come back and play classic games with friends. 

They are a family-friendly facility that spans 35,000 square feet and features a VIP luxury bowling room complete with a private bar. 

There are 16 standard lanes and seven VIP lanes available. You can also access a pool table, game, and party rooms. 

The delectable dishes served at the Captain’s Choice, their full-service seafood restaurant and lane side grill, are popular among the community.

Address: 2881 S. Juniper St., Foley, AL 36535

Phone Number: (251) 943-4575

Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach

Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach

The four-acre area of the Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach provides a breathtaking view of Wolf Bay and a fantastic coastal art experience. 

This center features a fine arts gallery that promotes Gulf Coast artists while providing a gorgeous venue for special events.

If you are an art enthusiast and collector, you can buy original artworks to add to your collection. 

But if you feel inspired by the art space around you, you can make your original artwork from clay and glass. 

The arts center also offers art classes that start from $85, although the entrance fee is free. 

Address: 26389 Canal Rd., Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone Nu(251) 981-2787

High Cotton Bath

High Cotton Bath

Another fun activity to try on a rainy day is creating fragrances for yourself or as a gift to someone.

High Cotton Bath produces and sells quality home goods for bath and body, clothes, linens, candles, etc. 

Aside from selling products, they also teach customers to create their bath and body product according to their fragrance preferences. 

You can enjoy your rainy days choosing from over 200 different fragrances to mix with their 40 products.

Many guests enjoyed this activity because of its uniqueness and thoughtfulness behind it.

Whether you’re making a customized product for yourself or someone else, High Cotton Bath is a new place to try. 

Address: 4830 Main Street, Ste. 110, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Phone Number: (251) 923-2474

CMX Pinnacle 14 Theaters

CMX Pinnacle 14 Theaters

If you want to enjoy watching a movie around Gulf Shores, try CMX Pinnacle 14 Theaters with actual stadium seating.

They have 14 theaters to use with Dolby digital surround, so you get the best audio for the film you’re watching. 

They also have RealD 3D theaters for a unique viewing experience that all ages can enjoy.

If you want to relax alone, they also serve beer and wine for you to drink while the film rolls.

However, you can rent a theater for private screenings and conferences if you’re going as big groups of friends, families, or companies.

Address: 3780 Gulf Shores Pkwy., Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Phone Number: (251) 923-0785

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Conclusion – Rainy Day Activities Mobile AL

Many people prefer sunny days over rainy days because they can do more things outside with a clear sky. 

However, rainy days are not so bad either. There are still plenty of activities to do indoors that anyone can like. 

If you look at it on the brighter side, rainy days let you experience new things that you’ve never done before.

Maybe it’s about time you go to that museum you’ve been thinking about or watch that movie you wished to see. 

Besides staying home, there are better and more fun places to visit on rainy days.  

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean your day has to be gloomy and dull.

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