WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Ducks and Gators

Mobile Rundown Staff

  • Vets Recover Opens New Support Center in Mobile 

Vets Recover just launched a new facility in Mobile, packed with specialized care and support for our heroes. 

It’s a game-changer for veterans and first responders seeking comprehensive, compassionate recovery services. 

  • Duck Nesting Boxes Boost Conservation Efforts in Mobile-Tensaw Delta 

duck nesting boxes boost conservations efforts

Wooden nesting boxes along the Mobile-Tensaw Delta provide a safe haven for ducks just minutes away from downtown Mobile. 

The Mobile County Wildlife and Conservation Association invites locals to join in building and installing these boxes. 

  • Mobile Tree Trail Gets a Refresh

The Mobile Tree Trails just got an exciting update with fresh signage designed by Boy Scout Graham West, enhancing eight historically significant trees around Mobile. 

There are also new brochures detailing the lore and history of all 19 trees on the trail. 

  • Bienville Square Reopens with Updates Features 

Bienville Square, one of Mobile’s beloved historic parks, is open again, with the iconic central fountain now flowing. 

Just in time for its 200th anniversary in May, the city is gearing up for a grand celebration. 

  • Mobile Announces New Student Housing Development 

Mobile teams up with the Mobile Housing Authority to launch “The Branch,” a 350-unit housing development designed for Bishop State Community College students. 

  • Mobile County to Repair Government Plaza Roof and Address Bird Problem

Mobile County commissioners are set to approve a $7.45 million roof repair for Government Plaza to tackle chronic leaks and prevent birds from entering. 

  • Man Escapes Alligator Attack with Screwdriver During River Dive 

man escapes alligator attack

A man used a screwdriver to escape an alligator attack while diving for fossils in Cooper River. 

Despite the ordeal, he managed to fend off the animal and is now recovering, thankful to be alive. 

  • Mobile’s Largest Yard Sale Draws Thousands to The Grounds

Thousands flocked to Mobile’s Largest Yard Sale at The Grounds, where over 200 vendors showcased treasures from their spring cleaning. 

This annual event draws diverse crowds, celebrating the joy of “the hunt” and community sharing. 

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