Flourish Community

Flourish is a non-profit organization in Mobile and Baldwin Counties, Alabama, that works with young women who are at risk.

By giving teenagers the tools they need for success, they are helping them realize their full potential. 

Free community centers are available for young girls in Daphne to visit each week for educational and personal development programs.

Every month, at least 20 young women from Mobile and Baldwin Counties connect with female mentors in the area to help guide them on their path to success.

There are available workshops on personal growth, creativity, and volunteer work in their community center each week.

Flourish Community

How Did the Flourish Community Begin?

Over 350 hours of volunteer work and more than 150 hours of hands-on programs have been provided to young females since Flourish debuted in the Autumn of 2020.

To flourish is to develop healthily as a result of one’s surroundings.

Their community center provides young ladies with a safe and encouraging environment to develop into the ladies they want to be.

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What Does Flourish Community Offer?

Every girl is prepared to finish high school and pursue a profession or further study through personal development, vocational programs, and career guidance.

Mobile and Baldwin County, Alabama, teens aged 13-18 from low-income families are eligible for their services.

They offer skills training where women and girls acquire skills like cooking and sewing through their partner organizations.

Moreover, they believe that having a mentor may aid students through high school and into their adult lives.

Each girl has a mentor who meets with her every month to encourage and support her.

Flourish’s mission is to help every teen girl who comes through their doors become a better version of herself through life coaching, goal-setting, and other activities.

How Can You Donate?

Use the QR Code to ensure a secure online donation.

You can also consider becoming a monthly partner of Flourish to help them provide an accessible facility, programs, and mentorship to our young women. 

How Can You Volunteer?

You can check their website and fill out a form to become a coach, mentor, or advocate with Flourish.

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