Victory Health Partners – Quality Health Services For Uninsured Adults

Victory Health Partners is a non-profit healthcare organization centered on the faith.

It was founded in 2003 after Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lightfoot returned from many medical missions worldwide.

Victory Health Partners

How Did Victory Health Partners Begin?

Over their journeys, they discovered a burning desire to give back to their hometown of Mobile, Alabama.

They began visiting with leading leaders of the city’s medical community to learn about its challenges. 

Before Victory Health Partners, the poor and unprotected had to defer medical care or rely on emergency facilities for their primary healthcare. 

Victory’s primary patients are individuals who are 19 to 64 years old who cannot afford insurance coverage, both public and private, or healthcare benefits through their work. 

In 2020, Victory Health Partners treated over 10,000 uninsured individuals in its clinics.

They managed to serve 35,000 patients.

Every year, Victory offers its services to patients from 25 Alabama counties, 11 Mississippi counties, and 8 Florida counties. 

In addition to having an income that exceeds 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, most of Victory’s patients suffer from long-term health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, COPD, hypertension, and heart disease. 

What Does Victory Health Partners Offer?

Regardless of color, religion, or origin, every patient receives treatment with the utmost respect and dignity by Victory.

Victory patients vary from the hospitality, service, construction, and small business industries. 

Additional services include dental, smoking cessation, optometry, medication dispensing, neurology, pulmonary, counseling, urology, wound care, women’s wellness, MRIs, and basic surgeries. 

The Victory Health Partners includes over 150 experts who will assess and treat patients in their clinics for a reasonable charge.

Cardiology, chiropractic, orthopedics, cancer, podiatry, and dermatology are just a few of the specialties represented by these alliances. 

Patients can finally afford to take these steps in their healthcare thanks to their partners. 

In 2021, Victory gave their patients $60 million worth of free prescription drugs.

Their partnerships also receive donations or cost reductions for diagnostic exams like MRI and CAT scans as part of their partnerships.

Most of their prescriptions can be obtained free of charge through the Dispensary Program, available to Victory patients.

Patient support programs run by pharmaceuticals can be difficult to join, so Victory employees and volunteers do it on behalf of their patients. 

Drug and treatment cost more than $70,000 for each patient.

Through their Medication Assistance Program, Victory has given over $60 million in free medication to people.

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How Can You Donate?

Patients receive an average of $80 worth of care for every $1 contributed.

You can donate by scanning their QR code. 

You can also join the Change Makers, a group of monthly donors dedicated to making a difference in the lives of Victory patients.

These patients’ health can improve thanks to the generosity of people like you who can give $25 a month.

Victory Health Partners also announced the formation of William M. Lightfoot, M.D. Patient Surgical Assistance Fund will provide financial assistance to patients undergoing surgery. 

The funds from the assistance program can help these surgeries possible in honor of Dr. William Lightfoot, who worked as Victory’s first ally and volunteer surgeon. 

These surgeries can be life-changing enough to let individuals get back to their job, be with their families, and regain the future they were building.

How Can You Volunteer?

To become a volunteer, you can contact Kim Garrett at 251-445-0036 or on their website.

You can work in the clinic, the office, or even in events. 

Thanks to new relationships with specialists and professionals, Victory’s patients now have access to a broader range of services.

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