Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Woman?

Teammate Tish

Back in ‘71, Mobile had its own homegrown myth, kind of like Bigfoot, except way weirder. 

Folks were buzzing about seeing some Wolf Woman — a creature with a woman’s face but a wolf’s body. 

It was rumored to be lurking around Davis Avenue and Plateau. 

The local paper (Press-Register) even ran a story about it, complete with a wild sketch that looked like something out of a folktale. 

mythic maiden

They claimed that over 50 people called in about it.

You had descriptions ranging from “hairy” to “pretty,” which is a combo you don’t hear every day. 

The neighborhood was so scared that kids wouldn’t go out after dark! 

Now, while that Wolf Woman might be the stuff of legends, stories like this aren’t unusual in Mobile. 

With a history stretching back over 300 years, this place is a goldmine of the supernatural. 

People share tales of eerie encounters that could fill a book!

And even though no one’s spotted Ms. Wolf recently, that doesn’t mean the chills have gone. 

Experts like those at the Exploreum Science Center say these legends might just be nature’s way of keeping us out of trouble. 

They’re also a testament to the city’s love for a good story. 

So, while the Halloween decorations are coming down, the spooks never entirely leave Mobile. 

Whether it’s a creature sighting or a ghost in a centuries-old building, the city has its way of keeping the Halloween spirit alive all year round!

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