Who Needs Roads? Asheville Pair Takes the River Route

Teammate Tish

A guy from East Asheville named Clark Glenn just put a wacky twist on family bonding. 

This river aficionado and his sidekick son, Taber, decided to go on a journey from Asheville to Mobile —

Clark and Taber Glenn

By river. 

Yup, they “Huck-Finned” their way, using everything from a canoe to a jon boat!

So, what prompted this father-son duo’s legendary trip? 

Well, Clark’s childhood summers were all about Mobile Bay

The water is practically in his DNA. 

So, when he recalled a childhood dream to sail the Tenn-Tom, it just had to be done.

And what better co-captain than his 11-year-old? 

Their escape was definitely something for the books. 

They had to navigate multiple rivers and take respite in a Cracker Barrel. 

They faced a few mechanical issues, wrestled with eelgrass, and even hitchhiked to a hotel.

On the brighter side, they gawked at deer trotting through rapids, bald eagles duking it out, and had their fill of top-notch fried catfish. 

Cruising past landmarks like the 27 Mile Bluff and the Dolly Parton Bridge, they finally ended up at the Mobile Convention Center

If they had taken a car, that route would have been roughly 530 miles. 

But by boat? 

A whopping 1,000+ miles

It’s genuinely heartwarming to hear about these two’s unique Southern “pilgrimage.” 

Especially now that technology often dominates our daily lives, taking the time to connect with nature — and with each other — is a beautiful testament to their relationship. 

And it just goes to show that there’s a treasure trove of tales and wonders right in our own backyard. 

Isn’t it time we consider embarking on our own unforgettable adventures

After all, the best stories aren’t the ones we hear but the ones we live! 

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