Who Needs a Zoo? Check out These Recent Alabama Animal Sightings

Mobile Rundown Staff

Alabama is home to many majestic and adorable animals, but we also got some that will make your skin crawl. 

From hulking bears to venomous snakes, we’ve learned to live with these intimidating neighbors in our swamps, beaches, and forests. 

Hammerhead at Orange Beach

We’ll start this story on Orange Beach, where a 14-feet long hammerhead shark washed up on its shores. 

There was a guy chilling on the beach when he spotted this shark floating toward him.

Hammerhead shark at Orange Beach

And as it got closer, he and a fellow beach bum dragged the beast onto the sand.

Coastal Restorations stepped in and took the specimen to their lab for some testing. 

So, if you’re planning on hitting the beach anytime soon, please remember that there are some seriously big sharks in our area. 

Keep your eyes peeled and swim the game strong. 

Oddly enough, there’s one other animal that found its way to the beaches of Dauphin Island.

Alligators at the Beach

Gators don’t usually end up in that area, but this fellow seems to have gotten lost. 

alligator at dauphin island beach

Dauphin Island Safety raised its purple flag to warn beachgoers of the possible dangers in the water.

We hope this gator finds its way home to the nearby bird sanctuary so we can frolic under the sun in peace! 

Mountain Lions in Alabama?

And lastly, there’s the elusive mountain lion. 

Alabama Wildlife officials haven’t officially confirmed local mountain lion sightings, BUT many credible witnesses apparently see them all the time. 

Also called cougars or panthers, these mountain lions are sizeable cinnamon-colored cats.

They’re muscular creatures with black-tipped tails. 

We should all be alert as these big cats continue to encroach on residential areas.

As you can probably tell, they’re a danger to people, pets, and livestock. 

While attacks on humans are few and far between, they do happen. 

Local wildlife officials are going off the record to say that these animals are simply just passing through to hunt or mate. 

They’re not going to announce sightings because some people will hunt these mountain lions down and “get rid” of them. 

And we need to protect these creatures just as much as we have to defend ourselves.

After all, they are a valuable part of our ecosystem.

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