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Are you ready to see who got busted in Mobile County?

Are you sitting at work right now, and you want to check out who got arrested in Mobile, AL?

Check these out.

It’s time to see who got arrested.

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I think my computer is messed up a bit.
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Let’s try again to see who got arrested in Mobile AL this week.
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Sorry guys, something must be wrong with my editing software.

So if you wanna see folks who got busted, check out this site.

But if you’re interested in seeing people who did awesome things and got recognized for it, I might as well tell you about them.

I actually found a few people that got busted for doing some pretty cool things in the community.

To learn more about Mobile, AL, and get the inside scoop, check out this informative article on “What They Won’t Tell You About Mobile, AL.”

Who Got Busted In Mobile County For Doing Positive Things

Do Some Good Mobile Magazine – The 2023 Edition Is Live Now.

Do Some Good Magazine cover

Do Some Good Mobile” is a magazine that focuses on events and news related to the city of Mobile, Alabama.

The magazine covers various topics related to the city, including cultural events, local news, and business developments.

It also features interviews with local figures and highlights local initiatives and non-profit organizations.

You can check out the latest 2023 issue here.

Fostering Together Gulf Coast Is Celebrating National Foster Care Month In May.

Fostering together gulf coast

Fostering Together Gulf Coast is a local non-profit organization that helps foster and adoptive families with all different kinds of resources.

Since the month of May is National Foster Care Month, let’s shift our focus to this awesome organization and its amazing cause.

Check out these Mobile County middle school students showing coding skills in a robotic vehicle obstacle course.

middle school students show off coding skills in robotic vehicle obstacle course.

Health A Sista Out received a proclamation deeming Thursday, April 29, as ‘Alabama Pay It Forward’ day in Alabama.

busted in Mobile 1

The group received a proclamation deeming Thursday, April 29, as ‘Alabama Pay It Forward’ day in Alabama.

Check out some other famous people from Mobile, AL, here.

A big-hearted stranger who was waiting in line with our firefighters decided to show their generosity by paying for the groceries!

Mobile FireFighters - Do Some Good

Victoria Williams’ Journey to Promote Unity Through Fashion

 Victoria Williams' Journey to Promote Unity Through Fashion

Check out Victoria Williams’s journey as she approached handbag and luggage company Vera Bradley about creating a bag that symbolizes unity.

This is a story of a Mobile native who wanted to do something following last year’s racial tensions.

And since she loves fashion, she is using just that to make a difference.

A grateful patient purchased pizza for the entire Mobile County Health Department’s vaccine clinic family.

A grateful patient purchased pizza for the entire Mobile County Health Department’s vaccine clinic family.

Despite the challenges thrown her way because of the pandemic, this local educator still finds ways to inspire children through her love of writing.

local educator inspiring girls through her writing

On the third Sunday of every month, the front lawn of a local gallery on Dauphin Island turns into an outdoor open-air art show that supports local artists.

open air art show at local island

Brenda Goodhue, owner of BrewHa’s Pub and Grill helps a Mobile Man living in a tent, giving him a job and a roof over his head.

restaurant owner helps man in need

Dad of the Year award goes to this father from West Mobile, who found a step-by-step process of making a snow machine online.

dad who built snow machine for his kids

Then he went on and purchased all the tools he needed and used a pressure washer and air compressor to make the snow the early morning of February 16, 2021.

This gesture gave his kids a chance to make precious memories while building a snowman, going sledding, and having snowball fights.

The Mobile Baykeeper joined Mobile United for a cleanup on Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 16, 2021.

mobile baykeeper - mlk cleanup day 2021

They helped clean up nearly 3,000 pounds of trash from Eslava Creek. More than 100 volunteers helped out. You got busted!

Learn why it is important to clean your community here.

Elite Academy, an AAU Basketball program founded by Reggie Wilcox with support from Under Armour.

Elite Academy, an AAU Basketball program founded by Reggie Wilcox with support from Under Armour.

This program does not just help young players develop the skills needed to advance in the sport; this also provides the kids with lifelong tools to help them beyond that winning shot.

This January, Wilcox, former McGill-Toolen basketball star, reconnected with Quincy James to bring an AAU program to our hometown.

A program already gaining much success with his teams in other cities like Dallas, Oklahoma City, and other major cities.

Planting 27 Trees Overnight: A Hurricane Sally Story

fairhope alabama - hurricane sally - replacing trees

What happens when you’ve been replacing trees for months, and then a hurricane named Sally (not a sweet Aunt) comes in and stops the hard work and uproots 13 more of those trees?

Well, you stay up all night in Downtown Fairhope, and you plant 27 new trees before the sun comes up.

That’s what.

Mr. Roy Blount’s Recycling Efforts for a Good Cause

donates aluminum cans to SPCA.

Mr. Roy Blount got busted big time.

He began collecting aluminum cans years ago to recycle and donate the money to local organizations like the Mobile SPCA.

Over 12 years, Mr. Roy collected and crushed cans from the community.

The total came out to be 289 large bags, equal to 990,000 cans.

And he raised $1,266 for the Mobile SPCA.


Janine Woods, the Executive Director of the Mobile SPCA says Mr. Roy is the best and is the best greeter they’ve ever had.

The Coast Guard came to help the SPCA load the cans to be recycled, and it took two large U-Haul trucks because there were so many cans.

You got busted, Mr. Roy!

Raising Awareness for Men’s Health: The Movember Movement in Mobile

What happens when locals want to help put a spotlight on men’s health (especially mental health) and are willing to wear a mustache in order to help raise this awareness?

They help raise thousands of dollars for a cause, and they get busted in Mobile, that’s what.

Great job!

happy people -  who got busted in mobile county

These folks should be arrested, although not in Mobile.

Their ‘understanding’ factor is through the roof.

So, years ago, a town of mostly white folks up in Maine wanted to build a relationship with a city of mostly African American folks.

They did a bit of research, spun a globe, and they reached out to Tuskegee, Alabama, not sure what they would say.

Tuskegee was all about it!

A group flew down to Tuskegee and was able to build community, stay in homes, and hear stories.

A Tuskegee historian would later do the same.

Their goal was to listen and learn from each other.

I’d say they’re busted for success.

If you’d like to check out the original article and read more, you can find it here.

You can also check out our local conversations on Real (Race) Talk.

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