Ways to Celebrate History in Mobile, AL

As the oldest city in Alabama, Mobile has a rich history spanning centuries. French, British, Greek, Catholic, Creole and African influences have made the city of Mobile the wonderful blend of culture it is today. From architecture to cuisine, everything in the Port City has a story behind it! It is important to celebrate this history and learn from it, so here are some of the different ways we celebrate the city of Mobile:

Different Ways to Celebrate History in Mobile AL

Visit Historic Homes

There is no better way to explore the history of Mobile than to visit the beautiful historic homes! The Condé-Charlotte House began its life as a magazine and became Mobile’s first courthouse and jail. It now stands as a museum, full of antiques and decor from the colonial and Confederate-era. Known for its cast-iron façade depicting the four seasons, the Richard DAR House is host to a variety of revolution-era artifacts that attract hundreds of visitors every year. The Greek Revival-style Bragg-Mitchell Mansion, tells the stories of Mobile during the civil war, as does the Oakleigh Complex, which consists of the Oakleigh Mansion, the Cox-Deasy Cottage Museum and the Minnie Mitchell Archives. These historic homes are always happy to accept visitors and teach them the wonderful history of Mobile!

Visit Museums

Mobile has tons of museums to visit to celebrate the city’s rich history! The History Museum of Mobile teaches visitors the city’s 300-year history! The museum has artifacts from different periods and videos that visitors can enjoy while they are there.

Highlighting Mardi Gras in its true birthplace is the Mobile Carnival Museum! The Carnival Museum hosts 14 galleries, video presentations, a pictorial gallery and an interactive float area all from the Mother of Mystics- the oldest carnival celebration in the US!

For any baseball fans, check out the Hank Aaron Childhood Home and Museum. Located at Hank Aaron Stadium, you can walk through the home Hank Aaron grew up in and view some of the items that belonged to him!

Visit Historic Districts

Seven National Register Historic Districts make up downtown and midtown Mobile. Each with different personalities, getting to know each of the seven districts is important in knowing the full history of the city, as they help define the heart and soul of Mobile! Driving down the streets through the districts, you will notice different architectural styles, 100-year-old oak trees and possibly even one of the many street parties that happen around the city during the year. Be sure to stop by the Mobile Historic Development Commission to begin planning your journey!

Visit Historic Landmarks

The Gulf Coast is home to many historic landmarks from past wars! In downtown Mobile, we have the historic Fort Conde, which was originally built in 1723 by the French, but was also under control of British, Spanish and American forces at different key points throughout history. On Dauphin Island stands Fort Gaines, which began being built in 1819, but completed in 1862 by confederate forces. A short ferry ride away, on the tip of western Mobile, stands Fort Morgan, named for revolution hero General Daniel Morgan. The building process started in 1819 and ended in 1833, and it became one of the stops on the Trail of Tears. Mobile is also home to the USS Alabama that fought in World War II, and it first opened public tours in 1965!

Learn Historic People

Mobile is the home of many historic people! One of the most notable is baseball legend Hank Aaron. Hank Aaron spent most of his youth in the district of Toulminville. He would go on to hold the MLB record for career home runs for 33 years, and still today holds many offensive records. Jimmy Buffet spent most of his childhood in Mobile as well, attending St. Ignatius and the McGill Institute for boys. Buffet originally began playing guitar in the 60s at the Admiral’s Corner in downtown Mobile. Winston Groom was born in Washington DC in 1943, but spent his childhood in Mobile. Groom is a southern novelist best known for the award-winning, Forrest Gump.

There are so many ways to celebrate the history of Mobile. Taking some time to get to know the city will help you fall in love with it even more.

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