USA Health Hospital’s New Burnout-Busting Strategy

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USA Health University Hospital is one of only four hospitals across the country trying out an awesome new plan to battle nurse burnout. 

Most folks know that being a nurse has never been a walk in the park. 

And these superstar nurses at UH will tell you that the pandemic took their stress levels to new heights. 

The demand for healthcare skyrocketed, and burnout became the proverbial monkey on their backs. 

nurse burnout

Sure, everyone had a hard time being apart from their loved ones who were seriously sick. 

But who was there through it all? Yup, the nurses. 

And they’re still on the grind, and it’s high time we show some love for their mental well-being. 

Kristen Noles, the Performance Improvement Manager at USA Health, wholeheartedly agrees. 

Now, this plan, set to run for three years, is being funded by the American Nurses Association

They’re calling it “Stress First Aid.” 

Initially formulated for deployment within the US Navy, Stress First Aid is now proving invaluable for ICU nurses

It lets them assess their stress levels on a spectrum ranging from green (low) to red (burnout). 

ICU nurses often put on a brave face, even when they’re struggling internally. 

But now, they can convey their stress level in a snap. 

No more vague “Are you okay?” questions. 

The focus is then directed to solutions — “How can we help relieve your stress?” 

This approach also empowers managers to recognize warning signs and step in with appropriate support. 

And at UH, they’re also rolling out a decompression room, a sanctuary where nurses can take a breather and reset. 

They can listen to music, have some quiet time, unwind in a massage chair, and engage in other stress-relief activities. 

Essentially, it’s a dedicated space for caregivers to focus on their own self-care. 

Let’s hope this turns into a nationwide collective effort to help out nurses throughout the country. 

It’s the least we could do for the dedicated and compassionate caregivers who go above and beyond for their patients!

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