17 Unique Souvenirs from Alabama To Bring Home

Alabama is a gem for its diverse culture, picturesque view, and rich history. 

From the sandy white beaches of the Gulf Coast to the rugged landscapes of the Appalachian Mountains, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Aside from these beautiful sceneries, you also experience Southern hospitality, its biggest charm. 

When you visit this state, it is best to take home a piece of their local goodness with you in the form of unique Alabama souvenirs. 

From handmade crafts to locally made food products, you can have a lot to choose from as memorabilia. 

In this guide, you’ll see some of the best souvenirs from Alabama that you give as gifts and keep at home.

Handcrafted Chocolates From Chocolatá

Handcrafted Chocolates From Chocolatá.

Chocolatá is significantly a must for chocolate lovers when you drop by Downtown Birmingham.

This heavenly spot offers sweet delights like handcrafted chocolates that are almost too beautiful to eat- almost. 

You don’t want to miss the chance to take a bite of one of these delectable treats once you get your hands on them. 

Their truffles are also a crowd favorite, making them a perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

But who are you kidding? You’d love an extra box so you can savor every last bit. 

Chocolatá also has signature bars that taste like an explosion of worldly flavors for only $12. 

But for a truly indulgent experience, you better take the chance to grab their bonbons for $5.50. 

If you are in the mood for a sweet treat for yourself or your loved ones, Chocolatá got you covered.

Visit: 701 37th Street South, Suite #5, Birmingham, AL 35222

Call: 205-215-0416

Pepper Jelly From 5ive Oaks

Pepper Jelly From 5ive Oaks,

5ive Oaks is a small business making big waves in Birmingham, Alabama, with its delicious food products. 

Their Traditional Pepper Jelly, for example, is something you should take advantage of when buying Alabama goods.

This 3-pepper blend offers the right amount of heat with a hint of sweetness that makes your tongue dance. 

You can add a Southern kick to your cream cheese appetizers or recipes. 

They also have the Apple Butter Trio, a set of three different flavored apple butter that you can spread on bread. 

The set includes the classic Old Fashion Apple Butter, Cinnamon Apple Butter, and Spiced Peach Apple Butter. 

Each jar uses high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes for that familiar but unique taste. 

These jams are perfect for spreading on toast, bagels, and biscuits. 

But you can add it to your baking recipes if you need a little sweetness and spice.

If you plan to give it as a gift, 5ive Oaks offers custom packaging options to fit your needs.

Visit: Based in Birmingham, but can be found across Alabama

Beddings From Red Land Cotton

Beddings From Red Land Cotton.

Upgrade your home decor with Red Land Cotton, which offers luxurious bedding and linens straight from the farm to your home.

Red Land Cotton grows its upland cotton from North Alabama before they carefully craft it into the softest and most durable bedding you’ve ever laid on. 

Aside from the high-quality products, their patterns and styles are also classic, so you always stay in style.

Their best seller is the Hemstitched Sheet Sets, made from 100% cotton grown on the family farm. 

The sheets feature a weave construction so you can lay back on a cool and crisp bed for a comfortable night’s sleep. 

The hemstitching provides a vintage look that you can easily blend in with your room.

This set comes with a flat, fitted sheet and two pillowcases for $275 with split king sets.

You easily wash and dry these luxury linens, which makes them practical even for daily use.

So if you want to bring a touch of Southern charm to your home, the 100% cotton products from Red Land Cotton are the way to go!

Visit: 1000 Co Rd 213, Moulton, AL 35650, United States

Call: 205-564-9332

Masks From Mardi Gras and More Gift Shop

Masks From Mardi Gras and More Gift Shop.

Mardi Gras and More Gift Shop is your one-stop shop for all your Mardi Gras needs, especially when visiting Mobile, Alabama. 

Whether you are a local or a first-time visitor, their shop is a must-visit if you want to experience the festive atmosphere of Mardi Gras.

Inside, you can find an incredible selection of souvenirs, t-shirts, and other unique items to capture the essence of this favorite occasion. 

From colorful masks to handcrafted decorations, they have everything you need to bring out the Mardi Gras spirit. 

You can spot their shop at Dauphin St. near Cathedral Square as you take a stroll during a fun day out in downtown Mobile. 

Visit: 457 Dauphin St., Mobile, AL 36602

Call: 251-725-7677

Centerpieces From Orbix Hot Glass 

Centerpieces From Orbix Hot Glass.

Orbix Hot Glass is a unique studio and gallery that has been making handmade glassware for over two decades. 

They create beautiful and high-quality glassware that you can display at home.

In their studio, you can find elegant designs that can easily blend into your home.

It does not only look beautiful, but it is also functional and durable.

One of their artworks is the Water Bowl. But this isn’t just any old bowl.

This Water Bowl took inspiration from the whitewater of Little River Canyon.

Imagine this: you’re riding with the rapids on the river, and you reach a peaceful eddy. 

You catch your breath and enjoy the beautiful moment of swirling waters and rising bubbles. 

It is precisely what this water bowl can make you feel, and you can get it in different colors like Aqua, Amber, Gold, and Strawberry. 

At $900 to $3,300, it is a small price to pay for a little piece of paradise that transports you to the beautiful river.

You can witness the glassblowing process and watch how molten glass turns into stunning artwork. 

So it is more than just a studio; it is a place where you can connect with the arts and experience something unique.

Visit: 3869 County Rd 275, Fort Payne, AL 35967

Call: 256-523-3188

Local Items From Bienville Souvenir & Gifts

Local Items From Bienville Souvenir & Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect gift from the vibrant city of Mobile?

Look no further than Bienville Souvenir & Gifts, as they offer t-shirts, collectibles, and other goodies you can give to your loved ones. 

Every shelf offers something unique, like locally made treats, artisanal art pieces, and more. 

You can also pose in front of their Mardi Gras wall for that picture-perfect memorabilia from your Mobile trip. 

Their doors are open from 10 am – 6 pm, Monday through Thursday, and from 10 am – 8 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Visit: 5 North Jackson Street, Mobile, AL 36602

Call: 251-408-9223

Traditional Handmade Broom From George’s Broom Closet

Traditional Handmade Broom From George's Broom Closet

You may think of a broom as a simple household tool, but do you know that you can give it a great gift from Alabama?

In George’s Broom Closet, you’ll find handcrafted brooms that are all different from one another, so you’ll never see one the same as another. 

On their site, you can easily find the selection of brooms to purchase, but because George makes them by hand, some brooms are unique to the ones in the gallery.

You can choose different string and broomcorn colors like black, red, orange, brown, green, blue, or everything at once. 

So visit George’s Broom Closet and find brooms that are more than just cleaning tools but also works of art. 

Visit: George’s Broom Closet Florence, AL 35633

Call: 256-366-176

BBQ Sauce From Uncle Clyde’s BBQ

BBQ Sauce From Uncle Clyde's BBQ

Uncle Clyde’s BBQ Sauce differs from your average sauce because this Selma delicacy is a true masterpiece.

With only using the finest ingredients, a simple drop of this sauce can bring out the best flavor of your smoked or grilled meats. 

What makes their sauce special is the time and care put into every bottle.

They take their time to slow-cook the sauce for 12 hours so the flavors can fully meld and create the perfect blend of sweet and savory. 

Whether a newbie or an expert grilling master, you can take your dishes to the next level with this BBQ sauce.

So the next time you host a grilling party, add some Uncle Clyde’s BBQ Sauce to turn them into mouth-watering dishes. 

Visit: Available online

Call: 205-447-4704

Salsa From Dos Amigo’s Salsa Co.

Salsa From Dos Amigo's Salsa Co.

Dos Amigo’s Salsa Co. may be a small business, but it gives a great twist to your meals with its jalapenos offerings. 

Their owner has a passion for spicy cuisine, which makes it no surprise that he created a product line that indulges his specialty. 

They offer jellies, salsa, barbecue sauces, and more, all made from locally grown jalapeno peppers. 

Their products are 100% local as they grow and harvest the peppers directly from Alabama soil.

And the spice level? They are tolerable, which means you can feel the heat, but it does not overpower your taste buds. 

If you love pepper jellies, Dos Amigo’s Salsa Co. offers flavors like the Fire Red, made from the jalapeno and cayenne pepper mash. 

For salsa lovers, they also offer Red Chili Mix, a 100-year-old family recipe that is easy to prepare. 

All you need is two pounds of ground meat and two cups of water, and you’re good to go. 

Their site also provides different recipes you can follow starring their products to prepare a dish that will hit your family and friends.

Visit: Available online

Call: 256-652-1494

Candies From Priester’s Pecans

Candies From Priester's Pecans

Pecans are nutty little stars that you can find in most Southern sweets because of their versatility and delicious taste. 

From handmade fiddlesticks to Louisiana pralines, there are many options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The best part about pecan candies is that they are always fresh and natural, so you can indulge while staying guilt-free.

Priester’s Pecans also offers sugar-free and nut-free options if you have dietary restrictions or allergies. 

You can get them in convenient sizes like one or two-pound bags, making them perfect for stocking up or sharing. 

If you want to buy something special for your loved ones, check out Pecan Choc-O-Mellows. 

It is a mouthwatering bar containing a rich mix of milk chocolate, marshmallows, and the finest pecans from Priester’s. 

It comes in a red gift box, making it a go-to gift for your chocolate and pecan-lover friends for the holiday season. 

A Pecan Divinity Bag melts in your mouth with its mixture of pecans, sugar, egg whites, and corn syrup. 

You can get it in a 1lb resealable bag that ensures freshness whenever you share it with friends and family. 

Visit: 80 Bishop Bottom Rd, Fort Deposit, AL 36032

Call: 334-227-8355

Shirts From Mobtown Merch

Shirts From Mobtown Merch

If you want a fashionable way to remember your time in Mobile, then Mobtown Merch is the perfect souvenir shop.

This locally-owned shop offers a fantastic collection of apparel and gift items to keep you dashing and feeling great. 

Mobtown Merch has everything you want, from trendy shirts to sharp-looking accessories.

Whether you are looking for something for yourself or a friend, you can easily find it here. 

But if you can’t physically visit their store, they also have an online shop where you can browse their selection.

So treat yourself with Mobtown gear and show off your Southern flair from your wardrobe.

Visit: Various retail stores in downtown, midtown, and the causeway in Mobile, AL

Gift Cards From Wintzell’s Oyster House

Gift Cards From Wintzell's Oyster House

Wintzell’s Oyster House is an Alabama landmark, as it has stood the test of time since its establishment in 1938.

It started as a six-tool oyster bar in Dauphin St. Mobile until it became a full-blown Gulf Coast seafood destination. 

You can give your loved ones their gift cards and avail of any of their menu selection when you dine in. 

This place is famous for its fried, stewed, and nude oysters that are perfect for go-to meals if you want to taste the flavors of the Gulf.

But get your appetite ready for serious seafood action here at Wintzell’s Oyster House.

If you’re looking for the classics, Fried Green Tomatoes and Fried Dill Pickles are a sure hit for locals and visitors. 

There is a crab claw basket for seafood lovers to enjoy fried or sauteed.

But for something more adventurous, they have West Indies Salad, a delicacy in the area.

The list goes on about what you can try, so you’re sure to have a fantastic meal whatever you choose.

Its restaurant is full of character and charm as it maintains the original decor with a casual and lively atmosphere. 

While the original owners sold the restaurant in the 1980s, its legacy remains as many customers visit its locations around Alabama.

Visit: Downtown Mobile, West Mobile, and Saraland

Call: 251-219-7081

Glencairn Glass From John Emerald Distilling Company

Glencairn Glass From John Emerald Distilling Company

Are you looking for the perfect glass to enjoy your whiskey collection?

Here at John Emerald Distilling Company, not only do they offer their beverages but also their Glencairn Whiskey glass. 

It is the perfect vessel to savor the flavors of John Emerald Distilling’s spirits for a reasonable price of $15.

Their distillery is full of traditions that have been passed down through the generations after John Emerald Sharp, who is their founder. 

They produce spirits of the highest quality, which you can taste from their whiskeys’ rich and delicate taste. 

So while you’re here, take a sip of their wide selection like Butler Bourbon and John’s Alabama Single Malt Whiskey.

They take pride in using local ingredients and having many award-winning products from prestigious competitions like San Francisco International Spirits Awards.

Each product has a unique story, so if you are ready to unfold them, take a glass and enjoy it on your Glencairn Whiskey glass. 

Visit: 706 North Railroad Avenue, Opelika, Alabama 36801

Call: 334-737-5353

Candle From Great Bear Wax Co.

Candle From Great Bear Wax Co.

Grab your backpack and lace up your boots- or maybe not- as Great Bear Wax Co. brings you their candles that transport you to the great outdoors.

The scent surely ignites the spirit of adventure within you with their handcrafted candles made from USA soy wax.

Great Bear Wax Co. uses fine fragrances and essential oils to get the perfect scent to make every candle stand out. 

With scents named Campfire and Forest, these candles take you to your happy camping place in no time. 

Once you light one up, you’ll feel like sitting around a campfire while firing up smores and talking with your buddies. 

So if you miss going out outdoors, grab your candle holders and scents, and let the aroma welcome you to the forest. 

Visit: Available online

Coffee From Adventurer’s Coffee Co.

Coffee From Adventurer's Coffee Co.

Calling all coffee lovers who enjoy going out on adventures!

The perfect blend of coffee and outdoor experience is here at Adventurer’s Coffee Co.

You can start your day with a sip of their brew before going to work while getting the same feeling of drinking over the campfire. 

Their flagship brew, Base Camp, consists of savory and tangy notes but is smooth in the mouth.

They used coffee cherry, sweet cedar, and other pulpy flavors that can help you start your day right.

Meanwhile, the Dungeons and Dark Roast follow the same recipe as Base Camp but with harder and hotter flavors. 

It has a smoky and savory taste with a hint of acidity for that complex yet smooth sip. 

Other blends include the delicate Faire Maiden, subtle Bean to the Future, and fiery Ragnaroast. 

All these brews come in a monthly subscription starting at $13.99 with some complimentary inclusions!

If you need help deciding which blend to try, you can also build your monthly box to experience everything. 

So gather around and let the Adventurer’s Coffee Co. taste surround you with a warm hug.

Visit: 10874 Alabama 25, Calera, Al, 35040

Call: 205-690-8945

Syrups From Alaga Syrup

Syrups From Alaga Syrup

Whitfield Foods, Inc. has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality food products that many households enjoy.

The acquisition of Yellow Label Syrup Company only strengthened their brand by offering their best seller under Alaga Syrup Company.

The Yellow Label Syrup has been a beloved staple in several homes for almost 100 years because of its unique honey and syrup taste. 

This one-of-a-kind flavor is due to the corn and cane syrup added in the mix, so your ordinary honey becomes extraordinary. 

You can use this syrup in your pancakes, waffles, and coffee sweetener.

But if you need a sugar substitute, you can include it in recipes for desserts, baked goods, and dips.

You can get this Yellow Label Syrup in 16-ounce and 30-ounce bottles, so you can choose the size that best fits your needs. 

Visit: 125 Fowler St, Montgomery, AL 36104

Call: 334-263-2541

Vinyl Records From FAME Studios

Vinyl Records From FAME Studios

When discussing music, it is necessary to include Muscle Shoals, Alabama, in the conversation. 

The Muscle Shoals signature sound is iconic, heart-pounding, and soul-shaking, which every artist aims to achieve.

This type of music began in the Fame Recording Studios, where several artists recorded their biggest hits.

In 1959, Rick Hall, Billy Sherrill, and Tom Stafford founded FAME, and since then, it has become a powerhouse in the music industry.

But what can you take from this studio as a souvenir from your Alabama trip?

No other than the famous songs in vinyl records like Gregg Allman Southern Blood LP, Muscle Shoals Small Town, Big Sound, and more.

Stickers, coasters, books, posters, caps, and shirts boast the label FAME so that you can wear them with pride anytime. 

You are taking a piece of an item and a part of music history from the one and only FAME Studios.

Visit: 603 Avalon Ave, Muscle Shoals, AL 35661

Call: 256-381-0801

Wrapping Up The Perfect Alabama Gifts

The sweet state of Alabama offers you culture, history, and nature all in one Southern charm. 

And the best part of it all? You can take a piece of your experience home by buying unique Alabama gifts. 

You can show off the Southern style with handcrafted pottery and jewelry made by their local artisans.

There are also local jams and sauces to try if you are a foodie who enjoys trying new things, even spicy ones. 

But aside from the joy of buying souvenirs, you also support the local community.

By buying from local businesses and artists, you help Alabama keep its unique character alive and thriving.

So next time you visit the state, treat yourself to a little piece of Alabama and share it with everyone!

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