13 Best Tree Cutting Services in Mobile

Dealing with a giant tree challenge in your yard? 

I totally get how tough that can be. I’ve cut plenty-a-tree for our homes and rental properties.

You’re probably worried about safety, property damage, and just how to get started. 

Well, that’s where this handy guide comes in. 

I’ve done the legwork to find the best tree removal companies in Mobile to handle your tree troubles, big or small. 

Expect clear, concise info on services offered and what makes each one stand out. 

No need to stress or second-guess; this guide has got you covered. 

By the end, you’ll be ready to pick the perfect tree service in Mobile, AL, for your dilemma. 

Now, let’s get started on sorting out that tree situation together! 

Tree Cutting in Mobile, AL 

Tree Cutting in Mobile, AL

Jay Eubanks Tree Services 

Jay Eubanks Tree Services can get rid of risky or unwanted trees without any fuss. 

The team knows their stuff, from safely taking down a tree to keeping your yard neat with stump grinding and land clearing. 

No need to stress about permits or rules either; they’ve got that part sorted. 

And the best part? 

They won’t leave any messes behind. 

It’s like the tree, and all the issues that came with it were never there! 

With Jay Eubanks, you’re picking a hassle-free, safe solution for your yard. 

Just straightforward, professional tree care that sorts things out quickly. 

Call: (251) 423-2003

Tree Service of Mobile 

Tree Service of Mobile are pros in everything tree-related, from stump removal to keeping your lawn weed-free. 

Their services are extensive, offering top-notch tree removal and trimming. 

They even offer emergency tree removal for those unexpected situations. 

What makes them special? 

They’re not just about cutting and clearing; they focus on the health of your yard. 

They’ll quickly identify whether a tree needs to go and take care of it safely and efficiently. 

Plus, they’re not just for residential needs. 

Tree Service of Mobile also caters to commercial clients, handling tasks like land clearing for construction. 

Call: (251) 270-0855

Chestang Tree Service

For over 35 years, Chestang Tree Service, led by Donnie Chestang, has been a trusted name in tree care in Mobile. 

They’re all about providing professional, safe, and top-quality service. 

Whether it’s a tricky tree removal, precise trimming, deadwooding, or pruning, they’ve got the skills and the equipment to do it right. 

They’re fully equipped with the latest gear, like cranes, bucket trucks, bobcats, and stump grinders. 

This means no matter your tree problem, they’re ready to tackle it head-on. 

And when it comes to trust and reliability, they offer free estimates and cover both workers’ compensation and liability. 

They can also cater to commercial needs! 

Call: (251) 342-4667

Eddie’s Tree Removal 

Eddie’s Tree Removal

Eddie’s Tree Removal is your one-stop solution for all tree-related needs. 

Whether you need a tree removed, branches trimmed, a stump ground down, or a lot cleared, they’ve got you covered. 

They also offer emergency tree removal within Mobile County. 

If you’re worried about a tree looming over your house or an insurance issue due to potential tree damage, Eddie’s is there to help. 

They provide free estimates so you understand the scope and cost of the work needed. 

Both residential and commercial work is available, ensuring everyone’s tree and landscape issues are handled safely. 

Tree removal and trimming, especially near power lines or structures, is their expertise. 

And after tree removal, they use specialized stump grinding machines to leave your ground even and neat. 

Call: (251) 391-7457

Above & Beyond Tree Service LLC. 

Above & Beyond Tree Service LLC, a women-owned company, truly lives up to its name. 

They specialize in various tree services in Mobile, ensuring your tree problems are solved effortlessly. 

From routine tree trimming and pruning to complex tree removals, they handle it all with expertise.

Got a tricky tree situation? 

Their team excels in difficult tree take-downs, ensuring even the most challenging jobs are done safely.

After tree removal, they don’t just leave you with an unsightly stump.

Their stump grinding service ensures your yard is left neat and tidy.

In the face of natural disasters, Above & Beyond is also there to help with cleanup, showing their commitment to the community. 

Plus, their tree-climbing skills mean no job is too tough for them to tackle.

Call: (251) 656-7327

Wiese Tree Service 

Wiese Tree Service stands out for their precision and care in tree services. 

Clients rave about their ability to handle challenging situations, like removing large oak trees near delicate property lines. 

This level of precision is a big relief, especially when you have important structures close to trees that need work. 

And their service isn’t just about removal. 

They also excel in tree trimming and pruning, keeping your trees in shape and your property safe. 

You’ll appreciate their attention to detail!

They’ll leave the area cleaner than they found it, with only a bit of sawdust to show they were there. 

Another highlight is their promptness and professionalism

They’re known for fitting clients into their schedule quickly, a big plus if you’re dealing with something urgent. 

Plus, their services are competitively priced, offering great value for their expert skills. 

Call: (251) 404-8092

Cain’s Tree & Landscape Inc. 

Cain’s Tree & Landscape Inc.

Your yard is in skilled hands if you choose Cain’s Tree & Landscape Inc., with their 30+ years of expertise. 

They stand out with an ISA-Certified Arborist and licensed Alabama Tree Surgeons on their team. 

They specialize in services like crown thinning for healthy growth, crown lifting for access, and reduction for aesthetics. 

Dead wood removal is also a key offering.

They provide robust support systems and lighting protection for large trees, ensuring safety and longevity. 

Stump grinding is handled with care, leaving your space neat and enriched with mulch and topsoil. 

Cain’s also excels in transplanting and new plantings, making sure each tree thrives in its new environment. 

Call: (251) 654-0862

K & S Profesional Stump Removal 

K & S Professional Stump Removal is your go-to family-owned company for tackling those stubborn tree stumps.

 They make stump removal hassle-free, offering services like tree removal and specialized stump grinding. 

What sets them apart? 

Their commitment to affordability and customer service. 

They provide free estimates, so you know exactly what to expect without any surprises.

Additionally, K & S recognizes the contributions of veterans and service professionals by offering them special discounts

It’s their way of giving back to those who serve. 

Being a local, licensed, and insured business, they have a strong connection to the Mobile community and its neighboring areas.

Call: (251) 533-2690

T & K Professional Stump Removal 

T & K Stump Removal Services is your all-in-one solution for tree and yard care in Mobile. 

Specializing in tree stump removal, they also offer a wide range of services, including tree clipping, pruning, and crown thinning. 

Their focus? 

Enhancing your curb appeal and maintaining the health of your trees!

They’re not just about removing what’s unwanted; they also help in keeping your landscape pristine.

They have services like debris removal, fall cleanup, and landscape cleaning. 

And if you need comprehensive care, you can sort out a maintenance plan tailored to your specific needs. 

With their free estimates, you can plan your tree and yard care without any guesswork. 

Call: (251) 423-8458

Mobile Tree Service 

Mobile Tree Service is a versatile and reliable choice for all your tree-related needs. 

They offer an extensive range of services, from tree planting and removal to stump grinding and transplanting. 

Their expertise extends to specialized tree care like trimming, pruning, and disease control. 

Want to preserve the trees you have? 

They also offer services like root pruning, tree fertilization, and risk assessments. 

And beyond tree care, they also delve into landscape design, helping you create a cohesive outdoor space. 

Their approach to landscaping projects is both practical and aesthetic. 

This way, your yard not only looks good but is healthy and sustainable! 

You essentially get a partner in maintaining and enhancing the overall beauty and safety of your property. 

Call: (251) 257-3958

Mike West Tree & Stump Removal 

Mike West Tree & Stump Removal 

Mike West Tree & Stump Removal offers a comprehensive tree care service. 

They focus on everything from pruning and trimming to complete tree and stump removal. 

They specialize in handling difficult and hazardous tree situations, ensuring your safety and that of your property. 

With their bucket truck, they tackle even the most challenging tasks, like dealing with storm-hit trees. 

Their land-clearing service is perfect for larger projects. 

They even offer lighting protection to safeguard your trees during storms! 

One key aspect of their service is pest and disease managemnet, vital for maintaining tree health. 

What sets Mike West apart is their expertise as arborists. 

They understand the value of proper tree care, not just for aesthetics but for safety and property value. 

Call: (251) 786-5800

South Coast Outdoor Services 

South Coast Outdoor Services understands the importance of trees as visual anchors in your landscape. 

Their goal? 

To help you enjoy the full benefits of your trees. 

They’re adept in diverse services, including tree removal, stump removal, and precise trimming and pruning. 

If you’ve been hit by storm damage or in need of storm prep, they offer emergency services and cleanup, too. 

Their team is known for their expertise and commitment to providing an honest, trusted service at reasonable prices. 

They emphasize the need for routine tree care, which many property owners might overlook. 

That’s why they suggest precautionary tree trimming for the overall condition and appearance of your yard. 

Call: (251) 220-9821

Young Tree’s Service LLC

Young Tree’s Service has been in the business for over ten years, and it shows. 

 Need a couple of trees removed near your house? 

They’ve got it sorted in less than a day.

What really makes them stand out is how easy they are to talk to. 

Tell them what you need, and they’ll get it done, no fuss. 

And they’re not just good at what they do; they’re genuinely nice folks. 

It’s like having a friendly neighbor who happens to be really good with trees.

They’ll always leave your yard looking better than before. 

And with their great prices, choosing Young Tree’s Service is a no-brainer for top-notch tree care.

Call: (251) 689-5074


How much does it cost to remove a tree in Alabama? 

The cost to remove a tree can vary quite a bit in this area.

On average, you’re looking at around $300 for a tree under 30 feet. 

The cost varies based on the tree’s height and the complexity of the job.

But you can expect services to charge anywhere from $5 to $25 per foot of tree height. 

Why do I need a professional tree removal service? 

Removing a tree might seem doable, but it’s pretty risky stuff. 

Professionals have the right tools and know-how to do it safely, avoiding damage to your property or, worse, injuries.

Plus, they can handle tricky parts like dealing with power lines, getting permits, and knowing which tree parts to cut first.

Do you need a license to cut trees in Alabama? 

Another reason why not to tackle this tree problem yourself! 

In Alabama, if you’re getting into tree work, you have to pass a test to get an Alabama tree surgery license.

It’s pretty serious. 

If someone gets caught doing tree work with this license, they could get hit with fines or even jail time. 

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Final Thoughts 

Dealing with a tree problem can be quite the head-scratcher. 

So, I hope the list of tree services above points you in the right direction to solve your specific situation. 

I can’t stress enough how important it is to not try this on your own. 

These tree pros have the right tools and know-how to handle it safely. 

The right help is out there, and soon enough, your yard will be looking just the way you want it!

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