Trash Talk: Should We Bring Curbside Recycling to Mobile?

Mobile Rundown Staff

By 2024, Baldwin County will have a shiny new recycling center right in Loxley, near the current landfill on Mcbride Road. 

So, it looks like our neighbors will have the chance to participate in curbside recycling!

Hmmm… maybe we should follow suit. 

Sure, in Mobile, we have the convenience of drop-off centers for recycling, which is fantastic. 

curbside recycling

But let’s face it, we can be a bit lazy at times. And more often than not, stuff that should be recycled usually ends up tossed in the trash. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have curbside recycling, too? 

Just imagine, we wouldn’t have an excuse to skip sorting our trash if recycling was collected right by our homes. 

Plus, our rough napkin math shows that the costs would be negligible, and here’s the exciting part — theoretically, our trash would be halved! 

Full disclosure: we’re no experts!

But we think our trash collection and recycling could alternate every other week.

Same trucks.

Same manpower.

But with a boost from AI and robotics, companies like that mean this recycling plan could actually work! 

And with curbside recycling, this could attract more folks to live in the area. 

And on the flip side, potential residents might be thinking twice about moving here because we don’t have this basic service yet. 

It’s definitely something to consider. 

In today’s environmentally conscious landscape, the availability of recycling services can be a deciding factor for many movers. 

It’s nice to envision a Mobile with curbside recycling, where we can effortlessly contribute to a greener future. 

We think this is entirely possible.

It will make our city even more appealing and eco-friendly.


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