Visit the Best Trampoline Parks Mobile AL

If you want to try something new and fun, all while staying healthy, you might want to try trampolining. 

Lucky for you, there are lots of trampoline parks in Mobile.

Read on to find out if any are in your area. 

Trampoline parks mobile al

Top 3 Trampoline Parks Mobile AL

Altitude Trampoline Park

Altitude is an indoor trampoline park where you can learn, socialize, and be active while celebrating “play”.

Operating Hours
Monday to Sunday except for Saturday: 11 am to 8 pm

Saturday: 11 am to 9 pm

Rates – start at $7 

Visit: 3658 Airport Blvd Suite C

Call: 251-725-0171

Park Features

Altitude is ready to give you new experiences with their 24,000-square feet indoor park, so be ready!

Trampoline Basketball

Everyone is welcome to try their dream basketball tricks while jumping up the hoops in the dunk lanes. 

Main Court

The main area has wall-to-wall trampolines that you can launch yourself into safely. 

You can bounce back on other areas so you will not get sick of jumping in the same place.

Foam Pit

Their massive foam fit has more than 15,000 foam cubes you can dive in from the Jump Platform. 

Extreme Dodgeball

Extreme Dodgeball is a fun twist to the usual game with a new level of difficulty and more movements on the court. 

Battle Beam

Battle Beam features a gladiator-style duel where a cushioned platform lies above a foam pit. 

The first one to knock their opponent into the foam pit will win, so grab your friends and wrestle safely. 

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Get Air Trampoline Park

Get Air continues to be one of the largest trampoline parks worldwide as they provide a safe place for recreation and entertainment for all.

Operating Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Sunday: 10 am to 8 pm (Open Jump)

Tuesday, Thursday: 10 am to Noon (Toddler Time), Noon to 8 pm (Open Jump)

Friday, Saturday: 10 am to 7 pm (Open Jump), 7 pm to 10 pm (Club Air)

Rates – starts at $13.99/hr (Big Air), starts at $9.99/hr (under 46”)

Visit: 842 Schillinger Rd S.

Call: 251-241-3101

Park Features

You get to have many options to try while in Get Air, from foam pits to even massage chairs. 


This extreme twist in the usual dodgeball game will get you diving, jumping, rolling, dodging, and ducking to win. 

Ninja Course

Ninja Course is the perfect place to try ninja and parkour courses as you race against time while testing your agility and strength. 

Kiddie Court

Kiddie doesn’t mean it is not going to be massive fun because they offer the same thrill as the other spaces. 

Foam Pit

You can watch yourself jump from a trampoline to the giant foam pits with a big screen that replays your stunt. 


Those alley-oops and 360-spins are all possible in the slam ball courts with the help of trampolines leading you to the hoop. 


If you ever want to try a tightrope obstacle, Slackline indulges you while providing a cushion for your fall. 

Fidget Ladder

It may seem easy, but the Fidget Ladder likes to tilt a lot so do your best to cross it and avoid the foam pit.

Massage Chairs

If you are a legal guardian who wants to relax or someone tired of jumping anymore, sit back and relax with their luxury massage chairs. 

Urban Air Adventure Park

Urban Air Adventure Park

Urban Air is an ideal family place for an outing because of the park’s exciting and unique attractions perfect for all ages. 

Operating Hours
Monday to Sunday except for Friday and Saturday: 11 am to 7 pm

Saturday, Friday: 11 am to 9 pm

Rates: start at $15.49

Visit: 31000 Bass Pro Dr. Spanish Fort

Call: 256-269-3213

Park Features

There is so much to try in Urban Air aside from the usual wall-to-wall trampolines, dunk lanes, and open courts. 

Climbing Walls

It’s time to build your strength and beat records with their climbing wall activity, from beginner to challenging levels. 


If you want to practice some incredible flips, DropZone offers a great place to land while targeting the center of the airbag. 


The more experienced jumpers can find the ProZone a great place to exhibit and practice their tricks while leaving bystanders in awe. 

Ropes Course

It is time to level up with a bit of a ropes course where you fly around, race, swing, and climb to reach the finish line. 

Sky Rider

The Sky Rader allows you to zoom high above, which gives you a great view of the other attractions.

Tubes Playground

For the 52 inches and below jumpers, the Tubes Playground is an adventurous space to crawl, climb, and zoom through the obstacles. 

Warrior Course

You can challenge your friends to a race with the ninja obstacles, where you use 90% of your body. 

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Takeaway – Trampoline Parks Mobile AL

Wherever you choose to play trampoline games, each park has something special to offer.

There are many creative ways to play on the trampoline indoors and outdoors, so try it out and bounce your way to fitness and fun!

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