Check Out These Tours in Fairhope, Alabama

Going on Fairhope’s tours is like uncovering hidden gems in your backyard. 

Living near Fairhope, I’ve explored some of its offerings, from serene to adventurous. 

This guide reveals the best tours, each unique, showcasing Fairhope’s rich tapestry. 

You’ll find activities that resonate, whether you’re a foodie, an art enthusiast, or an outdoor lover.

No more wondering what to do in Fairhope!

So, get ready to experience the heart and soul of this town through these handpicked tours. 

Read on to unlock the best of Fairhope, right at your fingertips!

Best Tours in Fairhope, Alabama

Taste of Fairhope Food Tour 

taste of fairhope food tour

The Taste of Fairhope Food Tour is a delightful journey through the town’s culinary landscape. 

I’ve been on this tour and can vouch for the excellent food and welcoming guides. 

You’ll get to try dishes that are the talk of the town, and these aren’t just any meals. 

They’re the heart of Fairhope’s food scene. 

The guides are locals who’ll share interesting tidbits about each dish and place. 

And if evenings are more your thing, their Happy Hour Cocktail Crawl is a hit!

This tour is ideal for anyone who loves good food and great stories.

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Call: (251) 622-4041

Fairhope Charters

fairhope charters

Fairhope Charters offers an authentic fishing experience, perfect for both new and seasoned anglers. 

Led by experienced captains, you’ll explore the rich waters of Mobile Bay, Weeks Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico. 

Whether you’re after Trout, Redfish, Tripletail, Tarpon, or Sheepshead, they’ve got you covered. 

The captains, with their deep knowledge of local waters, ensure a memorable trip.

Plus, you can bring along snacks and canned drinks for a day under the sun. 

It’s an ideal way to bond with family or friends and create lasting memories. 

And, if you’re up for something different, they also offer sunset cruises and dolphin tours.

This is a tour where you’ll get to know the local waterways!

Call: (251) 583-8681

Fairhope by Foot 

fairhope by foot

“Fairhope by Foot” with Alan Samry is a standout walking tour in Fairhope. 

Alan, an author and historian, takes you through the town’s unique history. 

His personal insights as a resident and his background as an amputee add authenticity to the experience. 

You’ll learn about Fairhope’s past and present, walking through its charming streets. 

The tour is interactive, informative, and fun. 

Alan’s engaging storytelling makes the history of Fairhope come alive. 

It’s an opportunity to learn about the town from someone who’s not only studied it but also lives it. 

This tour offers an intimate look at Fairhope, suitable for both visitors and locals.

Call: (251) 210-8866

America’s Amazon Adventures 

america's amazon adventures

America’s Amazon Adventures with Ben Raines is an immersive experience of Alabama’s diverse ecosystem. 

Ben, an experienced charter captain, award-winning journalist, and filmmaker, guides these tours. 

His expertise in Alabama’s natural wonders is unparalleled. 

You’ll explore the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, known for its vast wetlands and rich biodiversity. 

Alabama’s dense forests and streams house an incredible variety of species —

More per square mile than any other state! 

The tours offer lower delta, upper delta, and barrier island trips, plus unique fishing experiences. 

Ben’s passion and knowledge make each trip educational and exciting, promising a journey through one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth!

Call: (251) 377-7891

Fairhope Museum of History

fairhope museum of history

The Fairhope Museum of History is a real gem in downtown Fairhope, Alabama. 

It’s a place where the city’s unique history comes to life. 

Open Tuesday through Saturday and free to the public, the museum offers both self-guided and appointment-based guided tours

It’s housed in a beautifully renovated Spanish mission-style building, once the city hall and jail. 

Inside, you’ll find a rich collection of historical photographs, memorabilia, antiques, and artifacts. 

You’ll discover displays about the earliest settlers and Native American Indians. 

The museum also delves into the founding of the Single Tax Colony and the unique Jubilee phenomenon.

There’s even a children’s exhibit, making it a great spot for all ages. 

Where: 24 N Section St, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: (251) 929-1471

Kayak or Stand-up Paddleboard Tour 

kayak or stand-up paddleboard tour

The Jubilee Suites Kayak or Stand-Up Paddleboard Tour is an ideal way to explore Mobile Bay. 

Guests at Jubilee Suites enjoy free access to kayaks and paddleboards. 

For a more in-depth adventure, the tour with Carol Furman, a naturalist, is a must. 

Carol’s guided tours are rich in local insights. 

She brings kayaks and paddleboards, leading you through beautiful river homes, native birds, fish, and trees. 

Her storytelling adds depth to the experience. 

And after a morning on the water, the tour often concludes with a lunch at Big Daddy’s Grill — yum!

This tour is a great way to see a different side of Fairhope…

Ideal for nature lovers and those looking to try something new on the water.

Call: (251) 680-8619

Fairhope Castle 

fairhope castle

Fairhope Castle offers a unique stay and tour experience, blending art and history in a charming way.

This is your chance to immerse yourself in a storybook world!

The castle was created by Craig Sheldon. 

Then, it was expanded upon by his daughter Pagan and her husband, Dean Mosher. 

It’s a true testament to creativity and imagination. 

Tours and professional photo shoots are available by appointment. 

You’ve probably seen it on HGTV and various shows!

It’s the perfect blend of Fairhope’s artistic spirit and a unique lodging experience. 

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Where: 457 Oak Ave, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: (251) 928-4347

Fairhope Tea Plantation

fairhope tea plantation

Are you a tea lover? 

Then, the Fairhope Tea Plantation is a must-visit. 

This 43-year-old farm is home to over 61,000 tea bushes, offering a truly unique experience.

You can savor a cup of their tea while learning all about tea growing and making. 

The tour costs $10 per person, and they prefer small groups of three or less. 

Remember to make an appointment for the 1:00 PM daily tour. (They’re not morning people!) 

Donnie, the owner, will show you around and explain the tea processing steps.

Afterward, you can buy their freshly made green and black tea. 

It’s a personal, intimate tour, ideal for those interested in the art of tea making.

Where: 12424 Lyter Ln, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: (251) 928-0919


What is so special about Fairhope, Alabama? 

Fairhope, Alabama, is a charming town with a lot to offer. 

Its beautiful waterfront on Mobile Bay, scenic parks, and vibrant arts scene make it stand out. 

The town’s friendly atmosphere, unique shops, and tasty seafood are big draws. 

And don’t miss the ‘jubilee’ phenomenon, where seafood comes right up to the shore. 

It’s a cool place for a laid-back, enjoyable visit!

You may even want to move there! 

Here’s our list of pros and cons for living in Fairhope

What is the best time of year to visit Fairhope, Alabama? 

The best time to visit Fairhope, Alabama, is from late March to mid-May.

This period offers pleasant weather with comfortable temperatures, perfect for golfing or simply walking around.

It’s a great time to enjoy local events and Fairhope’s famous jubilee phenomenon on Mobile Bay. 

Plus, the spring bloom adds extra beauty to this already picturesque town!

Does Fairhope, Alabama, have beaches? 


There’s the Fairhope Municipal Beach, also known as North Beach. 

It’s not like the white sandy beaches of nearby coastal cities, but it’s a charming spot with a lovely view of Mobile Bay. 

The beach area includes a pier and is great for a relaxing day by the water. 

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Final Thoughts 

That’s Fairhope for you — a town full of surprises and hidden treasures! 

It’s a perfect blend of Southern charm and artistic spirit. 

Whether you’re into history, nature, or just soaking up good vibes, there’s something here for you.

Want to do a DIY tour? 
Bulk up your itinerary with our list of the best things to do in lovely Fairhope!

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