The Top 10 events in mobile Alabama – Updated For 2022

There is never a dull moment here in Mobile, AL!

With events and festivals all year round, there is always something to do in the port city.

From being the home of Mardi Gras to the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo, Mobile definitely has it all. 

In addition to events, check out the nightlife and breweries in Mobile AL as well.

Events in Mobile Alabama

Mobile Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is the biggest party of the year in Mobile! 

Mardi Gras is filled with balls, floats, sweets and treats, beads of course, and is definitely the party of the year in Mobile.

With hundreds of beautiful floats and treats tossed from everywhere, Mardi Gras proves why it is the party of the South and why it is one of the things that continues to make the beautiful city of Mobile historic!

Joe Cain Day

If you’ve never heard of Joe Cain, you’re not from Mobile!

Joe Cain Day celebrates the man who brought the festivities of Mardi Gras back to the Port City after the Civil War.

Joe Cain is considered the father of modern Mardi Gras celebrations, as he paraded as a one-man band marching down the streets of Mobile throwing various sweets and fun items!

The day starts as his widows cry over his grave (for tradition) and then continues as people lift their spirits all day long!

Moon Pie Drop

New York has a ball that drops annually in Times Square, but Mobile drops something better…a Moon Pie!

Part of Mobile’s large history with Mardi Gras is that we ring in each new year with its famous treat, the moon pie!

Every year, 50,000 people gather downtown to watch and celebrate as the moon pie drops.  

Reese’s Senior Bowl

The path to the NFL Draft starts in Mobile.

Every year, Mobile is the proud host of the Reese’s Senior Bowl.

The Reese’s Senior Bowl is known for showcasing senior college football players wanting to enter the NFL Draft.

Scouts and management from NFL teams all over the country come to Mobile to watch practices, weigh-ins, meet players, and more.

There are also several opportunities for you to meet your favorite college football players, including the Senior Bowl Experience at the Mobile Convention Center the Friday before the game.

In 2020, the Reese’s Senior Bowl has added to the party with a player Mardi Gras parade and a free concert featuring The Revivalists.

Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert showed out in this year’s game along with several others on the North Roster.

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The Greater Gulf State Fair

The Greater Gulf State Fair comes to town every year and it’s always a blast!

With hundreds of rides, vendors, and food stands, the fair has something to offer everyone. 

It has rides that kids, teenagers, and adults can all ride and enjoy.

If you need a break or rides really aren’t your thing, then you can walk around and enjoy food and look at local vendors. 

We definitely hope to see you this coming year!

American Cancer Society – Chili Cook-Off

Every year, the American Cancer Society hosts its chili cook-off right here in Mobile!

They have over 50 participants each year, which means there are over 50 different types of chili to try, and there is always enough to go around. 

You can join thousands as they help raise awareness to fight and prevent cancer. 

Tickets to the event are typically around $10 with chili included in this 4-hour, fun-filled day.

Greek Fest

Greek Fest is a Mobile tradition that started way back in 1963!

The festival is focused on the rich history and culture of the Greek Orthodox Church, and it brings people together from all walks of life every year.

They have over 55 vendors and serve the finest greek food on the Gulf Coast.

The location may change every year, but the atmosphere and experience are always amazing!

They have shops, wine, dancing, and kids’ activities, come join the fun.

Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo

The Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo is the largest annual fishing rodeo in the world, and is one of the Mobile area’s biggest summertime events!

Over 3,000 anglers compete every year hoping to catch the big one and win the grand prize, and they even have a youth competition!

They give cash prizes to the winner, but they also have the best t-shirts every year.

So even if you don’t win or participate, there is a really cool shirt. 

It’s not really summered until you visit the ADSFR.

Dauphin Street Beer Fest

Dauphin Street Beer Festival 2021

Beer Fest is one of Mobile’s most popular events!

24 venues help host this giant party with over 74 different types of beer to try.

It is the biggest pub crawl of the year and has been for 22 years! 

Be on the lookout and mark your calendars and get ready to claim your tickets.

Cajun Cook-Off

The Cajun Cook-Off is one of the hottest events in Mobile!

Literally! Contestants cook up authentic cajun food guaranteed to heat up thousands of attendees’ taste buds!

On top of the great food, you are supporting an amazing cause.

That’s right, all the proceeds from ticket sales go straight to the Child Advocacy Center!

Come check out the festivities, and enjoy some delicious cajun food for an even better cause.

As you can see there is plenty to do in Mobile!

Start planning your spring and summer and be sure to check back for events happening right here in Mobile, AL.

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