Three Mobile Middle Schools Shine Bright Among State’s Best

Mobile Rundown Staff

Great news, parents! 

Three middle schools affiliated with the Mobile County Public School System have achieved remarkable success. 

They ranked among the top middle schools in the entire state, as reported by Great Schools

There was a pool of fourteen middle schools across Alabama that earned a perfect 10 rating in all categories. 

marvelous middle schools

We’re talking about student progress, test scores, and equity. 

Quite an impressive feat! 

Clarke-Shaw Magnet School took the No. 1 spot. 

It’s an award-winning educational facility boasting remarkable achievements in academics and athletics. 

It holds the distinction of being a 2-time US Department of Education Blue Ribbon School and the sole Cognia-certified STEM school in Southern Alabama. 

Coming in at No. 2 is Phillips Preparatory School

Their students get an accelerated college preparatory curriculum that focuses on building strong communication skills, advanced mathematics, and foreign languages

They also proudly implement the International Baccalaureate Middle Years program. 

And at No. 14 is the Denton Magnet School of Technology

They aim to develop goal-oriented, problem-solving, and innovative students from across the district. 

This school has an inventive approach to instruction that respects the diverse learning styles of its students. 

This achievement reflects the dedication and commitment of the schools, teachers, and staff members to providing quality education to our students. 

Plus, having top-performing middle schools in the district enhances the overall reputation of MCPSS

It can draw more families to our state, leading to potential economic growth and stability. 

Lastly, the recognition of these middle schools can also attract more funding for education. 

Higher rankings may capture the attention of policymakers and stakeholders, leading to increased support and investments. 

This, in turn, can improve facilities, hire more talented educators, and expand programs. 

Overall, it’s a great source of pride for the community and a sign that education in Mobile is going in the right direction!

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