Things to Do With Kids in Gulf Shores

Planning a trip to Gulf Shores with the kids and not sure where to take them? 

I’ve been there…

As a fellow parent, I totally get the challenge of finding places that are engaging for the little ones. 

That’s why I put together this list of kid-friendly spots in Gulf Shores. 

I’ve tried and tested many of these activities with my troop, so I know they’re going to be a hit. 

So, get ready for some sunkissed adventures that are just a hop, skip, and a splash away!

Level up their sandcastle game. 

level up their sandcastle game

Sand Castle University is a game-changer for beach days, especially if your kids love getting creative. 

Why not swap out your usual beach routine for an exciting, hands-on sandcastle-building workshop? 

They come to you, setting up right on your stretch of sand

It could be a cozy beach house front or a bustling public beach. 

And this isn’t just any sand piling…

It’s perfect for imaginative kids who can stay occupied digging and building. 

They’ll be amazed as they learn tricks to sculpt towers and walls, transforming Gulf Shores’ sugar-white sand into impressive structures. 

This is definitely a step up from the usual beach play, offering a structured yet super fun learning experience. 

Where: This is a mobile business. They will come to you! 

Call: (251) 600-9771

Go biking. 

go biking

Biking at Gulf State Park? 

It’s awesome for families who love staying active and exploring together. 

It has over 28 miles of paved trails. 

They wind through beach towns, giving you amazing views. 

It’s cool because you get to see places you’d miss otherwise, like hidden beach spots and woodsy areas

Plus, you can rent bikes for free — yup, free! — with Gulf Shores’ bike share program

It’s a great way to spend a day together, getting some fresh air and uncovering those off-the-beaten-path spots. 

Bring your helmets!

Where: 20115 State Park Rd, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 948-7275

Go on a dolphin cruise. 

go on a dolphin cruise

If your kids are into animals or just love nature, a dolphin cruise is a potential highlight of your trip! 

Gulf Shores is teeming with wildlife, and dolphins are a crucial part of it. 

On a cruise, the guide takes you where dolphins hang out. 

They know all the prime spots

You’ll learn stuff about these majestic creatures, like how they live and play. 

It’s a real-life nature show. 

The best part? 

Seeing those dolphins jump alongside your boat, giving you a warm Gulf Shores welcome. 

So, don’t forget your camera or phone. 

It’s a great way for the family to bond, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better photo op around! 

Here’s a convenient rundown of all the services in the area. 

Take them fishing. 

take them fishing

Fishing in Gulf Shores is a hit for families who love adventure and a bit of relaxation. 

On a fishing charter, you and the kids get to explore the sea. 

They’ll learn patience as you wait for that exciting tug on the line. 

It’s also a hands-on way to show kids where their seafood comes from. 

They get a bit of learning in, and you get to enjoy a peaceful day on the water. 

Plus, the thrill of reeling in a fish is something they’ll always remember! 

It might even jumpstart a lifelong hobby or bonding tradition with the family. 

Try this inshore charter that specializes in kid fishing trips! 

Go parasailing. 

go parasailing

If your kids dream of flying and you’re up for a heart-pumping experience, this is it. 

Parasailing in Gulf Shores is an epic family adventure, especially for those who love a thrill. 

Safety’s a big deal with these parasailing services, if that’s your concern. 

They check and double-check everything. 

Kids can join in, as long as they’re accompanied by an adult. 

Once you’re up in the air, you can soar over the ocean and take a gander at Gulf Shores from a special vantage point. 

This is going to be more than just a ride —

It’s about making memories that are as vast and beautiful as the view from up there! 


Here are the top parasailing services in the area. 

Go scuba diving. 

go scuba diving

Scuba diving is the best activity for swimming fans and budding marine biologists. 

Families with kids aged 10 and older are good to go — the age at which they can be scuba certified. 

Gulf Shores is teeming with vibrant marine life thanks to its artificial reefs. 

Families can explore the underwater world filled with colorful creatures like angelfish and butterflyfish, and maybe even encounter dolphins!

These spots are natural aquariums, home to sheepshead and camouflaged scorpion fish

This is the ideal experience for nature-curious kiddos and their parents, blending education and good old-fashioned fun. 

If scuba diving seems too intimidating, try snorkeling instead! 

Play mini golf. 

play mini golf

Up for some swashbuckling fun? 

At Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf, families “set sail” on a mini golf quest filled with pirate lore.

Yup, you can actually go aboard the “Queen Anne’s Revenge,” Blackbeard’s flagship!  

You navigate your way along a tidal lagoon and putt across a landscape dotted with pirate ships and tropical scenery. 

As you weave through streams and waterfalls, every putt feels like part of a thrilling pirate tale. 

I suggest visiting their site for a “Kids 12 Below Play For Free” coupon. 

It’s a chance for the whole crew to embark on a golf quest, with no need to plunder the wallet! 

Where: 3201 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 968-4653

Go on a helicopter tour. 

go on a helicopter tour

Helicopter tours in Gulf Shores offer families an unforgettable sky-high adventure. 

You soar above stunning beaches and the vast ocean, gaining a unique perspective of the area’s natural beauty. 

These tours are ideal for kids with a sense of wonder and parents looking to give them an extraordinary experience. 

Safety is always at the forefront. 

Professional pilots and meticulously maintained helicopters ensure a secure and comfortable journey. 

Let me tell you, the views from above are breathtaking. 

You’ll witness Gulf Shores’ land and seascapes in a way that ground-level exploration can’t match! 

Here are the top helicopter tours in the area. 

Do a coastal food crawl. 

Do a coastal food crawl

A food crawl in Gulf Shores is perfect for families who love to get their eat on. 

The area is packed with restaurants, each offering fresh, quality seafood right from the Gulf. 

You can also go on the unique Bushwacker and Restaurant Tour

Adults get the Bushwacker, and kids get chocolate milkshakes! 

You’ll cruise around Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, stopping at different spots to try this ubiquitous drink and various food specials. 

And you’ll travel around in style: on a boat! 

It’s a relaxed, tummy-filling journey along Alabama’s beautiful coast!

Hit The Track. 

If your kids need high-octane fun to stay occupied, then take them to The Track

They have go-karts for all ages. 

There are tracks for every age, from thrilling three-level elevated courses to kiddie and rookie tracks perfect for younger drivers. 

And aside from go-karts, The Track is packed with other attractions. 

Families can enjoy Blaster Boats, Mini Golf, Bumper Cars, and Kids Country rides. 

For those who need an extra adrenaline rush, the Thrill Zones are a must-visit. 

Need a break from the sun? 

The arcade offers over 50 classic and interactive games. 

This could easily fill up an entire afternoon, and the kids get a chance to win awesome prizes! 

Where: 3200 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 270-0210

Visit the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. 

visit the alabama gulf coast zoo

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is a blast for animal-crazy kids and parents who’ll jump on any learning opportunity. 

Here, you can get up close with a variety of animals, including lemurs, kangaroos, and sloths, in a hands-on environment. 

Kids will get a kick out of feeding goats in the Contact Barn

Do yours have a thing for snakes? 

You can visit the Reptile House and observe creatures that slither. 


There are over 50 primates to observe! 

And for a unique twist, check out educational stage shows featuring Kevin Bacon —

Not the actor, but the zoo’s charismatic miniature pig

Where: 20499 Oak Rd E, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 256-7008

Drop by the Gulf Shores Museum. 

drop by the gulf shores museum

History comes alive in a fun way at the Gulf Shores Museum. 

You might want to take the kids here to get some insights into the area before you go exploring. 

Housed in a quaint pre-WWII beach cottage, it’s packed with stories about the lives of Gulf Shores’ locals. 

The “Hurricane Hunters” exhibit is currently on display. 

The museum also hosts cool seasonal events and programs, great for both kids and adults. 

Plus, it’s free!

You leave with some culture and knowledge without having to shell out anything at all!

Where: 244 W 19th Ave, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 968-1473

Take them to The Wharf.

take them to the wharf

The Wharf in Orange Beach, only 12-minute drive away from Gulf Shores, is a hub for family fun. 

It’s hard to miss. 

There’s a huge Ferris wheel, open in the afternoons and evenings, and is wheelchair accessible. 

It’s the best way to get a view of the area if you aren’t too keen on riding a helicopter or parasailing. 

This destination is packed with activities for kids: 

A movie theater, an arcade, and an escape room for some interactive fun! 

Kid-focused attractions like Build-A-Bear and Outer Limits VR game room provide creative entertainment. 

For parents, there’s the High Cotton Bath Co., where visitors can craft their own skincare. 

There’s also a Shades store where a few doggos hang out to welcome shoppers. 

And at night, The Wharf comes to life with laser light shows and concerts at the amphitheater!

Where: 23101 Canal Rd, Orange Beach, AL 

Call: (251) 224-1000


Is Gulf Shores kid-friendly? 

Gulf Shores is practically a big playground for kids! 

Beach days here are full of swimming, wading, combing for seashells, building castles, and banana boat rides. 

Nature explorations? 

Absolutely — adventures await with wildlife encounters. 

Plus, there are many establishments and attractions tailored for young ones. 

Does Gulf Shores have an aquarium? 

While Gulf Shores doesn’t have its own aquarium, you have two nearby options. 

First is the Alabama Aquarium at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab

The other is the Sea, Sand, & Stars Science and Nature Center in Orange Beach. 

Both are within a reasonable distance and offer interactive marine experiences. 

Can you swim in the ocean at Gulf Shores? 

Yes, you can swim in Gulf Shores! 

The city offers lifeguard services from March to October. 

It’s best to swim in designated areas like Gulf Place, West 6th Street, and Lagoon Pass where they’re on duty. 

The Gulf of Mexico waters are warm, especially in September, and usually calmer than the Atlantic. 

Just remember to follow the flag system for safety. 

Red, double red, or purple flags mean stay out of the water! 

Can you see sea turtles in Gulf Shores? 


From May to October, endangered sea turtles come to Alabama’s beaches to nest and lay eggs. 

Prime turtle sighting time! 

In fact, Gulf Shores is recognized as one of the world’s best places to see these beautiful creatures. 

You’ll find species like loggerhead, green, and Kemp’s ridley turtles here. 

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Final Thoughts 

Wrapping up your Gulf Shores adventure plans? 

Rest assured, you’re all set for an unforgettable time with the kids. 

So, get yourself a nice home base for your action-packed getaway! 

This coastal gem is bursting with opportunities to create joyful family memories. 

From the moment you arrive, the warm, welcoming vibe of Gulf Shores makes every activity stress-free. 

So, pack your bags and hype up those kiddos —
Gulf Shores is waiting for you!

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