Things to Do With Kids in Fort Morgan

Looking for ways to keep your kids engaged and happy in Fort Morgan? 

I totally get it — 

Keeping the little ones busy can be a real head-scratcher, especially if you’re in a new area. 

Well, you’re in luck!

I’ve put together an awesome list of kid-approved activities in Fort Morgan and its surrounding areas. 

I’m talking action-packed outdoor fun, brain-boosting educational spots, and creative corners for those budding imaginations.

So, let’s ease your mind and check out some activities tailored for every type of child. 

Let’s go! 

Kid-Friendly Activities in and Around Fort Morgan

1. Take the ferry to Fort Morgan. 

take the ferry to fort morgan

Let’s start your Fort Morgan adventure with a super fun ferry ride. 

You take the ferry from Dauphin Island —

It’s a straight shot down State Road 193 from Mobile. 

This 40-minute ferry ride will be a hit with the kiddos!

They’ll love watching for dolphins and seabirds, and they’ll get a better sense of what the fort was protecting. 

Check the schedule here, and make sure to arrive a bit early to secure a good spot. 

In fact, I suggest you make time to explore Dauphin Island because it’s also packed with activities for the whole family. 

You can explore Fort Gaines for a peek into history. 

Visit the Dauphin Island Audubon Sanctuary for amazing wildlife. 

And don’t miss the Sea Lab Estuarium, too! 

It’s the perfect opportunity for the kids to learn about marine life. 

Trust me, this island doesn’t have to be just a stopover because it’s a cool destination in itself! 

Where: 112 Bienville Blvd, Dauphin Island, AL 36528

Call: (251) 861-3000

2. Explore the Fort Morgan Historic Site. 

Explore the Fort Morgan Historic Site

Worried that your kids might find the idea of visiting old military buildings a bit boring? 

Well, you’ll be able to turn that around at Fort Morgan

It isn’t just a bunch of old bricks and mortar; it’s a gateway to a thrilling past. 

Picture your kids’ excitement as they stand where real soldiers once did, back in 1834. 

They can pretend to be part of the action with all the big artillery batteries. 

All you need is a bit of context! 

They’ll be fascinated by the tales of Fort Bowyer, part of the dramatic War of 1812. 

Fort Morgan is also a surprise hit for nature-loving kids. 

It’s a famous spot for bird-watching

Who knows what feathery friends they might spot? 

And for a little souvenir shopping, the museum store is full of fun finds to commemorate the trip. 

Bonus Activities 

The Fort Morgan area isn’t limited to the fort itself. 

Since it draws many visitors, you’ll find tons of activities to round out your trip. 

After a day of exploring, why not refuel and sample what the Gulf has to offer? 

The restaurants here serve up delicious dishes that are sure to satisfy the whole family. 

And, of course, the beaches are a must-visit! 

With their soft sands and gentle waves, they’re perfect for a day of relaxation or frolicking in the sun. 

And if you’re looking for a convenient spot to call a home base, consider booking a rental in the area! 

Where: 51 Hwy 180 West, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 540-5257

3. Take them on a helicopter tour. 

Take them on a helicopter tour

Does your kid’s idea of fun reach sky-high levels? 

Then, how about a helicopter tour over Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

Those locations are just a little over 30 minutes away from Fort Morgan.

And the premier helicopter tour service on the island is Lost Bay Helicopters.  

It’s the ideal outing for those little ones who always dream big and love seeing the world from a new angle. 

They’ll be wide-eyed as you fly over beautiful beaches and sparkling water, spotting landmarks and wildlife from up in the clouds. 

And this is your chance to win ‘parent of the year’ and give them a major memory that’ll have them talking for years! 

With seven thrilling tours to choose from, there’s an aerial escapade waiting just for your family! 

4. Go on a dolphin cruise. 

Go on a dolphin cruise

Dolphin cruises are a must-do for all nature-loving kids out there.

Trust me, this is going to take up a huge chunk of your kid’s ‘What I Did Last Summer’ essay. 

As the boat glides over the water, watch dolphins playfully leap and swim right alongside! 

This up-close encounter with these joyful creatures is a thrill for kids who find the sea fascinating. 

The excitement of spotting a dolphin in the wild is unmatched, offering a fun and unique educational experience. 

Who knows? 

This tour might just turn your kid into a budding marine biologist! 

Check out these top dolphin cruise options for an unforgettable aquatic adventure. 

5. Go snorkeling in Orange Beach. 

Go snorkeling in Orange Beach

Looking for an underwater adventure with a twist? 

Snorkeling in Orange Beach with Captain Matt is just the ticket for your little sea explorers. 

On his comfy 24’ Cobia center console, you’ll glide through peaceful waterways, diving into a world of marine wonders. 

It’s not every day you get to swim alongside dolphins, spot turtles, or marvel at stingrays up close, right? 

And the best part? 

You choose the time — morning, afternoon, or even a sunset dip. 

So, grab those snorkels and get set for a family day filled with splashes and smiles. 

6. Let them discover the joy of fishing. 

let them discover the joy of fishing

Got a kiddo who might appreciate a good catch? 

Fishing can be a fantastic pastime, teaching them about the rhythms of nature and the value of patience. 

You can bond and have meaningful conversations as you wait for that exciting tug on the line. 

And while reeling in their catch, kids get a hands-on lesson about where our seafood comes from. 

This is the perfect opportunity to teach them about sustainability and respecting marine life. 

So, grab your fishing rods and get ready for a day of gentle waves, warm sun, and the thrill of a catch!

Here’s a kid-focused inshore fishing trip and a private family fishing charter as your options. 

7. Spring into action at The Factory. 

Spring into action at The Factory

Got a kid with so much energy you don’t know what to do with it? 

The Factory in Gulf Shores is your answer! 

This isn’t just any trampoline park, oh no. 

It’s over 50 trampolines spread across 12,000 square feet, where kids can fly, bounce, and flip to their heart’s content. 

They can try out acrobatic tricks off angled-wall trampolines and launching decks. 

Plus, there’s air dodgeball, basketball hoop dunking, and soaring into giant foam pits for endless fun. 

And now they’ve got indoor rock climbing, perfect for climbers of all levels. 

Whether it’s racing to the top or testing their agility, there’s never a dull moment here!

8. Boost their Instagram game. 

boost their instagram game

Is your pre-teen always on the hunt for that perfect selfie? 

The Orange Beach Selfie Museum is the ultimate spot for them. 

With 50 unique backdrops and immersive scenes, it’s the ideal place to snap unique photos that will commemorate your trip. 

It might even be an ironic way to reward them for cutting down on screen time.

They can create engaging TikTok videos or striking Instagram posts, making every shot pop with creativity. 

And most importantly, this will help you supervise their social media in the most fun way. 

9. Take them parasailing. 

Take them parasailing

If your kids are anything like mine and crave a bit of thrill, you have to let them try parasailing. 

It’s a popular activity in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

Don’t worry; it’s completely safe — kids can fly as long as they’re with an adult. 

And, of course, it’s going to be a blast for those little daredevils! 

Chute ‘Em Up Parasail Tours’ and ‘Chute for the Sky Parasailing’ are the go-to services in the area. 

Watching the kids’ faces light up as they float above the sea? Absolutely priceless.

And for a little something extra, this one also offers banana boat rides!

10. Hit the beaches. 

Hit the beaches

Okay, how does a classic, fuss-free family day sound? 

Hitting the beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach might be the easy activity you’re looking for. 

The kids can build sandcastles while you can relax with that book you’ve been meaning to finish. 

The beauty of the beach is in its simplicity —

There’s joy in just combing for shells or playing in the waves. 

And to make it easier, why not rent a beach setup? 

Here’s one for four people and one for families with a baby

No need to haul all that stuff! 

Renting means you get all the fun without the hassle. 

So, pack a lot of sunscreen and embrace the laid-back beach vibes for a day of sun, sand, and sea!

11. Try clear kayaking. 

Try clear kayaking

Add a twist to your vacation with a family-friendly clear kayak tour in Orange Beach.

This unique experience lets kids marvel at marine life and the stunning scenery from a see-through kayak

Choose the serene Sunset Tour with colorful skies or the adventurous Crab Grab Tour at Bird Island, each revealing a hidden world. 

Spot sand crabs, hermit crabs, and various birds and fish. 

With room for two in each kayak, it’s perfect for some quality child-parent time on the water. 

Flashlights, a net, and a tour guide are all included, making it a safe and fun excursion for swimmers of all ages. 

12. See a magic show. 

See a magic show

For an unforgettable mix of laughs and magic, the Brandon Styles Variety Show is a must-see for families. 

Kids who adore giggles and surprises will love this show’s mix of comedy, magic, and 60 unique impressions. 

From classics like Frank Sinatra to modern stars like Justin Bieber, there’s something every age group will recognize. 

It’s a one-hour show that takes you on a fun-filled romp, blending belly laughs with awe-inspiring tricks that keep your kids on the edge of their seats.

Parents will get a kick out of it, too! 

13. Go on a restaurant tour. 

Go on a restaurant tour

Okay, this next adventure might be a little more for the parents, but foodie kids will definitely enjoy it, too!

Embark on a Private Bushwacker and Restaurant Cruise along the tranquil waterways of Orange Beach. 

Parents get to treat themselves to the famous Bushwacker cocktail, a creamy, chocolate-infused delight. 

Kids can have their fill of yummy chocolate milkshakes!

The cruise includes stops at local favorites like Flora-Bama, Pirates Cove, and Tacky Jacks for various food specials. 

Along the way, you’ll get to see dolphins, sea turtles, and other marine life. 

It’s the perfect mix of culinary exploration and coastal sightseeing for the whole family! 

14. Learn how to sail. 

Learn how to sail

Got a little mariner in the making? 

Set sail on a 2-Hour Family Fun Day Sail through the coastal waterways of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. 

This isn’t just any boat ride; it’s an authentic sailing experience on a beautiful sailboat. 

Kids get to learn some sailing basics and might even take a turn at the helm! 

Feel the breeze, listen to music, and keep an eye out for majestic dolphins along the way. 

It’s the ideal blend of learning, adventure, and relaxation, perfect for families who love exploring. 


Is Fort Morgan good for kids? 

Absolutely, Fort Morgan is a fantastic destination for kids!

Fort Morgan’s Civil War history and fascinating structures like barracks and tunnels provide a captivating educational experience for families. 

Can you walk around Fort Morgan? 

Yup! You can go around Fort Morgan on a 2.3-mile loop trail near Gulf Shores. 

It’s an easy walk, typically taking about 40 minutes to complete. 

It’s especially peaceful during less busy times of the day. 

Is Fort Morgan a crowded beach? 

Fort Morgan tends to be less crowded than nearby Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. 

Visiting before the summer pearl season, like in March, often means even fewer people! 

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Ready to head out to Fort Morgan with the kiddos? 

It’s going to be a blast. 

Have fun exploring, laughing, and making those awesome memories!

Here’s to your family’s adventure being as sunny and fun as the beautiful Gulf Coast itself. 

Happy travels!

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