15 Things to Do in Orange Beach For Adults!

If you’re itching for a real break, Orange Beach is the spot. 

Trust me, I’ve been there, and it’s the adult escape we all need. 

I’m talking quiet stretches of white sand, chill beach bars, high-quality seafood, and fishing trips that actually deliver. 

And as your guide, I’ve scoped out the best spots for maximum relaxation

While Orange Beach is known as a family-friendly place, don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s all sandcastles and ice cream stands. 

There’s a whole other side to this subtropical haven that’s just for us adults. 

So, if you’re planning a well-deserved recharge, this article’s got the insider info you need. 

Now, let’s go make your next vacation count! 

Grown-Up Escapes in Orange Beach

1. Book your ideal couple’s retreat. 

Book your ideal couple’s retreat

First, let’s find your digs. 

An Orange Beach rental is your ticket to adult time — peaceful, uninterrupted, and just for you two. 

Think of a place where the only noise is the sound of the waves, with hot tubs inviting you to soak under the night sky. 

Choose a spot with a private patio for those quiet morning coffees and late-night talks. 

And with Airbnb, you can snag that one-of-a-kind stay that exudes adult luxury, from sleek condos to tranquil beach cottages

Here, it’s all about savoring the slow moments and the treat of having nothing but each other’s company. 

2. Hit the wine bar. 

Next up, slide into Red or White at The Wharf for a sophisticated, kid-free evening. 

Sample their ever-changing selection of wines by the glass or a cheeky 2 oz. taste to discover your new favorite. 

Partner up your pour with a curated cheese board, each paired to perfection with either red or white wine. 

Looking to mix it up? 

Build your own board from an array of artisan cheeses

And why stop there? 

Add some bruschetta or a charcuterie board to the mix, and you’ve got a spread worthy of any foodie’s fantasy. 

No sharing with the kiddos here — this night’s all about savoring each bite and sip, grown-up style. 

Where: 4851 Wharf Pkwy E #D128, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (251) 981-2851

3. Get it on some water sports. 

get it on some water sports

Okay, let’s crank up the adrenaline a notch! 

How about you hop on a jet ski and carve through the waves? 

Or you can take to the skies with parasailing, soaring with your companions with breathtaking views of Orange Beach. 

And for swimmers, why not snorkel and scuba dive your way through an underwater oasis? 

It’s going to be just you, your companions, and the serene underwater landscape, a world away from any distractions. 

It’s the grown-up version of playtime you’ve been craving!

4. Attend Mardi Gras.

If your visit happens to coincide with Mardi Gras, you’re in for a treat. 

This celebration turns into a whole new beast with the idyllic coastal setting as a backdrop! 

Sure, the festivities are a hit with families, but don’t overlook the adult fun. 

Catch the colorful parade on Main Street at The Wharf, where you can snag throws from a balcony vantage point. 

Instead of mingling with the street-level excitement, you can secure a table at eateries like Ginny Lane or Villaggio for a pre or post-parade treat. 

With over 50 floats cruising down Perdido Beach Boulevard, this annual extravaganza is worth marking your calendar for. 

Because when the sun sets, and kids are off to bed, that’s when the real party begins! 

5. Have your fill of the finest seafood. 

have your fill of the finest seafood

As someone who can’t resist a shrimp po’boy or shrimp and grits, I’ve made it my mission to find the best of these classics. 

And let me tell you, the bar is set high at Orange Beach. 

Its local restaurants dish out the freshest catches with a side of Gulf views, perfect for some quality adult time. 

So, swap the kids’ menu for a cocktail list and choose from the sea’s bounty —

No room for chicken nuggets here! 

6. Get a massage and/or spa treatment. 

Boy, all that feasting and frolicking sure can get tiring… 

It looks like it’s time to reward yourself with some serious pampering on your Orange Beach getaway. 

How about a soothing massage or a spa treatment? 

It’s the perfect way to unwind, especially after a day out and about. 

You’ve got options: 

Either call an in-home specialist to your rental for a private, convenient experience, 

or visit a local spa to immerse yourself in a fresh, tranquil setting. 

After all, a beach getaway isn’t just about sun and surf; it’s also about resetting your body. 

7. Rent a private boat. 

rent a private boat

How about taking the helm with a boat rental? 

Orange Beach is teeming with boat rental services that can set you up for an unforgettable day on the water. 

Imagine cruising the Gulf, just you and your crew, with no worries about keeping an eye on the little ones. 

It’s all about uninterrupted convos, maybe some fishing or just basking in the sun. 

Kids can make boating a bit tricky —

What with the constant supervision, safety concerns, and, let’s not forget, the neverending complaints of boredom. 

So, relish this chance for some adult-only sea time. 

8. Go on a helicopter tour. 

One of the potential highlights of your Orange Beach trip is a helicopter tour

It’s a whole different ball game up there —

You get these amazing, sweeping views of the coast that are impossible to see any other way. 

And you might as well make this an adults-only adventure, with no distractions or worries about keeping kids settled. 

You’ll see the beaches, the water, and maybe even spot some dolphins from above. 

It’s one of those ‘bucket list’ things that’ll make your trip even more memorable. 

9. Tee off at the Orange Beach Golf Center. 

tee off at the orange beach golf center

Swing by the Orange Beach Golf Center for a relaxed golfing experience. 

This place boasts a neat 9-hole, par-3 course that’s just right for a leisurely game without committing your entire day to the greens. 

It’s ideal for some adult downtime, whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just looking to hit a few balls for fun. 

The lighted driving range is open till 9 pm, perfect for a peaceful evening under the stars. 

There’s also a pro shop for any gear you might need. 

Open seven days a week, it’s a great spot to unwind and enjoy some grown-up time on the course. 

Where: 4700 Easy St, Orange Beach, AL 36531

Call: (251) 981-4653

10. Go on a deep-sea fishing expedition. 

A deep-sea fishing trip with the many fishing charters in Orange Beach is the angler’s ultimate outing. 

There are plenty of fishing charter companies in the Gulf Shores & OBA area.

It’s a more serious, focused experience, often involving early starts, long hours on the water, and the patience and skill to tackle big fish. 

This kind of intensity can be tough for kids, who might find the whole thing boring and uncomfortable. 

The open sea isn’t always the most kid-friendly environment, with its choppy waters and the level of attention required for safety. 

So, it’s a great opportunity for adults to immerse themselves in the sport without the added responsibility. 

It’s just the sea, your fishing rod, and the thrill of a brag-worthy catch! 

11. Learn something at the Orange Beach History Museum. 

learn something at the orange beach history museum

For a change of pace, the Orange Beach History Museum offers a fascinating educational interlude on your trip. 

Housed in a quaint schoolhouse from 1910, this museum provides a quiet, thoughtful space to delve into the region’s rich narrative. 

Here, you’ll uncover tales of Native American heritage and learn about the area’s deep-rooted nautical past

It’s the ideal spot for adults who appreciate a slower, more reflective kind of exploration, far from the usual hustle and bustle. 

This peaceful detour into history would also add a meaningful layer to your Orange Beach experience. 

It’ll give context and depth to your understanding of this beautiful area. 

Where: 2805 John Snook Dr, Orange Beach, AL 36561

Call: (251) 981-8545

12. Take a hike. 

No, don’t leave! 

I mean, take a hike on one of the many nature trails in Orange Beach! 

After enjoying all those amazing seafood platters, a hike sounds like just the ticket. 

Check out Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail or the Cotton Bayou Trail

These routes offer a perfect mix of scenic beauty and a good, revitalizing walk. 

You’ll get to experience the natural side of Orange Beach, with plenty of wildlife and greenery. 

It’s a great activity for adults, especially since managing kids on a hike can sometimes turn into more of a task. 

Without them, you can focus on your surroundings and traverse the paths at your own pace. 

13. Indulge in some retail therapy. 

indulge in some retail therapy

Time for a little retail therapy! 

Orange Beach is sprinkled with charming boutiques, perfect for that ‘treat yourself’ day. 

Salt Mercantile is a must-visit — it’s like stumbling upon a hidden treasure trove. 

Here, you’ll find one-of-a-kind items with a local twist.

From cute purses and handcrafted jewelry to local apothecary items like hand-poured candles, this boutique has it all. 

This is also the perfect stop to load up on gifts and souvenirs. 

Don’t just shop; splurge a little. After all, you’re on vacation! 

14. Enjoy Orange Beach after dark. 

When the sun sets, Orange Beach reveals its vibrant nightlife scene. 

There’s a whole array of places to check out. 

For something unique, head to Pour, known as OB’s only “smart bar.” There’s live music and a shuffleboard table, too. 

And don’t miss out on Avenue Pub, a local favorite for its relaxed, beachy vibe and classic drinks and bites. 

So, what do you say? 

Transition from beachside relaxation to nighttime excitement with these adult-friendly spots, and find out how Orange Beach likes to party! 

15. Go on a sunset cruise. 

go on a sunset cruise

As we reach the end of this list, it’s like the grand finale of a perfect day in Orange Beach —

A gorgeous sunset cruise. 

Picture gliding along the waters as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in shades of gold and pink. 

A sunset cruise is a peaceful, adult-centric way to wrap up your day, offering a tranquil setting to reflect on your whole getaway. 

I can almost feel the soft sea breeze, with rhythmic waves as a soothing soundtrack. 

Whoever you’re taking on one of these cruises sure is lucky! 


Does Orange Beach have a nightlife? 

You bet! 

Visitors can enjoy a variety of options, from laid-back beach bars to lively music venues. 

You can definitely find an ideal spot for a casual night out or an evening filled with entertainment. 

What is Orange Beach, AL, known for? 

Orange Beach is renowned for its stunning white-sand beaches and crystal-clear Gulf waters. 

It’s a popular destination for water sports, fishing, and boating. 

Plus, the area boasts a vibrant nightlife, delicious seafood, and is a gateway to the scenic Gulf Islands National Seashore. 

What is the best month to go to Orange Beach? 

Try to head to Orange Beach in the fall. 

It’s way less packed than in the summer. 

Sure, the summer months are buzzing with folks loving the sun and humidity. 

But come fall, it’s a different story. 

You could hit the beach, and it almost feels like your own private spot. 

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Final Thoughts 

Orange Beach is still somewhat of a hidden gem for adults looking for a blend of relaxation and adventure. 

Think of it as your well-earned pause from the daily grind, a place to recharge and live out some fantastic moments. 

Whether you’re in for serene sunsets or lively nights, this area has a rhythm that resonates with every adult soul. 

Your getaway, your rules!

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