15 Top Things to Do in Ocean Springs, MS

Welcome to Ocean Springs, a haven where you can experience a laid-back atmosphere and breathtaking views.

This hidden gem on the Gulf Coast is the perfect town for a weekend getaway. 

To make your stay memorable, you can do many activities in Ocean Springs that you’ll enjoy alone or with the family.

If you’re wondering how to spend your vacation, look no further than this list of exciting things to do in Ocean Springs, MS.

No matter what you like to do, this place has something that can keep you entertained and busy. 

So come down and explore the town for special and unique activities.

15 Top Things to Do in Ocean Springs, MS

Walter Anderson Museum of Art – Ocean Springs

The Walter Anderson Museum of Art is a must-see destination that celebrates the beautiful legacy of Walter Inglis Anderson.

Anderson was an artist and philosopher who left a remarkable contribution to the art world. 

The museum offers a self-guided tour and guided tours around their permanent and changing exhibitions. 

During your tour, you can learn more about Anderson’s life and look at his unique artwork up close. 

With many masterpieces in sight, you can connect with the natural world through his art and have a moment of self-discovery. 

Visit: 510 Washington Ave, Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Call: 228-872-3164

Davis Bayous Area Gulf Islands National Seashore

Just a few hops and skips from Ocean Springs is the breathtaking Davis Bayous Area Gulf Islands National Seashore that offers many outdoor activities. 

If you are a nature lover, then this paradise is for you.

Their William M. Colmer Visitor Center features exhibits, a park film, an observation deck, and more for curious people. 

You can even launch a boat and enjoy the waters until sunset with your loved ones on the fishing pier. 

But the highlight of this place is the beautiful scenery you can enjoy while walking on their trails or sitting at picnic areas. 

While relaxing, you can take in the beauty of the bayous and spot some lovely plants and animals in the area. 

Visit: 3500 Park Rd, Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Call: 228-230-4121

GI Museum Inc

The GI Museum in Ocean Springs is a place to pay tribute to the heroes of different generations who have fought for the country.

The museum preserves the memories of these brave souls in the form of over 16,000 memorabilia on display. 

But it is not your ordinary museum because they offer a Live History play where visitors can show up in full military uniform.

There are also articles you can learn from that explain each artifact’s significance in history.

Most stories in the museum are from interviews of veterans from different eras so that you can listen to stories directly from the source. 

Visit: 5796 Ritcher Rd, Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Call: 228-872-1943

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Fort Bayou Brewing Company

If you’re looking for a place to chat while drinking a cold beer, Fort Bayou Brewing Company is here for that authentic atmosphere. 

This microbrewery and brewpub is one of the newest additions to the local brewery scene in the coastal area of Mississippi. 

In this Ocean Springs brewery, you can always have a good time while enjoying their different brews that are both unique and traditional. 

There’s nothing but quality beer brewed with love and respect for their craft.

The Cypress Taphouse, their taproom, serves delicious Cajun dishes that go well with their brews. 

Visit: 6616 Rose Farm Rd, Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Call: 228-641-4616

Shearwater Pottery

Shearwater Pottery

Shearwater Pottery is an excellent place for those who enjoy pottery and unique handmade crafts.

This family-owned business has been in the industry since 1928, producing decorative tiles and art pottery.

Each piece from Shearwater Pottery is one-of-a-kind as they carefully craft their clays by hand.

For example, their pottery pieces use two different clay bodies, so they have a distinct look and feel, such as white-bodied and buff-bodied. 

Shearwater handpaints and uses unique glazes to turn bland clays into beautiful pieces.

Visit: 102 Shearwater Dr, Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Call: 228-875-7320

Coastal Magpie

Get ready for a shopping experience like no other here in Coastal Magpie.

Located in the beautiful downtown Ocean Springs, their store is a treasure chest for exciting and unique finds. 

Coastal Magpie gathers the best items around to offer you something unique so you can take something memorable from Ocean Springs. 

Aside from being a gift shop, Coastal Magpie is also a local art gallery that features arts and crafts from artists nationwide.

Shopping at this store is a pleasure as they provide high-quality craftsmanship while supporting local artists.

So if you visit downtown Ocean Springs, see Coastal Magpie and take the perfect piece for your home.

Visit: 918 Washington Ave, Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Call: 228-215-1815

My Happy Place Gallery of Art

My Happy Place Gallery of Art is an art lover’s paradise in downtown Ocean Springs, offering a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional art. 

This passion project started three decades ago, but it has become a hub for local artists who want to show the world their talent. 

The gallery sits in the 120-year-old building that became a sentimental home for inspirational art pieces.

You can use different art mediums like ceramics, jewelry, photography, paintings, and more, so there’s something for everyone to discover.

The gallery also teamed up with Ivey’s Framing, which offers custom framing that you can avail of when you buy photos from the art gallery or even in their off-site store.

Visit: 1209 Government St, Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Call: 228-215-1343

Mystic Charters

Are you excited to set sail on Ocean Springs boat tours with Mystic Charters?

Built on the Covacevich shipyard, The Mystic, a classic Biloxi Lugger, is your companion in this water adventure. 

Step aboard this 65-foot wooden boat that looks and feels vintage but is full of charm and character for that unique vacation experience. 

They include a full bathroom, shower, large salon and galley, and sleeping quarters. 

The galley has a fully equipped kitchen where you can quickly cook meals while on board with a microwave, fridge, dinnerware, and cookware. 

But if you feel like solely exploring the beautiful Ocean Springs, you can happily eat away at the restaurants in the downtown location. 

So enjoy the outdoors and relax with friends and family in this spacious boat while watching the sunset and wildlife.

Visit: Harbor Rd, Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Call: 228-235-7439

Mississippi Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Mississippi Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a tribute to the soldiers who served during the Vietnam War.

It features the history of the memorial, where dedicated efforts of individuals, organizations, and businesses made it possible. 

You can learn of the contributions of the brave soldiers while also letting the families of the veterans find solace.

So if you want to take part in promoting, teaching, and learning the living legacy these soldiers left, visit the Mississippi Vietnam Veterans Memorial to start.

Visit: 3704 Bienville Blvd, Ocean Springs

Call: 228-392-7190

The Juke Joint

The Juke Joint is a unique place to visit where you can experience art, music, and drinks in one with a family-friendly atmosphere. 

An outdoor back patio features a stage and bar covered by oak trees with lights to make a beautiful setting for a night out.

The bar offers delicious mixes that go well with the full menu from the restaurant. 

You can experience something unique every night as they offer different events throughout the week, like Open Mic, Karaoke, Ladies’ Night, and more. 

On Sundays, you can catch an open jam with 3HG and enjoy their all-you-can-eat crawfish until noon.

Visit: 1911 Government St, Ocean Springs

Call: 228-215-0506

Hillyer House

Hillyer House

Hillyer House is a renowned gallery that features American crafts while supporting local and regional artists. 

This gallery started because of a family’s desire to help their community to recover after Hurricane Camille destroyed the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 1969.

From a shop that opened in a small living room, it has become a nationally recognized and award-winning shop that sells locally-made products. 

It is home to hand-blown glass, pottery, jewelry, and other designs inspired by nature and used recycled materials. 

Hillyer House continues to expand, so you can expect to find something new and unique every time you visit their shop.

Visit: 920 Washington Ave, Ocean Springs

Call: 228-875-8065

Wild Flier

Amanda Mavar-Schimdt is a total boss babe who enjoys art, nature, and living life to the fullest. 

It resulted in the founding of Wild Flier, where she expresses her living free lifestyle with her customers through clothes and other sports equipment. 

Amanda started as an art teacher but later wanted to try something new and use her artistic talent in the business. 

With her background as a graphic designer for a handbag boutique, she started selling goodies in Ocean Springs. 

Wild Flier initially offered paddle boards and paddling lessons on the Gulf Coast, but she later added skateboards and clothes. 

The business has become a lifestyle brand that lets you embrace your inner wildness through clothes, accessories, and sports.

Visit: 1018 Government St, Ocean Springs

Call: 228-334-5574

Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge Fontainebleau Nature Trail

The Fontainebleau Nature Trail is a refreshing and stunning trail near Ocean Springs, also part of the Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge

You can choose a short or long walk leading you to different habitats like tidal marshes, forests, and wetlands.

With its well-maintained surroundings, you can freely enjoy observing nature in the best way possible.

The easier route is a 2.6-km trail which is great for walking your dog on a leash, birdwatching, and more.

But if you want to take the longer path, you can join the 0.5-mile walk on the Forest Trail for an out-and-back.

Only a few people are on this quiet trail, so it is perfect for relaxing and biking along the path.

The first 300 yards of the loop are wheelchair friendly, so everyone can enjoy the trail.

Visit: Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Fort Maurepas City Park and Nature Preserve

The Fort Maurepas City Park and Nature Preserve is a must-visit spot in Mississippi for a fun outdoor time with family and friends. 

Located near the sea, you can smell the sea breeze while having a picnic in the pavilion with fresh dishes from the town. 

Back in the day, it used to be a colonized area and became the first white settlement in Mississippi, but it didn’t become self-sustaining.

Today, you can find a replica of the fort and a newly improved park with additional amenities like a splash pad and outdoor stage for a great spot to hang out.

Visit: 499 Front Beach Dr, Ocean Springs

Call: 228-875-4236

Bay Collection

Ocean Springs is not just about the sandy beaches and breathtaking parks; it’s also a fantastic place to shop, particularly downtown. 

If you are a shopaholic, you can check out Bay Collection, which offers various clothing specializing in women’s wear. 

They offer upscale and classy outfits, so you can quickly get a cocktail dress for a night out. 

If you are out for a business dinner, they also have formal wear that is top-notch quality. 

So get your wallet and hands ready because you will need them.

Visit: 906 Washington Ave, Ocean Springs

Call: 228-875-6655

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Wrapping Up the Best Things to Do in Ocean Springs

Wrapping Up the Best Things to Do in Ocean Springs

That’s a wrap, folks! 

Here are the fantastic things you can do with your family and friends when visiting Ocean Springs.

You can chill at the beach, shop downtown, or check out the historical pieces of Mississippi.

Whatever you choose, there’s something for everyone here to enjoy and explore. 

So take your walking shoes and adventurous side while making unforgettable memories during your Ocean Springs visit.

You can even find hidden gems along the way, and that’s the essence of spontaneous exploration.

Happy exploring!

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