Our Favorite Things to Do in Mentone Alabama

Let’s spotlight Mentone, AL, a delightful haven where small-town charm intertwines with artistic allure. 

We visited this past year and loved it!

Perched on Lookout Mountain, this unassuming gem offers an irresistible medley of relaxation, creativity, and natural beauty. 

Read on to find out what Mentone has in store for you!

Top Attractions in Mentone, AL 

The Entrance Signpost of Mentone, Alabama.

Mentone Arts Center 

Step into the Chuck Sennett Center for the Arts, home to the captivating hub of the Mentone Arts Center. 

It’s the creative hotspot in the area! 

This nonprofit gem is all about keeping art alive and supporting the community. 

Whether you’re into painting, cooking up a storm, crafting pottery, strumming tunes, or even taking the spotlight in community theater, there’s something for every artist here! 

Not just that, the center teams up with other local nonprofits, working to preserve Menton’s artistic heritage. 

Swing by for a dose of inspiration, to learn something new, and to connect with fellow art enthusiasts! 

Where: 5951 AL-117, Mentone, AL 35984

Call: (256) 674-3366

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Elevation Bistro 

Right in the heart of Mentone, Elevation Bistro welcomes diners to a cozy retreat (we had dinner here our 3rd night in town).

Locally sourced ingredients take center stage in a menu carefully curated by Chef Kevin Dunlap and his team. 

Patrons savor the artful presentation and quality preparation of dishes, showcasing the bistro’s dedication to culinary excellence. 

And amidst the rustic charm, the interior exudes a quaint elegance. 

Elevation Bistro emerges as a standout choice in Mentone’s culinary scene. 

Please stop by and try Southern Fare at its finest! 

Where: 5951 AL-117, Mentone, AL 35984

Call: (256) 634-3001

Mentone Market 

Mentone Market stands as a cherished hub for locals and wanderers in Mentone. 

For over 80 years, it’s been the heart of the community — your one-stop shop for all things homemade. 

You’ll be greeted by genuine Southern hospitality as you enter this cozy corner of the Alabama Appalachia. 

Discover various offerings, from farm-fresh produce, eggs, and meats to handmade goods, craft beer, and local art

Need a quick bite? 

Lunch is served Thursday to Sunday, with mouthwatering options like wood-fired pizza available all day. 

Plus, for cabin stock-ups, grab BBQ Family Packs or wholesome casseroles

Where: 5872 AL-117, Mentone, AL 35984

Call: (256) 634-4686

St. Joseph’s Sacred Garden and Labyrinth 

This tranquil retreat is an enchanting addition to St. Joseph’s on the Mountain, an old Episcopal church in Mentone. 

This haven is open to all, from church members to visitors seeking solace. 

It’s not just a garden — it’s a serene area for deep contemplation and a pause from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

It features a charming gazebo, indigenous flora, 1,000-foot pathways, commemorative benches, Stations of the Cross, and a meditative prayer labyrinth. 

Beyond its reflective aura, it transforms into an outdoor space for meaningful occasions like masses, weddings, and cherished events like the Live Nativity presentation. 

If you need a few hours of peace, this is the place to be! 

Where: 21145 Scenic Hwy, Mentone, AL 35984

Call: (256) 634-4476

Moon Lake Trading Co. 

Do you have a green thumb? 

Then Moon Lake Trading Co. might be your new favorite shopping destination!

You can roam through a sprawling nursery with lush shrubs, verdant plants, and delightful flowers. 

You can pick some up, adding a whimsy to your garden. 

You’ll also discover an eclectic collection of handcrafted treasures, including local artisans’ exquisite artworks, antiques, and distinctive gifts. 

After a fulfilling shopping day, grab some grub at Seabolt’s Street Tacos and enjoy live music! 

Where: 5172 AL-117, Mentone, AL 35984

Call: (256) 634-4070

DeSoto Falls and State Park 

The Magnificent Desoto Falls And State Park.

Nestled atop Lookout Mountain in Northeast Alabama, DeSoto State Park captures the rustic charm of the Civilian Conservation Corps era. 

With cascading waterfalls and vibrant wildflowers, this park offers timeless natural beauty. 

Whether you’re a nature lover, outdoor enthusiast, or sports fan, there’s something for everyone — scenic boat cruises, kayaking, fishing, hiking, picnicking, and more! 

Families, groups of friends, and solo travelers can all find fun and relaxation here. 

The park boasts a restaurant, meeting spaces, a pool, and the Benefield Interpretive Center

Accommodations range from chalets to campsites

Surrounding attractions like DeSoto Falls and the Little River Canyon Nature Preserve add to its allure. 

And just 8 miles from Fort Payne, this natural wonderland awaits you! 

Where: Mentone, AL 35984

Call: (251) 845-0051

A.A. Miller Dam 

Let’s talk history! 

A.A. Miller Dam is a slice of Mentone’s past. In 1925, an electrical engineer, Arthur Abernathy Miller, created a dam above DeSoto Falls. 


To whip up hydroelectric power for Mentone and its surrounding areas. 

Today, you’ll spot those square concrete blocks that once held the power machines. 

Boating is the main pastime here, and rentals are readily available year-round. 

Fancy a picnic? You’re in luck because this is a prime spot! 

You can grab a snack or ice cream from the dam-side store. 

Where: Co Rd 6013, Mentone, AL 35984

Cloudmont Ski & Golf Resort 

Looking for a snowy escape? 

There’s one right in Mentone! 

Since 1970, Cloudmont Resort has been a respite from the Alabaman heat. 

With two slopes, everyone’s welcome — from newbies to snow pros. 

Pony lifts will take you up there 1,800 feet up, surrounded by sparking machine-made snow

If you’re new to skiing, no worries! 

They offer lessons using the American Teaching System (ATS). 

And not just for skiing, Cloudmont has cozy cabins and chalets for year-round chilling. 

You can kick back and observe spring blossoms, summer wildflowers, fiery fall leaves, or winter’s snowy magic. 

Where: 721 Co Rd 614, Mentone, AL 35984 

Call: (256) 634-4344

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Shady Grove Dude Ranch 

A Horse Rider Enjoying The Sunset At Shady Grove Dude Ranch.

The Shady Grove Dude Ranch is a mere stone’s throw away from Cloudmont. 

This spot is like a secret among locals, offering horseback riding escapades and lessons that’ll make you feel like a true cowboy or cowgirl. 


Picture yourself riding through the picturesque trails around Little River — a unique adventure you won’t want to miss! 

The ranch boasts 800 acres of unspoiled wilderness waiting to be explored. 

They’ve got guided tours that lead you to DeSoto Falls and lookout points with views that’ll steal your breath away. 

And hey, if you’re looking to extend your stay, they’ve got cozy accommodations where phones, TVs, and clocks are blissfully absent. 

So, disconnect from the world and immerse yourself in nature’s rhythm! 

Where: 721 Co Rd 614, Mentone, AL 35984

Call: (256) 254-8225

Sally A. Howard Memorial Chapel

For a peaceful roadside stop, drop by this quaint chapel. 

Colonel Milford Howard constructed the Sally A. Howard Memorial Chapel is a tribute to his first wife. 

His aspiration to recreate a European church they had visited took shape in this heartfelt memorial. 

He successfully gathered local resources and materials to bring his vision to life, creating a poignant connection between their travels and this enduring structure. 

The chapel’s architecture, built around a massive sandstone boulder, offers a unique and picturesque ambiance. 

Visitors may explore its grounds, reflect on its meaningful history, or enjoy a calming moment. 

Where: Howards Chapel Cemetery, Mentone, AL 35984

Call: (256) 638-4441

Mentone Brow Park 

Mentone Brow Park is one of the few public spots in town where you can catch killer views from Lookout Mountain’s brow

Most others are off-limits on private turf. 

You can bring the family and picnic peacefully under the sheltering pavilions. 

The views are almost unreal, and a walking path lets you ogle at every angle. 

So, even if it doesn’t offer much in terms of facilities, what more could you need? 

You can spot hawks soaring above while trains rumble below in the valley. 

A haven for relaxation, Mentone Brow Park stands as an idyllic retreat for immersing in nature’s serenity. 

Where: 200-286 N Cool St, Mentone, AL 35984

The Hatter Cafe and Country Inn 

Roger and Pamela Wald stumbled upon their slice of heaven in Mentone as if right out of Alice in Wonderland. 

The area sparked a dream inspired by Wonderland, and The Hatter Cafe and Country Inn were born. 

It’s a place for delicious comfort food, good company, and a simple life. 

In the sleepy town of Mentone, this is the coziest spot to swap stories with friends (maybe over meatloaf pie with cornbread)! 

Where: 4277 AL-117, Mentone, AL 35984

Call: (256) 634-2018

The Groovy Goat 

The Groovy Goat is where country vibes blend with downtown coolness. 

This charming little shop caters to all — even your beloved pets! 

Located at the Log Cabin Village, this one-of-a-kind gift shop is a time machine to awesomeness. 

Dive into a world of unique finds that celebrate local talents and US-based small businesses. 

Proudly backing handcrafted farm treasures, The Groovy Goat radiates community love. 

As of June 2023, the Goat’s horizons have expanded, and it now offers a delightful array of local Alabama wines next door. 

Swing by for a groovy experience that’ll leave you smiling! 

Where: 6086 AL-117, Mentone, AL 35984

Call: (214) 973-9553


Is Mentone Al worth visiting? 


Mentone captures the essence of Alabama’s enchanting small towns. 

Drawing visitors from all corners of the South, its rustic charm, vibrant arts scene, and picturesque setting steal hearts. 

The town is famous for summer camps, the springtime Rhododendron Festival, and the fall Colorfest

As the Gateway to the Appalachians, Menton beckons with its natural beauty and distinct cultural flair. 

How do I spend a day in Mentone, Alabama? 

You can explore local art galleries, participate in art workshops, savor farm-to-table bites, and shop at unique boutiques. 

Nature lovers can go on a scenic hike, unwind by Little River, and catch a mesmerizing sunset. 

Oh, and there’s skiing in Mentone when it gets colder! 

What Mountain is Mentone on? 

Mentone is perched atop Lookout Mountain, graced by breathtaking views and a tranquil atmosphere.
Lookout Mountain’s rolling hills and scenic vistas provide the perfect backdrop for Menton’s unique blend of culture and natural allure. 

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Final Thoughts 

Mentone is a hidden gem where rustic charm meets artistic flair. 

This town offers a unique blend of relaxation, creativity, and natural beauty. 

From exploring galleries to savoring local flavors, every step is an invitation to unwind. 

Wander through quaint streets, bask in scenic views, and soak in the town’s laid-back vibe with your friends and family!

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