15 Things to Do in Gulf Shores For Adults!

Looking to get away from the kids?

Well, you deserve it! 

And as your Gulf Shores guide, I’ve cherry-picked the best grown-up activities — from romantic sunset tours to daring sea adventures! 

Your daily life may be a circus, but in Gulf Shores, the only acrobatics are the dolphins leaping in the sunset as you cruise by. 

Dive in, the water’s fine, and it’s adults only! 

Kid-Free Activities in Gulf Shores 

1. Hit the beaches. 

hit the beaches in gulf shores

Let’s start with the obvious. 

With Gulf Shores’ endless stretches of sugar-white beaches, it’s not hard to find a spot without squealing kiddos. 

This is about quiet time, with a bestseller in one hand and a craft cocktail in the other. 

You can take a dip in the crystal-clear waters or simply lounge back and let the sun kiss your worries away. 

Just remember your sunscreen.

Nobody wants a sunburn as a souvenir!

2. Have another honeymoon. 

Why wait for a milestone to rekindle that just-married magic? 

Gulf Shores invites you to have another honeymoon, no matter the year on your marriage certificate!

Imagine cozying up in a beachfront condo from Airbnb

Or finding a hidden gem on VRBO with a hot tub for two under the stars… 

These rentals are your ticket to the past when it was just you two, with uninterrupted time for sunset toasts. 

3. Gorge on seafood. 

gorge on seafood

Gulf Shores restaurants serve seafood so fresh it practically swims to your plate. 

And without the kids, there won’t be any protests against anything that’s not chicken tenders!

Here, you can feast like the sea king or queen you truly are. 

Think succulent oysters you don’t have to convince a little person to try or spicy shrimp dishes without swapping for mild. 

So, get (crab) crackin’ and savor the flavors of the Gulf without a chorus of “ewws” from the kiddie table. 

It’s all about your refined palate!

4. Go on a helicopter tour. 

Elevate your Gulf Shores trip with a helicopter tour that will take you on a joyride above the usual boardwalk bustle. 

This is the chance to slip on those snazzy aviators and see the coastline from a new perspective. 

For this sky-high adventure, I recommend Lost Bay Helicopters. 

With a variety of flight options, they cater to thrill-seekers and budget-conscious flyers alike. 

Their expert pilots are all about giving you an exceptional tour while keeping you safe. 

And this time, you won’t have to worry about little ears popping or little eyes missing the grand views. 

5. Go fishing. 

gulf state park pier

If you’ve got a kid whose idea of fun is fishing, then you’re lucky. 

If not, maybe don’t buy that tiny tackle box and just board a fishing charter yourself. 

These trips are destined for the big leagues of Gulf Shores’ waters. 

Here, it’s just you, the open sea, and the potential for the kind of epic fishing stories that are best shared over a cold one with friends. 

So, cast into the deep blue for the kind of catch that’ll earn you bragging rights back onshore. 

Night fishing more your speed? 

Then, cast your line at the Gulf State Park Pier

This 1,540-ft marvel is a serene spot where you can spot sharks and stingrays under the moon’s glow. 

And with on-site bait, tackle, and fishing licenses, everything’s set for your starlit angling adventure. 

6. Attend Mardi Gras. 

If you happen to be in Gulf Shores during Mardi Gras, get ready to laissez les bon temps rouler — let the good times roll, adult-style. 

Sure, the festivities here are family-friendly, but why not seize the opportunity for some adult revelry? 

Stake out early for prime parade spots and get ready to catch beads and MoonPies

Who knows? You might even get the little baby in a King Cake

Then, dance the night away in one of the many Mardi Gras-themed parties around town. 

7. Try thrilling water sports and go on excursions.

try thrilling water sports and go on excursions

Ditch the land-lubber routine, and let’s make some waves! 

Gulf Shores is your playground for heart-thumping water sports and awe-inspiring excursions. 

Go parasailing and become a sky-surfing conqueror, or rev up a jet ski and tear through the surf with the gusto of a maritime adventurer. 

For those who prefer to plunge beneath the surface, scuba diving reveals an aquatic wonderland. 

And for a more serene yet equally exhilarating experience, join a dolphin tour and watch these majestic creatures play tag with the bow waves. 

It’s splashy, it’s thrilling—it’s Gulf Shores at its most exhilarating!

8. Go golfing. 

Golfing in Gulf Shores isn’t just a pastime; it’s a signature experience. 

Here are the area’s top-tier courses, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty and challenging play: 

It’s really no wonder that enthusiasts and casual players are drawn here. 

Picture the serene environment, the soft sound of the coastal breeze, and the satisfying thwack of a well-hit drive! 

It’s pure adult time, unencumbered by kiddie distractions. 

Yes, please! 

9. Meet wildlife on their turf. 

bon secour national wildlife refuge

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge is an adult playground of nature. 

With no kids in tow, you can enjoy quiet hikes and birdwatching without distractions. 

It’s an area where patience pays off with sightings of rare birds and wildlife —

Hard to appreciate with little ones chanting, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” 

Gulf State Park offers more active pursuits but still favors the peace that comes with an adults-only group. 

10. Catch a show at South Baldwin Community Theatre. 

Up for some grown-up drama? And I mean the good kind! 

Spice up your beach getaway with a dash of culture. 

Start your evening at The Sloop

This laid-back joint is the go-to for pre-theater finger foods and those Philly-style cheesesteaks that’ll have you raving.

Then, wash it all down with a cocktail or beer before you head out. 

Then, mosey on over to South Baldwin Community Theatre and catch a show.  

It’s the perfect blend of casual chow and cultured flair to make any adult night complete. 

Treat yourself to a slice of Gulf Shores’ finer side! 

11. Sing karaoke at the Pink Pony Pub. 

pink pony pub

Post-sunset, the Pink Pony Pub transforms from a family-friendly spot to an adults-only karaoke haven. 

As the clock strikes 9, the kiddos have to clear out. 

Well, that’s past their bedtime anyway…

The stage lights up, and it’s time for you to unleash your inner rockstar. 

With the ocean as your backdrop, belt out classics or a croon to modern hits. 

Meanwhile, your companions can sip on Bob Marleys or the signature Pina Coladas in souvenir glasses. 

Not a singer? 

No worries, the live bands and dance floor antics are sure to entertain. 

12. Attend a beach party at The Hangout. 

Many would argue that the ultimate night out at Gulf Shores is at the aptly named Hangout

Once the day crowd leaves, it turns into a lively party scene right by the sea. 

You can fuel up for the night with their full-service dining, then get down to the beats of live bands and a DJ. 

Trade the kids’ foam parties for a chill time by the fire pit or a friendly game of (beer) pong. 

And hey, you’re welcome to snag a cool souvenir to remember the night. 

13. Go on a sunset cruise. 

go on a sunset cruise

Cap off your day with a splash of romance and a sprinkle of sea salt. 

Hop on a sunset cruise and sail the Gulf of Mexico’s sparkling waters. 

Perfect for couples, it’s a serene escape from the shore’s hustle. 

Watch the sky blush with hues of gold and pink, while dolphins play in the waves alongside. 

Oh, and keep an eye out for the majestic seabirds overhead. 

And for the extra touch of magic, go for a dinner cruise!

There’s nothing quite like savoring a meal with the backdrop of the sun dipping below the horizon. 

14. Get a massage or a spa treatment. 

I know why you’re here… 

You need a break from adulting! 

Well, treat yourself to some well-earned me-time with a tranquil escape to Gulf Shores’ excellent spas. 

Try the serene ambiance at Archer’s Gulf Serenity Spa, where the massage therapists know exactly how to melt away that stress. 

Or float in total bliss at Magnolia Float Spa, where the outside world can’t reach you. 

For a touch of luxury, The Spa at The Beach Club offers indulgent treatments that will rejuvenate your senses. 

It’s the perfect reward for all your hard work! 

15. Get your drink on at Big Beach Brewing’s Taproom. 

big beach brewing

Sample local brews at Big Beach Brewing, where the vibe’s as chill as the beer. 

With a fireplace for cozy chats and a breeze flowing through the open garage doors, it’s the perfect spot to relax. 

They have 12 taps pouring high-quality craft brews and Big Jerk Soda for the non-drinkers.

Yeah, there’s no kitchen, but that’s not a problem! 

Food trucks swing by, or you can get grub delivered right to your table. 

Here, it’s all about good beer, great company, and the best of Gulf Shores’ laid-back lifestyle. 


What is Gulf Shores best known for? 

Its white-sand beaches, of course! 

And with that kind of location, visitors can expect fresh, high-quality seafood, too. 

It’s also a go-to for golfing, fishing, and wildlife spotting, with a lively scene of festivals and beachfront entertainment. 

Does Gulf Shores have a good nightlife? 


Gulf Shores lights up after dark with a mix of cool beach bars, live music venues, and bustling nightspots. 

Whether you’re into karaoke, dance floors, or just a chill evening with drinks by the water —

There’s a spot for every night owl to enjoy. 

Can you drink alcohol on the beach in Gulf Shores? 

Let’s keep it classy, folks! 

Per the official regulations from the local government, alcohol consumption is a no-no on the beaches of Gulf Shores. 

We’re going to have to stick to establishments as designated drinking spots. 

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Final Thoughts 

I know you’re tired of kiddie pools and the relentless energy of family vacations. 

Don’t worry; Gulf Shores offers the ideal escape for adults looking to swap splashy, loud afternoons for serene sunsets. 

Here, you can revel in the grown-up side of coastal living. 

So, are you ready for that well-deserved break? 
Gulf Shores awaits.

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