29 Best Things to Do in Fairhope Alabama

Fairhope was once a hidden gem, but a vibrant town like it is not something you can hide for so long. 

They have a panoramic view of Mobile Bay, where you can fish, sightsee, and do other water activities.

You can also find beautiful parks, shopping districts, art galleries, and restaurants that add to the town’s charm. 

This guide unveils the best things to do in Fairhope, Alabama if you want something new for your trip.  

Fairhope Municipal Pier

Fairhope Municipal Pier things to do in fairhope alabama

Also known as the town’s square, Fairhope Municipal Pier is an area to enjoy the Mobile Bay view and the Eastern Shore’s life.

It is an excellent place to take a lazy stroll and embrace the beautiful surroundings, like its walking trails, rose garden, and duck pond. 

Every time I make a trip over to Fairhope, I park and take a walk down to the end of the pier and back.

The actual pier is 400 meters, where you can freely stroll, sightsee, and watch birds as they migrate. 

The pier is also open for fishing as long as you have a saltwater license if you are under 65 years old.

If you visit during July, you can witness and join their fireworks display annually during the Fourth of July Festival and Fireworks.

Visit: 1 N Beach Rd, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: 251-928-2136

Eastern Shore Art Center

Eastern Shore Art Center things to do in fairhope alabama

Eastern Shore Art Center is the perfect spot for people who enjoy and appreciate arts from artists worldwide.

It is a modern art gallery with a gift shop, five galleries, and four studios featuring art in different mediums. 

Everyone can go to the art center for free and view the exhibits’ ceramics, acrylics, oils, and sculptures. 

You can meet other art enthusiasts and showcase your art pieces through their shows, gift shops, and a gallery.

You can catch their annual outdoor art show and art lessons if you visit during the spring season. 

Visit: 401 Oak Ave, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: 251-928-2228

Taste of Fairhope Food Tour

taste of fairhope food tour website homepage

First launching a successful food tour business over in Mobile, the owners of Bienville Bites Food Tour expanded into Fairhope.

Food tours are amazing (I love the one in Mobile).

Basically, you join a group on a stroll to a handful of restaurants to try small samples of different dishes.

While on tour, you get to learn fun stories and the history of the area.

I highly recommend trying one.

Check Food Tour Options

Rock Creek Golf Club

Rock Creek Golf Club things to do in fairhope alabama

Rock Creek Golf Club offers the best golf courses in South Alabama by Earl Stone for players to enjoy.

It is playable for all skill levels, so you can play here whether you are a newbie, casual player, or professional.

They also offer a full-service golf club, meaning Rock Creek has a restaurant and other amenities.

Visit: 140 Clubhouse Dr, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: 251-928-4223

Bookmark the ‘Golf courses in Fairhope AL’ article for a more profound read later.

Fairhope Brewing Company

Fairhope Brewing Company things to do in fairhope alabama

Fairhope Brewing Company makes the most incredible beer in Fairhope, where they serve it fresh from their taproom.

You can also enjoy your drink on their wooden tables and welded chairs made by their local craftsmen. 

Fairhope Brewing Company makes the finest crafted beer from the best ingredients from their draft and canned variety. 

Their original beers are Section Street Wheat and Everyday Ale, but they developed six year-round brews. 

They also have seasonal brews, cider, and wine, making their collection 14 beers. 

Visit: 914 Nichols Ave, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: 251-279-7517

Fairhope Museum of History

Fairhope Museum of History things to do in fairhope alabama

Fairhope Museum of History opens its doors to the public to teach locals and tourists about the rich culture that Fairhope has. 

It features valuable information and displays from the town’s earliest residents throughout the years.

You can access the museum free from Tuesday to Saturday and catch their permanent exhibits. 

They also have a mezzanine gallery for seasonal exhibits like pottery, civil war, and more. 

Visit: 24 N Section St, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: 251-929-1471

Tolstoy Park, The Henry Stuart House

Tolstoy Park, The Henry Stuart House

Tolstoy Park is the historic home of Henry Stuart, which resembles a hermit hut that is only 14 feet in diameter. 

Henry Stuart migrated to the US and got a tuberculosis diagnosis with less than a year to live.

The doctor advised him to move to a warmer place, Tolstoy Park, where he built his simple home.

The Henry Stuart House is hurricane-resistant and round, which he made alone for less than a year. 

His hut and the surrounding tree became a historic place because of the story behind their unusual appearance. 

Visit: 22787 US-98, Fairhope, AL 36532

Sunset Pointe at Fly Creek Marina

Sunset Pointe at Fly Creek Marina

Panini Pete started Sunset Pointe Fairhope’s Fly Creek Marina, a waterfront restaurant specializing in creative cocktails and delicious seafood. 

Their outdoor dining gives you a beautiful view of the sunset and Mobile Bay while you enjoy their dishes. 

The restaurant serves a farm-to-table menu, high-quality cocktails, and fresh fish for that upscale dining experience. 

You can try their bestsellers like snapper throats, crabmeat balls, steak, Gulf Coast BBQ shrimp, and lettuce wraps. 

Visit: 831 N Section St, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: 251-990-7766

Oak Hollow Farm Inc

Oak Hollow Farm Inc

Oak Hollow Farm is a family-friendly destination that expands to 300 acres of pasture and rustic accommodations.

It started as a traditional farm but became a more intimate venue for special events like weddings and birthdays. 

The farm’s relaxing atmosphere lets your family enjoy a fun picnic with their onsite kitchen and wraparound porch.

Visit: 14210 S Greeno Rd, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: 251-928-4840

Weeks Bay Plantation, Inc.

Weeks Bay Plantation

Weeks Bay Plantation is where the land meets water with its spacious farm and relaxing breeze.

It is an excellent place to bring your kids as they pick fruits on the farm or enjoy the live outdoor performances. 

 You can also check out their cozy cabins and enjoy dining outdoors with various food and drink choices. 

Visit: 12562 Mary Ann Beach Rd, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: 251-263-2066

Fairhope Avenue

Fairhope Avenue things to do in fairhope alabama

Exploring Fairhope Avenue is like exploring the heart of Fairhope because it has everything you need. 

The avenue has different shops, galleries, souvenir stores, and high-quality restaurants. 

During Christmas, the avenue is brighter with the Christmas lights and decorations adorning the streets. 

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Downtown Fairhope

Downtown Fairhope things to do in fairhope alabama

If you want another shopping district to bring home goodies, you can stroll downtown Fairhope. 

They have various clothes, gifts, souvenirs, crafts, and accessories shops, but they also sell designer items. 

This area is the best place to visit if you want to experience the busy Fairhope life and buy memorabilia for your trip. 

Fairhoper’s Community Park

Fairhopers Community Park things to do in fairhope alabama

Fairhoper’s Community Park is a famous spot for family gatherings as their dinosaur statue welcomes you. 

The kids and adults will enjoy the playground with slides, swings, tunnels, and spray showers.

You can run around and take a leisure walk around the shady spots and appreciate the beautiful grass area. 

Visit: 105 S Church St, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: 251-382-8406

Marietta Johnson Museum

Marietta Johnson Museum things to do in fairhope alabama

Marietta Johnson Museum is a dedicated museum for the educational reformer Marietta Pierce Johnson. 

She founded the progressive school Marietta Johnson School of Organic Education, which serves Fairhope and Baldwin County students. 

Her museum features artifacts from Johnson’s early days and her philosophy about education that revolutionized education.

Visit: 10 S School St, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: 251-990-8601

North Beach Park

North Beach Park

North Beach Park features a walking trail, duck pond, and magnificent Mobile Bay view.

Its trail has around 500 tree species, such as Hazeel Adler and Champion trees, that add a scenic element to the park. 

The kids can play on merry-go-round swings or explore the beach with their diggers and sand castles. 

It also has a covered pavilion so families can rest and plan a picnic under the oak trees. 

Visit: 4 N Beach Rd, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: 251-990-0174

Fairhope Dog Park

Fairhope Dog Park things to do in fairhope alabama

Dogs can have their fun too at the Fairhope Dog Park, where they can run with their leashes off. 

From small to large breeds, everyone is welcome in the 2-acre park, where there are water stations and benches. 

They also have collection stations and waste bags if your dogs have to pee or poo to keep the park clean. 

Visit: 701 Volanta Ave, Fairhope, AL, US, 36532

Call: 251-990-0174

Weeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

Weeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

Weeks Bay Reserve is a research institution that studies the coastal ecosystem and estuarine management. 

The research center is about 6,000 acres big, where they get fresh water from the Magnolia and Fish Rivers before releasing it to Mobile Bay. 

You can enjoy hiking in their adventurous trails where you can spot plant species like Pitcher Plants, ferns, carnivorous plants, and more. 

Visit: 11300 US-98, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: 251-928-9792

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Bohemian Park

Bohemian Park things to do in fairhope alabama

Bohemian Park is a hidden gem where you can swim, have a picnic, and relax by the lazy river with your family. 

This local attraction is a nature sanctuary where you can swing around with a rope and hop in the river. 

The park also has a covered pavilion, a tiny beach, a bathroom, picnic tables, and parking while free. 

Visit: Co Rd 48, Fairhope, AL 36532

Park enthusiasts, save this article!

Discover a complete Fairhope, AL park list for later exploration!

Mullet Point Park

Mullet Point Park

Fairhope never runs out of parks for families to enjoy, including Mullet Point Park, which is a small park in Mobile Bay.

It gives the bay the best view while you can see small piers or launch a boat to sightsee in the relaxing park. 

It is another hidden gem on the East Shore with a lovely landscape, picnic tables, and a covered pavilion.

You can watch sunsets, have a picnic, ride your boat, or fish if you have a saltwater fishing license. 

Visit: 13203 Co Rd 1, Fairhope, AL 36532

The Grand Hotel Resort and Spa

The Grand Hotel Resort and Spa

The Grand Hotel Resort and Spa is some of the best hotels in Fairhope that offers luxurious accommodations and fun amenities.

It is a peaceful place to stroll around and have a delicious meal with a fantastic view of Mobile Bay. 

Oak trees and gardens surround the picturesque hotel, making it stand out from other accommodations.

During the afternoon, you can witness their cannon firing while you enjoy a cup of tea and cookies on the side.  

On-site, they have ten tennis courts, a pool complex, Bayside Grill, and more indoor and outdoor activities. 

Visit: 17855 Scenic Highway 98, Fairhope, Alabama 36532

Call: 251-928-9201

Gambino’s Italian Grill

Gambinos Italian Grill things to do in fairhope alabama

Gambino’s Italian Grill was started in 1975 by the Gambino Family, serving the best Italian cuisine in Fairhope.

They offer a complete dining experience with the perfect atmosphere for classic Italian food, seafood, and steaks. 

You can catch up with friends over a glass of wine in their lounge with live music as your background sound. 

Their best dishes include manicotti, lasagna, Shrimp Scampi Ano, eggplant parmigiana, and chicken dishes. 

Visit: 18 Laurel Ave, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: 251-990-0995

Live at Five Concert Series

Live at Five Concert Series

Live at Five Concert Series is about enjoying live music with their exciting and different concert series in downtown Fairhope. 

Spend your Friday night in the Halstead Amphitheater during Spring and Fall to catch the best local artists’ jam. 

You can set your blankets or chairs and enjoy different musical genres like funk, country, rock, Americana, soul, and jazz.

Aside from good music, you can also try delicious foods from the food trucks in the area for a great family time. 

Visit: 450 Fairhope Ave, Fairhope, AL 36532

Panini Pete’s

Panini Petes

Panini Pete’s is the perfect coffee shop to take a break if you want to start your day with coffee and bread. 

They serve delicious pressed sandwiches, paninis, Angus beef burgers, Beignets, chips, and fries. 

It is one of the best restaurants in Fairhope, where they serve quality food crafted by their chef to enjoy the authentic taste. 

Whether you want it for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, their house-made spreads, baked sweets, cheese, and meats are a must try.

Visit: 42 S Section St, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: 251-929-0122

Theatre 98 Inc.

Theatre 98 Inc.

The premier community theater Theatre 98 Inc is a must-visit place if you enjoy watching theater shows. 

Each year, actors take over the stage to perform four classic shows that are nothing less than spectacular production. 

Their actors, designers, volunteers, and backstage people continue to provide quality live entertainment, making goers keep coming back to support. 

Visit: 350 Morphy Ave, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: 251-928-4366

Fairhope Mardi Gras

Fairhope Mardi Gras things to do in fairhope alabama

Mardi Gras celebration in Fairhope is a unique experience for the family as you welcome New Year’s Eve in Fairhope’s way.

The town lights up as colorful floats made by creative residents parade through the downtown streets.

It is an anticipated event with many people, from organizers and designers, working to bring color to your new year. 

The streets are also alive and busy, with local boutiques selling premium clothes and bakeries selling delicious sweets. 

Restaurants continuously serve high-quality dishes and add special menus to adapt to the Mardi Gras celebration.

The Happy Olive

The Happy Olive

The Happy Olive is heaven for people who love aroma, taste, healthy dishes, and Mediterranean cuisine.

This restaurant offers premium sauces from extra virgin olive oils, aged balsamic, bruschetta, custom spices, and more.

They also make homemade mustard on tap, specialty oils, teas, ceramics, and kinds of honey from specially selected ingredients. 

You can also join their charcuterie class, cooking demo, or a private tasting session with family and friends. 

Visit: 314 De La Mare Ave, Fairhope, AL 36532

Call: 251-929-0711

Taste of Fairhope

Taste of Fairhope

Taste of Fairhope is a guided walk tour that lets you explore the beautiful streets of Fairhope while tasting the delicious food it offers. 

Fairhope has a lot to offer, from drinks, food, desserts, and unique delicacies from international and regional cuisine.

You can also learn about the culture and history of Fairhope with the beautiful stories, sceneries, and taste that the two have to offer. 

Call: 251-622-4041

Fairhope Film Festival

Fairhope Film Festival things to do in fairhope alabama

Fairhope Film Festival is an annual celebration of award-winning films during November that showcases the best talents. 

Its venue is a picturesque area with flowers for an elegant backdrop and access to restaurants, accommodations, and shops.  

You can enjoy watching different films prepared by the organizer and maybe pick a favorite from all of them. 

Call: 251-202-9119

Village Point Park Preserve

Village Point Park Preserve

A few miles from Fairhope is Daphne’s largest protected park, Village Point.

It is an Eastern Shore hidden gem where you can observe wildlife like birds, insects, alligators, and more in their natural habitat.

You can also find flowers, trees, and other native plants while walking around their nature trails. 

The park is rich in history and diversity, as proven by its natural treasures like streams, woodlands, and wetlands. 

There is much to do in Village Point Park Preserve, such as enjoying picnics, hiking trails, and beach access.

Visit: 27710 Main St, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-621-3703

FAQs – Things To Do In Fairhope Alabama

What is the History of Fairhope?

Fairhope Industrial Association founded the town of Fairhope in November 1894 as a Georgist Single-Tax colony.

The association is a group of Henry George followers who believe the public community should hold and use excoriated land for homes, farms, etc. 

Fairhope Single Tax Corporation, which owns thousands of acres of land in the area, charges tax land according to the land size instead of property development. 

However, after unfortunate events, the corporation struggled with finances and surrendered most of its land to the town. 

Now, the community stands as a product of the cooperative individualism that Ernest Berru Gaston introduced. 

Although the town still pays tribute to George, the corporation passes the property taxes they collect from remaining lessees.

What is Fairhope Famous For?

Fairhope is famous for its jubilee, a natural phenomenon on shore that makes fish flock in the shallow bay.

This phenomenon happens in water and weather conditions that affect the oxygen levels in the water to become low. 

When it happens, sea creatures have to fly near the surface to seek oxygen; that’s why they end up on the shallow side. 

Fishermen, locals, and tourists find this an opportunity to catch seafood and hold competitions easily.
Many tourists visit Fairhope to witness this event, participate in the celebration, and enjoy eating fresh seafood.

When is the Best Month to Go to Fairhope

Fairhope is a great place to visit all year round, but if you want the best time to visit, it is during November. 

The streets light up in vibrant and creative colors to give the town a little sparkle at night, almost like a holiday warmup. 

Also, not many tourists visit Fairhope during November, so that rates can be cheaper, and there are fewer crowds.

However, the busiest time for Fairhope is around June to August because it is summer when rates increase.

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Wrapping Up

Despite being small, Fairhope is big in offering fascinating things to do, from outdoor to indoor experiences. 

The town is rich in scenic water views, lush nature parks, unique outdoor experiences, and hospitable people.

There is never a dull moment in Fairhope because of the endless activities, attractions, and culture to explore.

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