14 Best Theaters in Alabama

Alabama is home to several famous theaters for their impressive shows and historical contributions, like the Magic City Birmingham

top theatres in AL

It is famous for the Mickey Mouse Club shows and notable acts like Mae West, Marx Brothers, and more.

Beyond their antique charms, these best theaters in Alabama are the best place to nurture artists’ talents and the audience’s enthusiasm for performing arts. 

Alabama Theatre

Alabama Theatre is a flagship movie theater created by Paramount Studios that can seat up to 2,500 people. 

Despite being a prominent film venue, it is intimate and gives an up-close experience for those who want performing arts shows. 

Alabama Theater was a primary film spot until it went bankrupt, and an NGO bought it and turned it into a new theater.

The whole place underwent restoration and is now a sparkling gold setting with fresh carpets, lounges, and drapes. 

Visit: 1817 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

Call: 205-252-2262

Saenger Theatre Mobile

Saenger Theatre is one of the most iconic establishments in the Historic District of Mobile because of its architecture and history. 

It is a European-style theater made in 1927 and has since become a leisure landmark for the community. 

Emile Weil designed the original structure and created a two-manual organ, traps, auditorium lighting, and rooms. 

It can accommodate more than 1,900 people who can watch acoustic concerts, recitals, and operas. 

Visit: 6 S Joachim St, Mobile, AL 36602

Call: 251-208-5600

Carver Theatre & Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame

Carver Theatre & Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame opened as a film house in 1935, which became one of the favorite Birmingham landmarks.

It was one of the first movie houses that opened screenings for African-American communities when segregation was rampant. 

After an economic depression, the Carver Theater closed in the 1980s and reopened again to feature more shows, especially jazz shows. 

With joint efforts, the theater is not just home to performing arts shows but also for people who uphold the jazz music heritage. 

Visit: 1631 4th Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

Call: 205-327-9424

Crescent Theater

Crescent Theater is a historic independent movie theater located in the downtown entertainment district of Mobile, Alabama. 

Its one-screen theater features different types of films that usually run for a week or two that you can enjoy in an intimate setting. 

Their shows vary from local, international, indie, and national films to live performances from different artists.

If you want to discover underrated films with impressive cinematography and plot, it is the perfect place to experience them.

Visit: 208 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36602

Call: 251-438-2005

Ritz Theatre

Ritz Theatre is one of the surviving theaters on Art Deco Street in Talladega, featuring elegant and breathtaking architecture.

The theater underwent a thorough restoration to restore the lavish look of the city’s iconic silent movie house. 

The building features opaque and antique pigmented structural glass, famous in the 20s and 30s. 

Visit: 115 Court Square N, Talladega, AL 35160

Call: 256-315-0000

Princess Theatre

Princess Theatre is a performing arts center that connects the diverse community through pleasure and arts.

The intimate 677-seating playhouse features art-deco-style architecture where you can attend various performances from different genres. 

It was a boarding stable until it became a playhouse and movie house for silent films, classic movies, and dance recitals. 

Princess Theater has been home to talented artists and production teams preparing lively and cinematic experiences for more than a century.

Visit: 112 2nd Ave NE, Decatur, AL 35601

Call: 256-350-1745

Joe Jefferson Players

Joe Jefferson Players welcomes you to their 305-seater playhouse, featuring live shows like musicals, Broadway, and more. 

This entertainment center became a home and haven for local artists and played enthusiasts in the Mobile area.

Visit: 11 S Carlen St, Mobile, AL 36606

Call: 251-471-1534

Fort Payne Opera House

Fort Payne Opera House started in 1889, during the peak of the industrial sector in Fort Payne, and remained operational until this day.

It is home to different movies, public forums, and a performing arts venue after reopening to the public in 1970.

As one of the oldest playhouses in Alabama, Fort Payne Opera House is part of the National Register of Historic Places. 

You can also see them in the National Register of 19th Century Theatres in Alabama, which actively operates live shows. 

Visit: 510 Gault Avenue North, Fort Payne, AL 35967

Call: 256-845-6888

Cotaco Opera House

Cotaco Opera House is the first concert hall made in Alabama, with its original address at the historic downtown of Decatur.

Its first name was Masonic Building before it became Cotaco when industrialist individuals wanted an opera house for the city.

Today, it is still an operational playhouse that hosts live shows, music, meetings, and other leisure events. 

Visit: 115 Johnston Street, Decatur, Alabama

Davis Theatre for the Performing Arts

Davis Theatre opened in 1930 as the Paramount Theatre, which became a movie house for Vaudeville and talk shows.

It is a place for movies, exciting shows, and a meaningful site for couples as dates, proposals, and weddings happen here.

It closed its doors in 1976 but reopened in 1983 after Troy University purchased and renamed it Davis Theatre. 

It can seat up to 1,200 people in its intimate and modern design with excellent acoustics, stage view, and entertaining shows.

Visit: 251 Montgomery St, Montgomery, AL 36104

Call: 334-241-9567

Lyric Theatre

Lyric Theatre is a restored Vaudeville Playhouse that hosts live music and dance shows in an intimate and extravagant setting.

It has intimate seating and excellent acoustics for that premium viewing experience regardless of your seat.

Lyric is one of the few theaters that allowed people of color to attend the same show together during the 1920s when segregation was rampant.

Today, the place is still one of the best venues to showcase the culture and talent of people from all genres.

Visit: 1800 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

Call: 205-252-2262

Bama Theatre

Bama Theatre is a historic building in downtown Tuscaloosa where the nightlife is active, with endless leisure and restaurants lined up. 

The playhouse opened in 1938 to accommodate people who enjoy arts like acoustic shows, bands, film series, and more. 

Their yearly calendar is always full of fun and exciting activities that allow audiences to experience culture and art.

Visit: 600 Greensboro Ave, Tuscaloosa, AL

Call: 205-758-5195

Nexus Cinema Dining

Nexus Cinema Dining is one of the leading movie houses in Mobile that offers a comfortable and modern venue for watching films. 

Nexus is your unusual film experience as they serve a full menu, from appetizers to desserts, while eating on their table and recliner seats. 

They also have two theaters where you can experience a Dolby Atmos sound system and a 4K viewing experience

Visit: 7070 Bruns Dr, Mobile, AL 36695

Call: 251-776-6570

Pitman Theater

Pitman Theater is more than just a playhouse; it is a multi-functional facility that houses different events in downtown Birmingham. 

When it first opened in 1947, it was one of the luxury theaters with an air-conditioning system that was rare before.

It was in a friendly rivalry with the Princess Theater from Decatur until the latter experienced a fire accident. 

After ownership and renovations, Pitman Theater opened its door again in 2010, with the playhouse as a public multi-functional center.

Visit: 629 Broad St, Gadsden, AL 35901

Call: 256-549-4740

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Bottom Line: The Best Historic Theaters in Alabama

A Historic Theater in Alabama.

Whether it is the 19th or 21st century, theaters will always be relevant because it is unique and evolving.

With the trend in online streaming services, visiting historic theaters is a fun way to keep the industry and support local artists. 

So, if you want an immersive and unique viewing experience, visit the nearest historic stage to discover local live shows and movies.

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