The Wharf in Orange Beach Goes Bigger and Bolder

Mobile Rundown Staff

Orange Beach’s famed attraction, The Wharf, recently threw a fabulous celebration to kick off its grand expansion. It started a little late because of the rain, but nothing could dampen the excitement. 

So, let’s talk numbers. 

This expansion, dubbed “Portside on Main,” is an absolute behemoth, spanning a whopping 33,000 square feet. 

Wharf Expansion

It’ll be a retail wonderland with tons of entertainment options to make your head spin. There are going to be offices, too. 

Plus, they’re adding 26,000 square feet of outdoor awesomeness, complete with stages for unforgettable performances. 

Art Favre, the owner, couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. He dreams of building a lively hub where folks can mingle, kids can frolic, and even bands can strut their stuff. 

And it looks like his dream is coming true. 

The locals are totally on board. Mayor Tony Kennon believes The Wharf is the heartbeat of their community. 

From casual family outings to mindblowing concerts, it’s the ultimate vacation destination within Orange Beach. 

The best part? They’re on a mission to finish this expansion by next summer! We’ll be able to check out this Orange Beach upgrade pretty soon.

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