LOCAL BREWERY CLOSES: Last Call at Old Majestic

Mobile Rundown Staff

Cheers turn to tears as Old Majestic Brewing Co. bids farewell to its loyal patrons and shuts its taps for good. 

The brewery recently announced its permanent closure via a heartfelt Facebook post, expressing gratitude to employees and customers. 

old majestic brewing co closing down

Apparently, their frothy dreams have gone flat as court documents reveal a bitter legal battle between the brewery and its landowners, Lafayette Land Company. 

The company filed a lawsuit demanding immediate eviction and seeking a hefty sum of $1.3 million from Old Majestic for unpaid rent.

Oof, what a headache.

I need a beer. 

So, now there’s a shadow over this one-promising establishment, leaving a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth. 

old majestic brewing co closing down 1

And as the final chapter of Old Majestic unfolds, beer lovers and regulars will have to seek solace elsewhere and raise a glass to the memories shared within its walls. 

[I’m sure Braided River Brewing wouldn’t wish this upon their brewing neighbor, but it sure won’t hurt their future business].

As for now, folks are expressing their sadness. 

Ashley White Little says, “This place was my favorite. Huge bummer.” 

Dee DelBone Breinig adds, “I’m so sad. Y’all were like family to us. Going to miss everyone. Hope to meet up again.” 

Heather Sterret blurts out the question on everybody’s mind, “Where am I supposed to go now?” 
Well, here’s to hoping that Mobile’s brewing landscape continues to thrive and that new ventures will soon emerge to fill the void left by the Old Majestic Brewing Company. Those are pretty big shoes to fill.

We’re sure the owners are in touch with bigger brewery brands around the region, given the beautiful facility and great location.

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