The Greater Gulf State Fair: Where Fun, Food, and Entertainment COLLIDE!”

The Greater Gulf State Fair is a must-see event whether you are a local or a tourist looking for fun. 

The fair is perfect for families to try delicious food and enjoy what Mobile County offers.

Despite being a new fair in Mobile County, it has given visitors a memorable experience. 

From the moment you arrive, you can smell delicious food, hear friendly greetings, and see the brightly lit rides.

Take the whole family and prepare for a day of fun and excitement at the Greater Gulf State Fair.

The Bustling Entrance To An Exciting Fairground Adventure.

What is the Greater Gulf State Fair?

The Greater Gulf State Fair has fun and exciting rides, agricultural shows, and thrilling rides. 

This event happens at the Fairgrounds in Mobile, Alabama, which is large enough for thousands of attendees. 

It is the perfect place for a family gathering because kids can enjoy games and the zoo while adults can watch live music. 

So come down to the Greater Gulf State Fair, the biggest fair in Alabama, for a perfect day!

History of the Greater Gulf State Fair?

This Mobile County Fair has a rich history, starting in 1955 when the Mobile Jaycees organized a fair to raise funds. 

The fair became a huge success, with approximately 60,000 visitors in its first year. 

Elvis Presley even performed at the first fair and was offered a four-year contract to return, but the fair declined. 

Over the years, this small fundraising event became a fair everyone looked forward to in Mobile. 

It used to happen at the Ladd Stadium before finding its permanent home at The Grounds.

Despite the changes over the years, the fair remains focused on improving Mobile County and nearby cities.

The Greater Gulf State Fair continues to promote agriculture, industry, business, and more extensively. 

Where Does the Greater Gulf State Fair Happen?

The Ground is a 160-acre property that can host small-scale community service projects and festivals.

It serves as a year-round hub of activity and entertainment in Mobile, Alabama.

With millions of visitors annually, this venue is a leader in community development on the Gulf Coast. 

They also offer camping facilities for RVs, exhibition halls, ballrooms, and parking spaces. 

But the main event at The Grounds is the Greater Gulf State Fair, which brings in thousands of visitors. 

Visit: 1035 Cody Rd N, Mobile, AL 36608, United States

Call: 251-344-4573

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When Does the Greater Gulf State Fair Happen?

Fun-filled Attractions And Games Awaiting At The State Fair For Your Enjoyment!

Mark your calendars for 2023 and prepare for the fun-filled week of food, animals, music, and rides at the Greater Gulf State Fair. 

The fair will kick off on October 27 and run through Sunday.

Those planning to go on the weekends can catch the fair from 11 AM to 11 PM.

But if you want to go on weekdays, the fair will open from 4 PM to 10 PM.

Take advantage of this annual event, and join the fun!

Greater Gulf State Fair Lineup for 2023

At the Greater Gulf State Fair, local talents and musicians aim to share their music with the enthusiastic crowd.

In some events, national acts perform in the concert lineup.

Everyone on the fair stage can get you standing and dancing to the beat. 

You can access the fair and watch these artists for $10 for general admission and $5 for children. 

There are also special prices like the unlimited ride pass at $25 every night. 

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Foods to Try at the Fair in Mobile, AL

The fair always invites different concessions to serve food so that you can expect something new.

Based on the previous menus, you will likely try classic fair foods like corn dogs, funnel cakes, and more.

There may also be unique dishes that showcase the local flavors of Mobile County.

It is best to check the fair’s social media page to keep you updated on the food options.

But one thing is sure: you will leave the fair with a happy stomach and full mouth!

Things to Bring to the Mobile County Fair

Ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience at the Greater Gulf State Fair by bringing along these essential items:

Cards and Cash

One essential thing to remember when attending a fair is to bring cash and a card. 

Only some vendors will accept cards, so bring cash to buy food, drinks, souvenirs, and more.

ATMs are also available on the fairgrounds, so be prepared and bring a mix of cash and cards.

Comfortable Clothes

Attending the fair can be physically demanding, especially if you plan on walking around to enjoy all the attractions. 

With that in mind, it is best to wear comfortable shoes and clothes for long periods of walking. 

Sunscreen and Hat

Being out at the fair means you have to spend a long time outdoors with sun exposure.

It can be risky, especially at noon, so protect yourself by wearing a hat and applying sunscreen. 


Stay hydrated during the fair, especially if you plan to stay outdoors longer. 

Carry a refillable water bottle to avoid dehydration while walking around the fair. 

Bringing a refillable bottle instead of buying plastic is also more environmentally friendly. 

The fairground may provide a water fountain or refill station so you can fill your bottle.


Carry your essentials in a small bag or backpack so it is easier to retrieve them when walking around the fair.


The temperature can drop at night, so bring a jacket or sweater to keep you warm if you stay late.

Portable Charger

A portable charger can keep your battery charged if you love taking photos, scrolling through the internet, or navigating the grounds. 

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Wrapping Up

For a dose of classic fun and entertainment, check out the Greater Gulf State Fair!

Yearly, this event hosts a delightful array of music, art, delicious cuisine, and more, ensuring something special for everyone.

The fair has everything from savory fried treats to sweet desserts, country tunes, exhilarating rides, farm animals, and talented artists.

Enjoy an eclectic musical lineup, from up-and-coming acts to renowned headliners, while relishing the affordable ticket prices that promise an exhilarating experience.

Mark your calendar from October to November to partake in this beloved Gulf Coast tradition.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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