The Alabama Advantage: Why Florida is Flowing to Alabama

Sachin Ghatwal

Move over Florida, there’s a new hot spot for retirement, and it’s just a hop across the border. 

That’s right; Alabama’s Gulf Coast is quickly becoming the new haven for retirees looking for a more welcoming community. 

In fact, according to a recent report by The Wall Street Journal, Baldwin County is growing faster than any other county in Alabama. 

The Alabama Advantage: Why Florida is Flowing to Alabama

Apparently, there’s been an influx of Floridians and others seeking to escape the transient lifestyle of the Sunshine State. 

But what is it about Alabama that’s attracting these retirees? Let’s find out. 

It turns out it’s not just the sweet tea and hospitality that’s drawing in migrants; it’s affordability. And who can blame them? Your nest egg certainly has more mileage over at this side of the shore. 

And it’s not just the housing prices that are lower, but also the insurance and food costs. The average salary in Baldwin County may be lower than in some parts of Florida, but it’s a fair trade-off for the quality of life and beautiful scenery. 

Jim Cavanaugh, a retired ATF special agent-in-charge, is an example of a happy transplant. He bought a gorgeous $788,000 home in Orange Beach and says that his house would have cost three times as much in Florida. 

But who cares about that when you can have the same shore, same sun, same sunset, and the same seagulls flying back and forth? 

So if you’re looking for a retirement spot that’s easier on your bank account, maybe it’s time to say goodbye to Florida and hello to Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

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