Take Inspo From This Local Hero Who Saved A Baby’s Life

Mobile Rundown Staff

When Leonard Osborne heard frantic knocking on his front door, he had no idea his day was about to take a dramatic turn. 

It was his neighbor, and she was in distress because her 10-month-old baby was choking and unresponsive.

What a nightmarish situation. 

rescuing a choking baby

But thanks to his quick thinking, Leonard gave the baby several back blows with the palm of his hand.

Sure enough, the child’s color began to return as it miraculously started gasping for air again. 

And for his heroic actions, he was presented with a Civilian Lifesaving Award from the Mobile Fire Rescue team

We should take this story as a cue to brush up on our CPR education.

We all know that in a crisis situation, every second counts. 

Having the knowledge and confidence to act can mean the difference between life and death! 

That’s why organizations like MFR are working hard to raise awareness about the importance of emergency training. 

They offer classes and workshops to teach people how to recognize signs of cardiac arrest and perform CPR. 

learning cpr

It is scary, but the thing with CPR is it doesn’t have to be done 100% perfectly.

The important thing is to act and do something. 

Mr. Osborne made a lasting impact on the community and what it means to be a good neighbor.

I bet he gets a pie every year for the rest of that baby’s life.

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