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Should I Move to Alabama?

Good question!  I totally get where you’re coming from.  Moving is a big deal, and you want to know you’re making the right decision.  As someone who’s called Alabama home for most of my life, I’m here to help you peel back the layers of this place.  In this article, we’re going to dive into … Read more

fort morgan state historic site

Alabama Historical Sites That Will Astonish You!

Ready to jump into Alabama’s rich history but not sure where to start?  I get it; it can be a lot to take in — All those epic moments and game-changing stories packed into one state!  As a local, I visited and grew up around these sites. So, I bring you this guide that’s more … Read more


15 Of The Best Places to Live in Alabama

Looking to relocate to Alabama? Well, there are many choices for prime spots to live in. We’ll unveil the state’s top residences, from vibrant cities to cozy towns.  This list was based on crime rates, public schools, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities.  Now, let’s find your new home! The Best Places to … Read more

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15 Top Neighborhoods in Spanish Fort, AL

Are you looking to move to Spanish Fort? Good choice! Spanish Fort has many unique communities that attract new residents every year.  From peaceful streets and stately properties to conveniently located subdivisions, Spanish Fort has something to offer everyone.  Now, let’s explore your options and go through the best neighborhoods in Spanish Fort, AL!  Audubon  … Read more

Wrapping Up the Best Cities to Retire in AL

11 Top Cities to Retire in Alabama

Retirement can be fulfilling because it brings new challenges, changes, and rewards.  That is why choosing a suitable retirement spot that meets your needs is crucial so you can quickly adapt to changes. Alabama might be perfect for you if you’re looking for a place to retire with a good quality of life and beautiful … Read more

About De Tonti Square District in Mobile, AL

The Amazing De Tonti Square District in Mobile, AL

Nestled under the shade of majestic oak trees in Downtown Mobile, you’ll find the vibrant De Tonti Square Historic District.  While the name might imply that it’s merely a square, it’s a neighborhood with a strong sense of community and rich history.  Its roots trace back to the 1820s to the 1830s when Mobile flourished … Read more

About the Ashland Place District in Mobile, AL

The Wonderful History of Ashland Place District in Mobile, AL

Ashland Place is a vibrant neighborhood renowned for its elegant homes and rich history.  It was once home to the renowned Ashland House, the residence of Augusta Evans Wilson.  The district gained its name from this Greek Revival antebellum mansion that stood proudly on Lanier Avenue.  Although the house, unfortunately, burned in 1926, the legacy … Read more

About Church Street East District in Mobile, AL

the Beautiful Old Dauphin Way Historic District in Mobile, AL

The Old Dauphin Way Historic District in Mobile is a charming neighborhood that showcases the city’s rich history.  Spanning 766 acres, it is considered Mobile’s largest district.  The area is prime, nestled among Broad Street, Springhill Avenue, Government Street, and Houston Avenue.  As you explore the streets of this neighborhood, you’ll be transported back in … Read more

About Church Street East District in Mobile, AL

The Very Best Of Church Street East District in Mobile, AL

The Church Street East Historic District is in the city’s heart.  Also listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this area covers a sprawling 1,403 acres.  The magnificent Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception stands in the middle, symbolizing architectural splendor.  Church Street, from which the district derives its name, holds a special significance in … Read more