Super Bowl Sunday + King Cakes

Sachin Ghatwal

Maybe your idea of celebrating Super Bowl Sunday isn’t being stuck in a house party. Well, Mobilians agree with you. 

Many went out to catch the game and halftime show (lots of chatter on that) yesterday. There were many restaurants and bars that hosted their own parties. 

It was a good time. 

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bow, and halftime featured a pregnant Rihanna wearing a puffy, bright red jumpsuit. 

Paul Rudd, an ardent supporter of the Chiefs, was spotted on the field before kickoff, beaming proudly and wearing his team’s jersey.

Native Philadelphian Bradley Cooper, decked out in an Eagles T-shirt, jumped for joy in the stands when his side scored the game’s first points.

DJ Snake and Jason Derulo performed before the game, with mechanical dogs dancing in tune to their beat.

Alabaman Navy Pilot in Super Bowl Flyover 

alabaman navy pilot in superbowl flyover

Speaking of the Super Bowl, we have a point of pride here. 

Upon the conclusion of the National Anthem on Sunday, February 12, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, three tactical aircraft squadrons from the US Navy flew over the field.

Celebrating 50 years of women pilots in the United States Navy, the flyover at Super Bowl LVII showcased the cutting-edge electronic capabilities of the service’s top aircraft.

Lt. Arielle Ash of Abilene, Texas; Lt. Margaret Dente of North Salem, New York; Lt. Naomi Ngalle of Springfield, Virginia; Lt. Jacqueline Drew of Waltham, Massachusetts; Lt. Suzelle Thomas of Birmingham, Alabama, and Lt. Kathryn Martinez of Springfield, Virginia are the flyover team for Super Bowl LVII.

Women first joined the United States Navy’s flight program in 1973. So, this 2023 commemoration will mark 50 years since then. 

Six of the original eight students, known as “The First Six,” graduated the following year and received their Gold Wings.

The Mobile Mystics Get Wet 

the mobile mystics get wet

The Mobile Mystics will always deliver regardless of the weather. In all honesty, a little rain doesn’t bother us Mobilians anyway, right? 

Two weeks ago, the Mystics kicked off the Carnival season with an epic open house. 

In light of the fact that this year the order features two queens, the theme is “dynamic duos.” 

The two monarchs are actually sisters. This is the first time in three decades that this has happened within the order.

Yesterday, a little over 5,500 folks attended their parade. Everyone was a little damp, but the abundance of fun throws made it worth it.

King Cakes by Rebecca 

king cakes by rebecca

A local baker managed to turn an unfortunate situation into a good one. She started her own business to generate revenue for her personal medical expenses. 

Cottage bakery “Bread by Beck,” opened by Rebecca Wattier, has become quite the hit, notably for its king cakes. 

Wattier’s goal for the next Mardi Gras season is to bake a thousand cakes! She’s baking these cakes around the clock because folks can’t get enough of them. 

She’s skilled in the kitchen, but she can’t go back to her old bakery job because of issues from a broken leg. 

Her surgical procedures and rehabilitation lasted about five years. Meanwhile, she was struggling to find a way to pay the mounting bills from her medical care.

Her friend suggested that she come up with her own king cake recipe. And she did! 

Wattier claims that the secret to her delectable cakes is a combination of spices, fragrant bread, and a focus on fresh ingredients.

She works hard to ensure their authenticity and freshness. She tries to bake them as near to the pickup time as possible, and her customers are happy. 

She uses only purple and gold sprinkles to decorate one cake in a style that is quintessentially Mobilian!

Order one today to support this inspiring local. 

A Sobering Update

a sobering update

The National Weather Service warns us that there is potential for severe weather for all of Alabama on Thursday. 

Wednesday brings a higher chance of storms in the northwest. Please expect hail and strong winds. 

Thursday’s predicted thunderstorms might produce tornadoes, squall lines, hail, and flooding rain. 

In the next few days, they will be able to pinpoint the exact time of the expected storms. Stay safe out there.

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