Are There Sunflower Fields in Alabama?


The locals are just as ecstatic as the bees because sunflower season has arrived in Central Alabama. 

To see thousands of sunflowers in full bloom, pack your clippers, cash, and sunscreen and drive to The Sunflower Field in Autaugaville, west of Montgomery.

Beautiful as it is to observe, this midsummer custom doesn’t last forever.

Beginning at sunrise and continuing until all the sunflowers are gone, the fields will be open to the public. 

Each year in May, Todd sows somewhere around a million seeds across his family farm.

Usually, the sunflowers will bloom in early July and will be at their peak for around ten days.

sunflower fields in alabama

The Sunflower Field in Autaugaville – A Brief History

Millions of sunflower seeds have been planted by Todd Sheridan every year since 2016 in the same fields his grandfather once worked. 

Every summer, he and his wife, Kim, welcome tourists and locals alike to the fields to take pictures, pick flowers, and purchase t-shirts, caps, and other mementos. 

Guests need not pay anything to take in the lively scene!

Creating a tourist hotspot wasn’t Kim and Todd Sheridan’s first intention, but they happily welcomed this surprising byproduct. 

The early fields, which are now adjacent to the current ones, were established as a cash crop several years ago. 

Eventually, the Sheridans started planting on the two fields across the street, which are the ones tourists visit now.

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What To Expect For Your Trip To Sunflower Fields In AL

What To Expect For Your Trip 

This year, for only $5 per person, you may take a wagon ride around the magical sunflower field.

Sunflowers can be picked for $1 per stem, or you can get 14 stems in a bucket for $10.

Some tips for you: 

  • Bring cash. 
  • Bring sunscreen! 
  • Bring clippers. If you can, bring your own instead of relying on the ones the farm provides. 
  • Your phone or a camera. You’re free to snap away as much as you wish! 
  • Pets are not allowed. 
  • Dress appropriately. Bring hats and sunglasses, and wear suitable shoes. It can get muddy! 
  • Make sure you’ve used the restroom before you head there. 
  • Professional photographers are allowed, but they have to pay a $20 admission fee. 

Kim suggests getting photos taken in the early morning or in the evening.

The sun will be less intense, there is a lower likelihood of rain, the flowers will be at their most vibrant, and the contrast between the blossoms and the blue sky will be striking.

Here is how long of a drive it would be to get to Autauga County Sunflower Field from select cities in Alabama: 

  • Montgomery: 41 min. 
  • Auburn: 1 hr and 27 min. 
  • Andalusia: 1 hr and 55 min. 
  • Demopolis: 1 hr and 17 min. 
  • Greenville: 1 hr and 32 min. 
  • Mobile: 2 hrs and 56 min. 
  • Tuscaloosa: 1 hr and 33 min. 
  • Huntsville: 2 hrs and 59 min. 

Address: 3301 Hwy 14 West, Autaugaville, AL 36003 US

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Final Thoughts 

Sunflowers aren’t called “sunflowers” for no reason.

They love the sun and only thrive during the summer. 

If you happen to be in the area, try not to miss these gorgeous, friendly blooms.

Even if you aren’t, these fields are so worth the trip, even if you won’t do it for the Gram. 

See you there!

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