The Best Summer Camps Mobile AL

Are you planning on sending your kid to camp this summer? That would be an excellent move on your part. 


You’re providing them an opportunity to have a life-changing experience.

You’re offering them the chance to learn and develop traits and talents that would be challenging to cultivate at home.

Luckily for families in Mobile, there are numerous summer camps around to attend.

I’ll list the best for you in this post. 

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And for those who have forgotten how beneficial it is to go to summer camp, I’ll list the reasons why your kid should go to one in the following section. 

Why Your Kid Should Go To Summer Camp 

kids in red t shirts attending a summer camp


A child spends time away from their parents at camp. This time alone is critical for children’s development of self-identity. 

Children learn to become more self-reliant as they explore their hobbies and identify their skills and shortcomings. 

Instead of relying on a guardian to tell them what to do, they learn to trust their internal dialogue.

Being self-sufficient as an adult requires independence.

Perhaps your youngster is terrified of sleeping without Mom or Dad next door, or maybe they are too timid to go out alone. 

As kids discover the world in new and fascinating ways, the camp will help them transition to independence.

Self-esteem is also boosted when a child is independent.

Teaching responsibility, fostering curiosity, and providing a safe atmosphere for a kid to make decisions independently are all parts of raising an autonomous child. 

All three of these elements are nurtured at summer camps.


In addition to time away from electronics, children require exposure to nature.

Nature awakens all of our senses. A kid can see, touch, hear, smell, and sometimes even taste nature when they are outside.

Life becomes richer, fuller, and more enjoyable as a result of sensory development. 

On the flip side, spending too much time inside might dull the senses and rob children of life’s simple pleasures.

Most significantly, spending time outside promotes mobility, which is essential for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Kids can run, skip, jump, climb, laugh, and breathe fresh air outside.

In addition, the sun provides them with a good amount of Vitamin D.

Finally, nature allows youngsters to relive the beauty and wonder of childhood while also encouraging them to contemplate life’s greatest questions.


A healthy diet and physical activity are encouraged in camp programs.

At camp, children of all ability levels can participate in a variety of exciting physical activities.

Regardless of the camp they attend, all students will have the opportunity to participate in physical activity.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, only one out of every three youngsters is physically active every day. 

Physical activity is vital for heart health and weight management and boosts confidence, and reduces stress. 

It is fundamental to instill the importance of physical activity in children at an early age so that they will continue to exercise as adults.

Rather than engaging in less healthy habits, kids at camp concentrate on fun, activities, learning, and socializing to alleviate stress.


Children participate in a range of group activities throughout summer camp.

Participating in a sport like basketball or soccer, for example, teaches a youngster how to work as part of a team, relate with other kids, and solve problems on their own.

A child’s leadership qualities can be developed by leading a group of other children on a trek. 

In overnight summer camps, a child’s communication skills may improve as a result of distributing chores. 

A kid may develop essential decision-making skills as they face challenges and overcome hurdles while participating in new and exciting activities such as ziplining or archery. 

All of these abilities are valuable in the real world and are developed in summer camp.

Of course, social skills are taught at school as well.

Camp brings kids together in a facilitated environment that fosters a feeling of community and respect for individual diversity. 

On the other hand, school is concerned with academic accomplishment.


At summer camps, children can meet other youngsters with similar interests in a relaxed environment.

They also make new pals their own age from many walks of life. 

Children form genuine connections over their camp experience.

The obstacles they encounter together and the enjoyment they have free of pressure and media distraction nurture lasting friendships. 


Children will learn to work together at summer camps to achieve common goals, such as building a shelter or winning a baseball game. 

Kids will be introduced to a variety of ideas and opinions while participating in a number of activities. 

They will learn to recognize that not everyone shares their viewpoints or opinions.

They will also learn that in order to achieve a common goal with others or to live and play in peace, they must respect and cooperate with diversity.

In addition, summer camps foster a culture of respect and regard for others.

Children are praised for involving others and acting in a respectful manner.

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The Best Summer Camps In Mobile AL 

Now that you remember the wonders of summer camp, let’s explore your options for summer camps around Mobile. 

Mobile is an excellent location to get in touch with nature, so there isn’t a shortage of summer camps in South Alabama for your child to attend. 

Camp Chandler-Tonsmeire 

Camp Chandler-Tonsmeire - summer camps mobile al

2701 Shelton Beach Road Ext. Mobile, AL 36618

(251) 423-2180

Camp Chandler-Tonsmeire is a character and leadership development program that focuses on preventing summer learning loss. 

It holds a summer day camp program that is certainly unique for its area.

It is located on 140+ acres of lovely land in Mobile, Alabama.

Your kid can benefit from a well-rounded camp experience their activities like hiking, swimming, archery, creative projects, gaga ball, and volleyball. 

Since Camp Chandler-Tonsmeire kids can master new abilities and overcome problems, they leave with a higher sense of self. 

Children return home with the assurance that they can face new challenges, develop new skills, and meet new people. 

Most significantly, Camp Chandler-Tonsmeire is a location where kids may reconnect with nature.

Get to know more about the Boys and Girls Club Of South Alabama here.


Camp SMILE - summer camps mobile al

3058 Dauphin Sware Connector Mobile AL, 36607

(251) 479-4900

Camp SMILE is a residential camp for people with disabilities ranging in age from five to fifty years old, as well as their siblings. 

This camp has a one-to-one camper-to-counselor ratio, which helps campers acclimate to life away from home.

This setup also fosters lasting relationships between campers and counselors.

Swimming, boating, fishing, arts & crafts, horseback riding, ziplines, archery, and many more activities are available at Camp SMILE, thanks to modified rules and specific equipment.

​Camp SMILE is about making a difference in people’s lives. Campers enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, and their families get a much-needed break. 

Plus, the volunteers have a wonderful time! If you’d like to do your part for the community, you could also attend this camp as a counselor.

Online registration is still ongoing.

Dearborn YMCA Summer Camp Program 

Dearborn YMCA Summer Camp Program

321 N Warren St. Mobile AL, 36603

(251) 432-4768

With activities that cultivate lifelong skills, boost self-confidence, and foster enduring connections, the Dearborn YMCA encourages all children to get to know who they are and imagine who they can be.

During the summer, their Summer Camp Program ensures that children have a safe place to stay. 

This program mixes summer fun and learning to ensure that children retain what they have learned during their time off from school.

As a result, they are equipped and eager for the next academic year.

Mobile’s Best Summer Camp 

Mobile’s Best Summer Camp 

Dawes Location: 2410 Dawes Rd. Mobile, AL 36695

(251) 313-6442

Hillcrest Location: 1261 Hillcrest Rd. Mobile, AL 36695

(251) 315-8491

Children ages 5 to 12 are welcome to join Mobile’s Best Summer Camp.

This camp is worth considering if you want your child to have a lot of fun while staying healthy and active.

This camp is dedicated to your child’s academic, athletic, and personal achievement. 

Every week, your kid will have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports, educational lessons, arts and crafts, and other activities. 

The best part? All of these fun events are included in the low-cost membership fee. 

This camp is not a country park, daycare, or babysitter. It’s far superior.

You and your child will feel welcomed from the moment you arrive at this summer camp since students are treated like family.  

While other summer camps generally “babysit” their students all day, Mobile’s Best will encourage and motivate your child to be the best version of themself.

They only recruit the best coaches and experienced educators and are really concerned about your child’s performance. 

This summer camp is run by dependable coaches with years of expertise who have all passed a thorough level 2 background check.

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Exploreum Science Center Summer Camp 

Exploreum Science Center Summer Camp - summer camps mobile al 

65 Government St. Mobile, AL 36602

(251) 208-6893

The Nappie Award for Best Summer Camps for Mobile and Baldwin Counties was given to Exploreum Science Center Summer Camp in 2020 and 2021 by Lagniappe magazine.

This summer program is meant to provide each child with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to have fun while learning about sciences.

They can go on new day long adventures and take on new challenges this summer. 

In a friendly, facilitated environment with trained educators, campers will have the opportunity to participate in new activities with kids their own age – all while uncovering science concepts.

They will take part in hands-on activities that reinforce STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) topics, as well as have full access to exhibits and the new PCI Digital Dome Theater.

The camp staff is made up of caring, experienced educators who specialize in childcare.

They want every camper to be successful and have a good time at camp. 

Summer camp coordinators will work hard to recognize and encourage positive behavior in campers.

They’re trained to spot any situation that could prevent a camper from having a fantastic time. 

Rapahope Summer Camp 

Rapahope Summer Camp

205 Lambert Ave Suite A, Mobile, AL 36604

(205) 476-9880

Rapahope is always counting down the days until their most important event of the year.

During Camp Week, kids and teens can participate in all of the traditional camp activities. 

It’s a fun-filled week that the kids will never forget, with everything from swimming and crafts to horseback riding and a high ropes obstacle course.

At Rapahope, your child will be able to have fun, socialize, and forget about their woes!

Their week-long summer camp is for youngsters aged 7 to 17 years old who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Because cancer is costly enough, all Rapahope programs are provided free of charge.

Kids will have full access to medical care and activities throughout camp.

Their medical team includes:

  • A medical director who has worked at the camp for many years
  • A Nurse Practitioner who specializes in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
  • A physician who is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Several nurses who specialize in oncology

They’re also only 15 minutes away from the local children’s hospital, with a volunteer on hand to drive them there and back.

Get to know more about Rapahope here.

Watermelon Patch Preschool Summer Camp 

Watermelon Patch Preschool Summer Camp 

5417 Hillcrest Park Ct. Mobile, AL 36695

(251) 633-3288

They love summer at the Watermelon Patch Summer Camp, and they make it count! 

Your youngster will have a blast for ten weeks at this summer camp. The camp holds weekly themes from June 6th through August 12th, including:

  • Pirate shipbuilding 
  • Painting 
  • Singing 
  • Ice cream making 
  • Uncovering science concepts with crafts
  • Lots more!

Every day, your child will look forward to coming to day-long adventures and have fun with camp friends. 

The Watermelon Patch Preschool Summer Program is a wonderful experience that will engage and thrill any child from 12 months to seven years.  

Families can pick from two to five-day options, just like they can during the normal school year.

Art Blast Summer Camp 

Art Blast Summer Camp 

Education Wing at Mobile Museum of Art, 4850 Museum Drive, Langan Park, Mobile, AL 36608

(251) 208-5200

Is your kid more of the artsy type?

No problem! The Mobile Museum of Art will conduct the Art Blast Summer Camp in seven week-long courses, which will run until August 2nd.

This camp is open to kids from four and up. Kids can take on some creative projects over the summer.

Students will be able to attend one to four lessons per day.

These lessons will be taught by expert art professors in a fun and creative setting. 

All levels of experience are welcome to participate in the courses.

Youths aged 14 and older can receive half-price admission by volunteering as an Art Aide for as little as 20 hours per week. 

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Final Thoughts 

There you have it, the finest summer camps in Mobile, AL.

Let your kids develop their skills and go on new adventures this summer, all while having the time of their lives.

It will give you a much-needed break too! 

Don’t worry, camps are designed not just for entertainment but to reinforce STEAM concepts as well. It’s a well-rounded experience that every child will benefit from.

On to new adventures!

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