Spanish Fort Mayor Weighs in on I-10 Bridge and Bayway Project

Mobile Rundown Staff

After years of planning, the long-awaited Interstate 10 Bridge and Bayway project is finally gaining momentum. 

The funding is secured, and construction teams have been selected to kickstart this development. 

Workers will soon start geotechnical drilling to test the soil conditions, marking the first step toward construction. 

spanish fort mayor on I-10 project

This is set to commence by the end of the year or early next year. 

Transportation planners and local leaders are thrilled about this progress, as traffic congestion at the Wallace Tunnel bottleneck has been a pain in the neck for years. 

Speaking of congestion, Spanish Fort Mayor Mike McMillan has a couple of concerns amidst this project. 

Construction of the new I-10 Bridge includes a tolled Bayway that might divert traffic to Causeway. 

He suggests additional lanes and better lighting for Causeway to handle this potential traffic surge. 

This is certainly possible because the short-term plan allocates funds for intersection improvements and Causeway access management. 

In fact, the Alabama Governor’s administration set aside $3 million from GOMESA funds for possible major construction. 

These preparations should be a priority given that emergency detours would be essential in case of accidents. 

We shouldn’t be taking chances! 

So, while this is good news for the I-10 Bridge project, let’s hope the government will keep an eye on the bigger picture. 

They should focus on preparatory measures for now and anticipate the inconveniences that this project will surely bring. 

With widespread support for this major “facelift,” they’ll likely take Mayor McMillan’s concerns seriously. 

At the end of the day, the goal is to make Causeway and the entire transportation system a smooth ride for everyone.

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