Top 5 Skating Rinks In Mobile, Alabama

With more people growing to like skating, there can never be enough places for you to slide and glide. 

Your yard and garage can be a little boring at some point when you want to test out your skills and show off. 

If you enjoy it, you may want to roll into a new and exciting place to move with your skate shoes.

It’s high time for you to go out and head over to five of the best skate rinks in Mobile, Alabama, and nearby.  

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Top 3 Skate Rinks in Mobile

Dreamland Skate Center

Families’ favorite go-to skating and bonding spot is the 23,000-square-foot Dreamland Skate Center.

Their rink is a hickory surface where you can use their new wheels, better sound system, upgraded lighting, and more relaxed facility. 

They have better and cleaner amenities that friends and families enjoy, such as inflatables, fitness centers, arcade games, and more. 

Visit: 5672 Three Notch Rd, Mobile, AL 36619

Call: 251-661-6997

Sunshine Skate Center

Sunshine Skate Center has been operating since 1977 and is still serving Mobile the best of entertainment and food. 

Their 80 by 180 feet floor has a Tite-Coat finish so you can comfortably roll around while you enjoy their music. 

You can also play arcade games, redeem prizes, and eat at their Snack-a-teria to complete your experience. 

Visit: 950 Hillcrest Rd, Mobile, AL 

Call: 251-639-1704

Mobile Skate Plaza

If you prefer an outside skate experience, you can visit the Mobile Skate Plaza for free. 

The park started with Jewel Cullen’s passion for skating, which became a full-blown activity for the community. 

It is open to the public any time, from dawn to dark daily, so you can practice your tricks whenever you want. 

Visit: 2301 Airport Blvd, Mobile, AL

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Top 2 Skate Rinks near Mobile

Rambo’sRambo’s Skateland

For those who want to go all out and party, while skating, Rambo’s Skateland does an excellent job at it. 

Their party rates start at $140, exclusive of tax, including snacks and drinks for you and your friends or family. 

Many customers commend their excellent service with the birthday party and special events, so give it a go to see for yourself. 

Visit: 531 Saraland Blvd S, Saraland, AL

Call: 251-675-6601

Hot Wheels Skate Center

Hot Wheels offers much more than roller skating because they also have a concession area, a novelty store, and arcade games.

They work hard to create a safe, affordable, and exciting experience for all ages who want to try skating. 

Their almost two decades’ record in the industry allows them to provide fun, special skating sessions and organize party packages.

Visit: 616 Whispering Pines Rd, Daphne, AL

Call: 251-626-5120

Tips When You Go to a Skate Rink Mobile AL

Tips When You Go to a Skate Rink - Mobile Al

You may know by now that skating can be a little tricky, so this section will help you figure out your way into skating rinks. 

Whether you are stepping on ice or wood, you’ll feel a little fear and excitement going through you.

But to help you build confidence before you head into the rink, here are some quick tips for you to remember:

Warm Up

Before anything else, start warming up so your muscles can adapt to the extraneous activity waiting for you. 

It would be best to stretch a little to prepare your body, even if you are over to the moon to step into the rink. 

Tie Skates 

Your shoes play a vital role in your safety, so you always want to keep them nicely tied. 

If you tie them loosely, you can trip over them and have weaker ankle support.

Whereas tightly tied skates can make your feet go numb.

So it would help if you found the right tightness where you are comfortable and safe so you can go on with no problems. 

Avoid Leaning Back

It may be hard to keep track of your skating position, but it will help to remember not to lean back.

You can tend to fall backward and injure yourself more, so keep your knees bent and lean a little forward. 

To help you balance, hold out your arms and widely open them as you skate. 

Use Good Skates

If you are going out for a casual ride with friends and family, you can use the skates available in the rentals. 

They should be pleasing and comfortable to wear, but if you take skating more often, you can invest in a pair. 

You can read online to get an idea of which pair of skates are suitable for long-term use and provide excellent ankle support. 

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Your house can be a good training ground for your skating journey, but a skating rink is the next big step. 

Visiting a skating rink doesn’t have to be a pressuring experience despite the other people who will join you. 

You can meet new skate friends while playing and also create memories with your family when you go to one. 

So prepare to get it; let it roll once you visit the best skate rinks in Mobile and fall in love with the experience.

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