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Chris (owner of Bienville Bites Food Tours) and I (one of the Rundown owners) have a new show…

The Bienville Buzzz 🐝 (formerly The Chris & Brooks Show – creative, I know).

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Chris and I have decided to be Activators in Mobile (activists + innovators).

As of 09/13/23, we have three ideas that we’re discussing and trying to move forward — don’t hesitate to reach out if you have feedback!

The ideas…

A Fight for Mardi Gras

Create an annual football match that’s USA vs. Tulane.

It’s a fight for Mardi Gras – ‘Battle of the Beads’?

Get the cities involved, get ESPN Gameday involved.

Even if it is an ‘unofficial game,’ this could be a significant spotlight for both schools and municipalities.

An Everchanging Art Wall

Inspired by a location called Graffiti Bridge in Pensacola, we think an idea like this would be a great additional to Mobile.

It could be the side of a building in downtown Mobile, and the canvas would be everchanging.

Anyone can create at any time.

No permit needed to paint.

It would be accessible to all.

Photos can be taken and shared, and then fresh ideas can be added.

Closing down Lower Dauphin Street to Motorized Vehicles

We think creating a walkable downtown section will be a win for the city.

It will be safer for visitors and allow more foot traffic to visit the establishments.

On all of these topics, we’re looking to have discussions with people both for and against these ideas.

Our goal is to be Mobile Activators 😏

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