Should I Move to Alabama?

Good question! 

I totally get where you’re coming from. 

Moving is a big deal, and you want to know you’re making the right decision. 

As someone who’s called Alabama home for most of my life, I’m here to help you peel back the layers of this place. 

In this article, we’re going to dive into what living in these parts is really like. 

I’ll share some facts and insights that paint a true picture of this state. 

No fluff, just real talk about what to expect! 

So, let’s find out if the Yellowhammer State is the right fit for you. 

Factors to Consider Before Moving to Alabama



Let’s not beat around the bush and start with the biggie. 

How much is it going to cost you to live here? 

Great news! Alabama is the 4th most affordable state in the US. 

Housing isn’t intimidating, either. 

The average home price is almost half the national median!

Now, let’s talk jobs. 

The job market here is on the upswing. 

The state has seen an increase in employment, with the total number of employed people reaching a record high of over 2.26 million. 

So, if you’re eyeing Alabama, the economy’s set to welcome you with affordability and promising job prospects!

History and Culture 

history and culture

You’ll discover captivating stories and breathtaking scenes as you unravel Alabama’s historical and cultural fabric. 

This state has been the heart of some major historical events! 

There’s the pivotal Civil Rights Movement and the famous Selma to Montgomery marches. 

The nature here? 


We’ve got the pristine beaches of Gulf Shores, the serene trails in Cheaha State Park, and the peaceful flow of the Tennessee River. 

And did you know that Mardi Gras started in Mobile? 

It’s true; We’re the home of this legendary celebration!

So, culture is in no short supply in Alabama. 

There are museums galore and stunning historical sites dotting the entire state. 

Climate and Weather 

climate and weather

We’ve got what you’d call a classic Southern weather pattern. 

Think warm, sunny days most of the year —

Perfect for exploring or just enjoying a lazy afternoon on your porch! 

Summers are hot, and yes, a bit humid, but it’s nothing a pool and some sweet tea can’t fix. 

We do get our share of rain and, occasionally, some severe weather like hurricanes. 

It’s just part of being a coastal state and being next to the Gulf of Mexico. 

But don’t worry, we’re pretty seasoned at handling these punches from nature. 

It’s all about staying informed, prepared, and supporting neighbors! 

Lifestyle and Community 

lifestyle and community

We love to take it easy down here. 

Life here moves at a comfortable pace — not too rushed, but never boring! 

We hold dear to our Southern hospitality, always ready to welcome new faces with a smile and maybe a slice of homemade pie. 

Recreational activities? 

We’ve got tons. 

From fishing to hiking to attending college football games (a big deal around here!), there’s something for everyone. 

And entertainment? 

Between live music, festivals, and local eateries, you’ll find no shortage of ways to enjoy your days and nights. 

In Alabama, it’s all about enjoying life and cherishing the community around us!



If you’re considering making Alabama your new home, we have to talk about one of the best parts: the food

Alabama’s culinary scene is a delightful blend of tradition and innovation. 

You’ll find our BBQ with that signature white sauce absolutely unforgettable. 

Dishes like smothered pork chops and collard greens bring the soul of Southern cooking to your plate. 

Oh, and the fried chicken… 

Who doesn’t love this crispy, comforting classic? 

And as a coastal state, we have access to the freshest seafood, with po’boys, oysters, and shrimp ‘n’ grits as local faves. 

Head to Bayou La Batre, the state’s seafood capital, and sample the coast’s best offerings! 

Here, food isn’t just nourishment; 

It’s a celebration of culture and community! 



After all that indulging, you’ll be glad to know there’s no shortage of outdoor fun to keep you active and fit. 

From scenic hikes in our state parks to kayaking down vibrant rivers, 

Alabama is a playground for those who love the outdoors.

And when it comes to healthcare, we’re well-equipped. 

Facilities like UAB Hospital in Birmingham and the Ascension Providence Hospital in Mobile offer top-tier medical care. 



Education is a little complex in Alabama. 

The quality of education varies significantly throughout the state. 

Many schools are underfunded and underperforming, but there are gems within the system. 

Districts like Auburn, Madison, Homewood, and Vestavia offer excellent student support and impressive academic results. 

Not to mention a wealth of extracurriculars! 

On the university front, we have a range of options. 

UofA at Birmingham, Auburn, and Samford have seen fluctuations in rankings but continue to provide quality education. 

So, if you’re moving family or seeking higher education, choosing the right district in Alabama is key. 

Crime and Poverty 

crime and poverty

I have to be open about our challenges with crime and poverty. 

This year, the state’s crime rate is 31.82 incidents for 1,000 people.

The rates of violent and property crimes are higher than the national average. 

As for poverty, about 16.1% of our population lives below the poverty line. 

Of course, these issues are more pronounced in some areas. 

That’s why it’s important to research and understand the specifics of where you’re considering moving. 

And while these are serious issues, many communities across the state are actively working towards solutions and improvements. 

Pests and Wildlife

pests and wildlife

Our warm weather brings a diverse array of wildlife and pests. 

Think big bugs, like cockroaches up to 2 inches long! 

They’re experts at hiding in tiny cracks, with smaller ones often seen indoors. 

Termites are a thing, too. 

Also, watch out for red wasps on those warm fall days! 

And, of course, our rich ecosystem includes gators, snakes, spiders, and even sharks along the coast. 

It’s all part of Alabama’s lively natural environment, but living with these wild neighbors can be a lot sometimes!

Quick Pros and Cons 

TL;DR? Here’s a nifty pros and cons list to give you a brief overview if you’re considering a move to Alabama. 


  • Low cost of living 
  • Lower taxes 
  • Affordable housing 
  • Plenty of job opportunities 
  • Steeped in history 
  • Warm climate 
  • Friendly communities 
  • Great food 
  • Naturally beautiful 
  • Many cultural events 


  • Prone to storms and hurricanes 
  • Uncomfortably humid summers 
  • Inconsistent education quality 
  • Pests 
  • Seasonal tourist crowds
  • Higher crime rate than the national average 
  • Poverty issues in certain areas


Is Alabama a good place to live in? 

Absolutely, Alabama is a fantastic place to live! 

You get the best of both worlds here: gorgeous mountains and stunning beaches. 

Plus, the cost of living is affordable, and the Southern hospitality? 

Well, that’s just the cherry on top, especially for families.

Should I live in Florida or Alabama? 

Florida definitely has its perks with those beautiful beaches and sunny weather, but Alabama has a charm all its own. 

Here, there’s a blend of stunning landscapes, rich history, and a vibrant cultural scene. 

I’d say it offers a balanced lifestyle that’s great for both families and individuals. 

Where should I retire in Alabama? 

Choosing a retirement spot in Alabama depends on your preferences and lifestyle. 

For a tranquil, small-town feel, consider Fairhope or Gulf Shores.

If you prefer a more vibrant scene with access to cultural activities and healthcare, check out Huntsville or Birmingham.

For those who love history and charm, Mobile or Florence, with their rich cultural heritage, could be ideal. 

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Final Thoughts 

Alright, that’s a wrap! 

I hope this little sneak peek into Alabama has been helpful. 

Deciding where to move is no small feat! 

Why not give it a trial run

And hey, if the laid-back vibe and natural allure sound good to you, ‘Bama might just be your next home sweet home. 

So, here’s me wishing you all the best in your decision. 
Who knows? Maybe I’ll be welcoming you as a fellow Alabamian soon!

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