Road to the Pros: Behind the Scenes at Mobile’s Senior Bowl

The Senior Bowl is a BIG DEAL in Mobile (it even made our list of top 10 events).

This bowl game is a showcase of college football’s best, right in our backyard. 

2024 Reese's Senior Bowl

This post will let you in on all that excitement! 

You’ll see how future pros battle it out in their final college game. 

And, as a local, I’m sharing the inside scoop. 

From intense training to the electric atmosphere in the stands, I’ll do my best to infect you with Mobile’s football bug. 

So, get ready to understand what makes the Senior Bowl a community highlight. 

Let’s get you all caught up on Mobile’s beloved football tradition! 

What is the Senior Bowl? 

The Senior Bowl is where college football’s finest strut their stuff.

It’s an all-star game held every year right here in Mobile.

Imagine all the best NFL Draft prospects who’ve just finished college football… 

They’re all here, showing off their skills. 

But it’s more than a game. 

The Senior Bowl is actually a big fundraiser, too! 

Local and regional organizations benefit from it, with over $7.8 million raised so far. 

Think of it as a mix of fierce competition and community spirit. 

It’s our way of giving back while enjoying the sport we love. 

That’s the Senior Bowl for you — football with a heart.

A Quick History Lesson on The Senior Bowl

The Senior Bowl kicked off in 1950 in Jacksonville, Florida

But Mobile, Alabama, became its home the very next year. 

The game has been a Saturday staple in January since then, with a few exceptions. 

It was the first game where college players could get paid. 

Originally, players pocketed a few hundred bucks, a nice sum back then. 

But by 1988, the paydays ended. 

The Senior Bowl became more about showcasing talent, not cash. 

It’s always been a lead-up to the NFL’s Super Bowl, setting the stage for football’s next stars.

TV loved it, too!

NBC first broadcasted the game in 1958.

ESPN and the NFL Network have also joined in, bringing the game to millions. 

Sponsors like Reese’s and Nike have added their flair, making it more of a tradition with a bit of marketing magic. 

Fun fact: In 1958, players became Honorary Admirals in the Alabama State Navy. 

How cool is that?

The Game Format

Players are split into two teams, traditionally North vs. South. 


But in 1991, things got a bit mixed up. They tried naming teams AFC and NFC, like in the pros. 

It was a tad confusing, so in 1994, it was back to North vs. South. 

Recently, they switched it up again to American and National teams.

Who coaches these squads? 

NFL staff from teams that didn’t quite top the charts, but their coaches are still kicking. 

Recently, head coaches have stepped back, letting assistants shine. 

It’s a neat way to see new coaching styles.

The rules? 

They’re tweaked to keep players safe and the game simple.

We’re talking ‘no low blocks’ and ‘easy on the blitzes.’ 

Plus, it’s the players’ first taste of pro rules, like needing both feet in bounds for a catch.

Some players skip the bowl to prep for other big days, like the NFL combine or their college pro day.

Senior Bowl Week Events

There’s a palpable buildup before the big game. 

The Senior Bowl week usually runs from the end of January to early February. 

During this time, Mobile buzzes with energy and anticipation. 

The week is packed with various events, both for the players and the community.

One of the main attractions is the intense practice sessions.

These are a crucial part of the scouting process, attended by NFL coaches, general managers, and scouts. 

It’s here where players get to showcase their skills, agility, and game-readiness in a highly competitive environment.

For many, this is a golden opportunity to impress the key decision-makers in NFL football.

Community involvement is also a significant aspect of the Senior Bowl Week.

Activities around town provide insights into the game’s intricacies and promote football’s future. 

Gotta start ’em young, you know?

The Senior Bowl’s Impact on Mobile 

The Senior Bowl is a big win for Mobile, Alabama, bringing in a significant economic impact. 

In 2015, the event generated around $27 million for the city. 

This influx is due to over 35,000 visitors coming to town, boosting local businesses and increasing tax revenues. 

The Senior Bowl is not just a sports event; it’s a community celebration. 

It brings football fans together, strengthens family bonds, and creates job opportunities. 

It’s an event that truly brings life and excitement to the city…

And it reinforces Mobile’s identity as a vibrant, football-loving community!

Senior Bowl Accepted Invites 

The 2024 Senior Bowl is rolling out a star-studded lineup from colleges nationwide. 

These players are the top picks, ready to form the National and American squads. 

Watch as they bring their A-game to this premier all-star showdown!

SchoolFirst NameLast NamesPosition
Penn StateJohnnyDixonDB
OregonKhyree JacksonDB
Oregon StateKitan OladapoDB
Ohio StateJosh ProctorDB
Wake ForestMalik MustaphaDB
Wake ForestCaelenCarsonDB
MissouriEnnisRakestraw Jr.DB
Notre DameCam HartDB
Auburn NehemiahPritchettDB
AuburnDJ JamesDB
TexasJahdae BarronDB
Virginia State WillieDrew DB
Washington StateChauSmith-WadeDB
Clemson TylerDavisDL
Penn StateAdisaIsaacDL
TexasByronMurphy IIDL
Ole MissCedricJohnsonDL
Mississippi StateJadenCrumedyDL
Western MichiganMarshawnKneelandDL
IllinoisKeithRandolph Jr.DL
Florida StateBradenFiskeDL
UCLA LaiatuLatuDL
Troy Javon SolomonDL
Texas A&MMcKinnleyJacksonDL
Baylor GabeHallDL
Texas TechMyles Cole DL
Washington StateBrennanJacksonDL
Ohio State TommyEichenbergLB
North CarolinaCedric GrayLB
North Carolina StatePayton WilsonLB
Georgia StateJontreyHunterLB
Mississippi StateNathanielWatsonLB
MissouriTy’RonHopper LB
Notre DameJDBertrandLB
Houston ChristianJalyxHuntLB
Texas JaylanFordLB
WisconsinPeter BowdenLS
GeorgiaWilliam MoteLS
Oregon StateTalieseFuagaOL
MarylandDelmar GlazeOL
LSU CharlesTurner IIIOL
Kansas StateCooper BeebeOL
GeorgiaSedrickVan PranOL
Florida KingsleyEguakunOL
UCONNChristianHaynes OL
Texas A&MLayden RobinsonOL
TCU Brandon ColemanOL
Houston PatrickPaulOL
WashingtonTroy FautanuOL
West VirginiaZachFrazierOL
AlabamaWill ReichardPK
Texas TechAustinMcNamaraPT
IowaToryTaylor PT
TennesseeJoeMilton IIIQB
South CarolinaSpencerRattlerQB
Notre DameSamHartmanQB
New HampshireDylanLaubeRB
Penn StateTheoJohnsonTE
Kansas StateBenSinnottTE
Florida StateJaheimBellTE
TCUJared WileyTE
South CarolinaXavierLegetteWR
North CarolinaDevontezWalkerWR
Western KentuckyMalachiCorleyWR
Florida StateJohnnyWilsonWR
Texas A&MAiniasSmithWR

Past Senior Bowl Winners and Losers 

DateNorth / AFC / American teamSouth / NFC / National teamSeries
CoachCoach’s teamScoreScoreCoach’s teamCoach
January 7, 1950Bo McMillinDetroit Lions1322New York GiantsSteve OwenSouth, 1–0
January 6, 1951Bo McMillinDetroit Lions1819New York GiantsSteve OwenSouth, 2–0
January 5, 1952Paul BrownCleveland Browns206New York GiantsSteve OwenSouth, 2–1
January 3, 1953Paul BrownCleveland Browns2813New York GiantsSteve OwenTied, 2–2
January 9, 1954Paul BrownCleveland Browns2014New York GiantsSteve OwenNorth, 3–2
January 8, 1955Paul BrownCleveland Browns612New York GiantsSteve OwenTied, 3–3
January 7, 1956Buddy ParkerDetroit Lions212Cleveland BrownsPaul BrownSouth, 4–3
January 5, 1957Joe KuharichWashington Redskins721Cleveland BrownsPaul BrownSouth, 5–3
January 11, 1958Joe KuharichWashington Redskins1513Cleveland BrownsPaul BrownSouth, 5–4
January 3, 1959Joe KuharichWashington Redskins1221Cleveland BrownsPaul BrownSouth, 6–4
January 9, 1960Jim Lee HowellNew York Giants267Baltimore ColtsWeeb EwbankSouth, 6–5
January 7, 1961Jim Lee HowellNew York Giants2633Baltimore ColtsWeeb EwbankSouth, 7–5
January 6, 1962Tom LandryDallas Cowboys742Baltimore ColtsWeeb EwbankSouth, 8–5
January 5, 1963Tom LandryDallas Cowboys2733Baltimore ColtsWeeb EwbankSouth, 9–5
January 4, 1964George WilsonDetroit Lions2128Dallas CowboysTom LandrySouth, 10–5
January 9, 1965George WilsonDetroit Lions77Dallas CowboysTom LandrySouth, 10–5–1
January 8, 1966Mike HolovakBoston Patriots1827New York JetsWeeb EwbankSouth, 11–5–1
January 7, 1967Norm Van BrocklinAtlanta Falcons3513Washington RedskinsOtto GrahamSouth, 11–6–1
January 6, 1968Mike HolovakBoston Patriots2134Kansas City ChiefsHank StramSouth, 12–6–1
January 11, 1969Allie ShermanNew York Giants2716St. Louis CardinalsCharley WinnerSouth, 12–7–1
January 10, 1970Lou SabanDenver Broncos3737Baltimore ColtsDon ShulaSouth, 12–7–2
January 9, 1971Lou SabanDenver Broncos3113New York JetsWeeb EwbankSouth, 12–8–2
January 8, 1972Alex WebsterNew York Giants2126New Orleans SaintsJ. D. RobertsSouth, 13–8–2
January 6, 1973Lou SabanBuffalo Bills3033New York JetsWeeb EwbankSouth, 14–8–2
January 12, 1974Mike McCormackPhiladelphia Eagles1613Detroit LionsDon McCaffertySouth, 14–9–2
January 11, 1975John RalstonDenver Broncos1717San Francisco 49ersDick NolanSouth, 14–9–3
January 11, 1976Chuck FairbanksNew England Patriots4235Chicago BearsJack PardeeSouth, 14–10–3
January 8, 1977Forrest GreggCleveland Browns2724Miami DolphinsDon ShulaSouth, 14–11–3
January 7, 1978Don CoryellSt. Louis Cardinals1714Atlanta FalconsLeeman BennettSouth, 14–12–3
January 13, 1979Walt MichaelsNew York Jets2141New Orleans SaintsDick NolanSouth, 15–12–3
January 12, 1980Bud GrantMinnesota Vikings573New York GiantsRay PerkinsSouth, 15–13–3
January 17, 1981Bill WalshSan Francisco 49ers2310Denver BroncosRed MillerSouth, 15–14–3
January 16, 1982Marv LevyKansas City Chiefs1027Pittsburgh SteelersChuck NollSouth, 16–14–3
January 22, 1983Frank KushBaltimore Colts146New Orleans SaintsBum PhillipsSouth, 16–15–3
January 14, 1984Kay StephensonBuffalo Bills2021San Diego ChargersDon CoryellSouth, 17–15–3
January 12, 1985Jim HanifanSt. Louis Cardinals723Green Bay PackersForrest GreggSouth, 18–15–3
January 18, 1986Dan ReevesDenver Broncos3117Tampa Bay BuccaneersLeeman BennettSouth, 18–16–3
January 17, 1987John RobinsonLos Angeles Rams3842Miami DolphinsDon ShulaSouth, 19–16–3
January 23, 1988Chuck KnoxSeattle Seahawks217New Orleans SaintsJim MoraSouth, 19–17–3
January 21, 1989Dan ReevesDenver Broncos1213Los Angeles RamsJohn RobinsonSouth, 20–17–3
January 20, 1990Marty SchottenheimerKansas City Chiefs410Philadelphia EaglesBuddy RyanSouth, 20–18–3
January 19, 1991Marty SchottenheimerKansas City Chiefs3828New Orleans SaintsJim MoraAFC, 1–0
January 18, 1992Art ShellLos Angeles Raiders1310Chicago BearsMike DitkaAFC, 2–0
January 16, 1993Ted MarchibrodaIndianapolis Colts621Cleveland BrownsBill BelichickAFC, 2–1
January 22, 1994Rich KotitePhiladelphia Eagles3235Miami DolphinsDon ShulaSouth, 21–18–3
January 21, 1995Dan ReevesNew York Giants714Indianapolis ColtsTed MarchibrodaSouth, 22–18–3
January 20, 1996Dennis EricksonSeattle Seahawks2510Chicago BearsDave WannstedtSouth, 22–19–3
January 18, 1997Norv TurnerWashington Redskins3514Kansas City ChiefsMarty SchottenheimerSouth, 22–20–3
January 17, 1998Ted MarchibrodaBaltimore Ravens831Washington RedskinsNorv TurnerSouth, 23–20–3
January 23, 1999Jon GrudenOakland Raiders2131Tampa Bay BuccaneersTony DungySouth, 24–20–3
January 22, 2000George SeifertCarolina Panthers2421Kansas City ChiefsGunther CunninghamSouth, 24–21–3
January 20, 2001Bill CowherPittsburgh Steelers1621Green Bay PackersMike ShermanSouth, 25–21–3
January 26, 2002Mike HolmgrenSeattle Seahawks2641Arizona CardinalsDave McGinnisSouth, 26–21–3
January 18, 2003Dom CapersHouston Texans170Detroit LionsMarty MornhinwegSouth, 26–22–3
January 24, 2004Marvin LewisCincinnati Bengals1028San Diego ChargersMarty SchottenheimerSouth, 27–22–3
January 29, 2005Norv TurnerOakland Raiders2313Tampa Bay BuccaneersJon GrudenSouth, 27–23–3
January 28, 2006Jeff FisherTennessee Titans3114San Francisco 49ersMike NolanSouth, 27–24–3
January 27, 2007Jon GrudenTampa Bay Buccaneers270San Francisco 49ersMike NolanSouth, 27–25–3
January 26, 2008Lane KiffinOakland Raiders1617San Francisco 49ersMike NolanSouth, 28–25–3
January 24, 2009Marvin LewisCincinnati Bengals1835Jacksonville JaguarsJack Del RioSouth, 29–25–3
January 30, 2010Jim SchwartzDetroit Lions3113Miami DolphinsTony SparanoSouth, 29–26–3
January 29, 2011Marvin LewisCincinnati Bengals1024Buffalo BillsChan GaileySouth, 30–26–3
January 28, 2012Leslie FrazierMinnesota Vikings2313Washington RedskinsMike ShanahanSouth, 30–27–3
January 26, 2013Dennis AllenOakland Raiders1621Detroit LionsJim SchwartzSouth, 31–27–3
January 25, 2014Mike SmithAtlanta Falcons1020Jacksonville JaguarsGus BradleySouth, 32–27–3
January 24, 2015Ken WhisenhuntTennessee Titans3413Jacksonville JaguarsGus BradleySouth, 32–28–3
January 30, 2016Jason GarrettDallas Cowboys1627Jacksonville JaguarsGus BradleySouth, 33–28–3
January 28, 2017John FoxChicago Bears1516Cleveland BrownsHue JacksonSouth, 34–28–3
January 27, 2018Vance JosephDenver Broncos1645Houston TexansBill O’BrienSouth, 35–28–3
January 26, 2019Jon GrudenOakland Raiders3424San Francisco 49ersKyle ShanahanSouth, 35–29–3
January 25, 2020Matt PatriciaDetroit Lions3417Cincinnati BengalsZac TaylorSouth, 35–30–3
January 30, 2021Matt RhuleCarolina Panthers2427Miami DolphinsBrian FloresNational, 1–0
February 5, 2022Dan CampbellDetroit Lions1020New York JetsRobert SalehNational, 2–0
February 4, 2023Luke GetsyChicago Bears1027Las Vegas RaidersPatrick GrahamNational, 3–0

Looking to the Future

The Senior Bowl’s future looks bright and full of potential. 

With new rules allowing underclassmen to join, the talent pool is richer and more varied than ever. 

Expect to see fresh faces and rising stars, making each game a unique experience. 

This mix of new and seasoned players keeps the game vibrant and unpredictable. 

The Senior Bowl is set to remain a highlight in the football calendar, showcasing the best of college football.

It also hints at the future of the NFL!

It’s an exciting time for players and fans alike, with each year offering new surprises and talents.

Let’s gooo! 


Where is the Reese’s Senior Bowl? 

It’s happening at the University of South Alabama’s Hancock Whitney Stadium!

So, if you’re a football fiend and want to catch some top-notch draft prospects in action —

This is where you’ll want to be on February 3, 2024. 

It’s the perfect spot to see future NFL stars before they make it big!

What is the route for the Senior Bowl Parade 2024?

For the latest updates and specifics on the parade route, keep an eye on the Senior Bowl’s official site as the event approaches. 

It’s the go-to place for all the fun happenings around the Senior Bowl! 

You can check for updates here.

Where can I watch the Reese’s Senior Bowl? 

The 2024 Reese’s Senior Bowl is all set to be aired live on the NFL Network. 

So, if you’re eager to catch the action, mark your calendar for Saturday, February 3, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. EST. 

It’s going to be a thrilling display of some of the best college football talents, all vying for a spot in the big leagues. 

Don’t miss it!

Final Thoughts

The Senior Bowl in Mobile is a thrilling event where college football’s future stars shine. 

It’s not just a game; it’s a community celebration, boosting the local economy and spirit. 

Each year brings excitement with top-notch talents, making it a must-watch for football enthusiasts. 

It’s a proud Mobile tradition, spotlighting the city’s love for the sport. 

Truly, the Senior Bowl is where football dreams soar and Mobile’s passion for the game skyrockets. 

It’s a key milestone in football history and a beacon for new talent stepping into the NFL limelight!

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