The 16 Best Seafood Restaurants in Gulf Shores

Okay, seafood lover, I see you! 

If you’re anything like me, a trip to the coast simply isn’t complete without going ham on a plate of shrimp. 

And Gulf Shores

That’s seafood heaven right there! 

I have this quirk — every time I hit a new seafood joint, I can’t resist ordering a shrimp po’boy or shrimp ‘n’ grits. 

I’ve made it my life mission to find the perfect rendition of these dishes. 

I hope you’re ready to embark on a tasty voyage with me. 

Now put on that eating bib because we’re about to explore the best seafood restaurants in Gulf Shores below!

We’re going to have to burn off some indulgent calories, but that’s what beaches are for! 

The Hangout 

the hangout in gulf shores alabama

Let’s start off strong and head straight to “The Hangout,” where the name itself screams, “Good times ahead!” 

This joint doesn’t just stop at being a restaurant; it’s also one of the main attractions of the area

On top of full-service dining, there’s also live entertainment, a fire pit, a kiddos’ play area, and a courtyard. 

I mean, who wouldn’t want a sand pile, foam pit, and games while waiting for their food? 

Speaking of food —

Their menu will tickle your taste buds in ways you never imagined. 

Craving something fried and crunchy? 

Try their lightly breaded calamari, served with a side of their signature Shaka sauce

Or perhaps you’re in the mood for their award-winning Hangout Wings

But the star of the show is the Ultimate Seafood Boil!

You’ll get to sample snow crab, mussels, Gulf shrimp, and more, all swirled in Old Bay garlic butter. 

Oof, anyone else’s tummy grumbling? Just me? 

Where: 101 E Beach Blvd, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 948-3030

Tacky Jacks 

tacky jacks a great restaurant that's located in gulf shores

Imagine chilling under a canopy of grand old oaks right by the Intracoastal Waterway, with a view that could soothe any soul. 

That’s Tacky Jacks for ya! 

Begin your day with an award-winning farmer’s omelet, and by evening, indulge in the famous Bushwacker

It’s voted best on the Coast. 


How about gorging on some crispy La Hawg Bites with special Blowin Smoke BBQ sauce

And if you want to go classic, there’s also the spicy allure of their Tacky Shrimp

Chill out at Jacks Bar, tune into the melodies of live musicians, and watch your kids have a ball at the play area

And while you’re there, snag a souvenir from their gift shop, showcasing nifty gifts from local talents. 

Where: 240 E 24th Ave, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: 9251) 948-8881

DeSoto’s Seafood Kitchen 

DeSoto’s Seafood Kitchen

Oh boy, get those taste buds ready because DeSoto’s is where it’s at. 

Award-winning and smack dab in the heart of Gulf Shores, this family-favorite spot serves the good stuff. 

We’re talking seafood so fresh you might just think it jumped onto your plate! 

Fancy it fried, broiled, grilled, blackened, steamed, or Cajun style? 

They’ve got you. 

If you’re feeling a tad adventurous, why not try the Pecan Encrusted Fresh Catch

Or how about a sizzling Hawaiian Ribeye steak or some addictive coconut shrimp that folks can’t stop raving about? 

Top it all off with a homemade dessert and a splash of excellent wine. 

It doesn’t get any better than this! 

Where: 138 W 1st Ave, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 948-7294

Original Oyster House

original oyster house

The Original Oyster House has been wowing folks since 1983. 

You can expect genuine Southern hospitality and unbeatable waterfront sunsets. 

[We’ve got a location on the causeway overlooking Mobile Bay as well — I’ve eaten there dozens of times with my family over time]

That’s a point of pride for us! 

Now, let’s talk oysters

They’ve got the hand-shucked, fire-grilled kind and dreamy Oyster Rockefeller

Hungry for variety? 

Try the Boardwalk Combo or the Pleasure Island Stack

Each dish here is a flavor fest. 

And don’t get me started on desserts! 

Their peanut butter chocolate chip pie

Pure legend. 

With a warm and loyal staff and decades of positive reviews, it’s a seafood mecca. 

Don’t take my word for it —

Swing by, soak in the view, and feast away! 

Where: 701 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 948-2445

Sea N Suds 

sea n suds

Back in 1975, Sea N Suds set up shop in Gulf Shores. 

Starting off in an old bait shop, founders Gerald and David had visions of fresh seafood, breathtaking sunsets, and endless chats. 

A hurricane once tried to dampen their spirit, but they bounced back, stronger, with Nancy Peyer hopping on board. 

Fast forward, Sea N Suds now stands as that timeless escape by the waves. 

You can relish those sunsets, get serenaded by waves, and chill on their deck. 

Their seafood? 

Still iconic. 

They’re serving up familiar delights like shrimp sandwiches and fried crab claws

Need some comfort? 

Go for their gumbo!

This isn’t just any old gumbo, folks. 

It’s Grandma Sellers’ special, a cherished recipe passed down through the Bodenhamer family for over two centuries! 

Yup, some things should never change… 

Where: 405 E Beach Blvd, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 948-7894

King Neptune’s Seafood 

King Neptune’s Seafood

Get ready for a tidal wave of flavors at King Neptune’s! 

Operating since the swingin’ ’60s, this family-run joint has a simple mantra: “Live, Love, Eat!”

And trust me, you’re gonna want to eat! 

Though King Neptune’s keeps it humble with a no-fuss ambiance, the culinary delights are anything but ordinary. 

Fancy a taste of the Bahamas without leaving the island? 

Go for their cracked conch and fritters

For the daring, the tuna stack will tease your taste buds with a tropical ensemble of avocado, mango, and seaweed, all topped with a cheeky pineapple drizzle. 

And if you want something a bit fancy, the ranch panko-crusted tripletail drenched in sherry cream sauce is a showstopper. 

Then cheers with their eclectic beers and wines, a toast to seafood royalty! 

Oh, and don’t miss the artsy side of King Neptune —

Peek around for the tarpon mural for a photo-op. 

Where: 1137 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 968-5464

Mikee’s Seafood

Mikee’s Seafood

Swing by Mikee’s, a classic family-run spot since 1987. 

Dreaming of shrimp? 

They serve it jumbo in so many mouth-watering styles: pan-grilled, fried, sauteed, and more!

Craving that classic Southern touch? 

Their fried green tomatoes and seafood gumbo are always the talk of the town. 

Or maybe you’d rather skip to the main act and gorge on fried oysters!

Plus, they offer a unique twist with their “All You Can Eat” plates if you want to eat yourself silly. 

And here’s the coolest part: 

If you’ve got a fresh catch, they’ll cook it up for you, paired with their signature hushpuppies and corn fritters

A trip to Mikee’s is like a hearty handshake with the heart of Alabama’s seafood tradition! 

Where: 205 E 2nd Ave, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 948-6452

Shrimp Basket 

shrimp basket

Started in 1993 by two Gulf Shores locals, the vision was clear: 

A casual, family-focused seafood haven where everyone from strangers to neighbors turns into friends by the meal’s end. 

And boy, did they succeed! 

So, what kind of meals are we talking about here? 

There’s the grilled sea bass, crowned with zesty mango salsa or that spicy Cajun cream sauce; all cozied up on a bed of rice. 

Or maybe you’re in the mood to channel your inner pirate with the Low Country Boil for Two — 

A treasure trove of peel ‘n’ eat shrimp, sausages, and more! 

For noodle fans, the Cajun Pasta is like Mardi Gras on a plate. 

And hey, taco enthusiasts, from Boom Boom Shrimp Tacos to Blackened Whitefish, it’s a fiesta with every bite. 

At the Shrimp Basket, you don’t just eat; you indulge in a coastal culinary carnival! 

Where: 301 AL-59, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (334) 609-0868

The Steamer – Baked Oyster Bar 

the steamer

When the call of baked oysters beckons you, The Steamer is where you gotta drop anchor. 

Forget about the usual fried stuff —

Here, it’s all about that steamed goodness. 

So, let’s talk oysters. 

Weirdly enough, they claim to have the best baked ones in town. 

But the ocean of offerings doesn’t stop there. 

They have everything from Royal Red to Crab Legs

And if turf is more your vibe than surf, they have chicken and beef dishes that’ll knock your socks off. 

Would you rather stick to something raw? 

Their Oysters on the Half Shell are calling your name! 


Try their frozen Amaretto Orange Blossom or their version of the ubiquitous Bushwacker

Where: 124 W 1st Ave, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 948-4042

Fish River Grill 

fish river grill

Now, let’s talk about a real institution in Gulf Shores, the Fish River Grill. 

Dubbed the “Funky Junky Redneck Joint,” this spot is where locals head when they’re in the mood for some top-notch grub. 

They’re particularly famous for their Swamp Soup

I’d describe it as a mix of vegetable soup, Italian Wedding soup, and navy bean soup. 

Looks a mess, yes, but it’s tasty!

For seafood lovers, their OMG Shrimp Feast Po’boy, generously slathered with crawfish sauce, is a bite of heaven. 

Not enough shrimp in the world to satiate you? 

Try their Gulf Shrimp Platter and pair it with a signature cocktail. 

And for a real Southern treat, you can’t miss the Mississippi Catfish, offered as filets or strips. 

Where: 1545 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 948-1110

Gulf Island Grill 

gulf island grill

Established in 2003, this Gulf Shores treasure is all about those tropical vibes and seafood masterpieces. 

Want something that’s both sophisticated and downright delicious? 

You can’t go wrong with the Grouper Roulade, where fresh grouper meets crabmeat, all dressed up in a seductive garlic-wine butter cream sauce. 

For cheese fans, the Grouper Parmesan is a crescendo of baked perfection. 

But if you want it all, the Gulf Island Ya-Ya is where it’s at. 

Shrimp, peppers, onions, and tomatoes unite, blanketed in a decadent garlic cheddar sauce. 

With a menu this tantalizing, it’s high time you found out what the buzz is all about at Gulf Island Grill! 

Where: 244 E Beach Blvd, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 968-4440

The Flying Harpoon

the flying harpoon

The Flying Harpoon is a po’boy club that’s got all the bayou dive bar vibes down pat. 

They’re all about that late-night feast, boasting a raw oyster bar where you can have your fill. 

Their a la carte items have the magic touch of Nanc’s B**chin’ Kitchen, blending Cajun flavors with a Gulf Coast spin. 

And, if you’re the kind who keeps tabs on cool spots, this joint’s been highlighted on Food Network and Beach Bites with Katie Lee. 

Oh, and you might spot Bob, the famous gator, lounging out back by the pond. 

I wonder if he’s still hanging around…

Where: 112 Windmill Ridge Rd, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 948-4645



If you thought Lulu’s was just another beachside eatery, think again! 

Cooked up by Lucy Buffett, Jimmy Buffet’s (RIP) equally fun-loving sis, Lulu’s is more of a culinary playground than a simple restaurant. 

Maybe she took notes from Margaritaville…

With a three-story ropes course, arcade, beachy gift shop, outdoor bar, nightly live music, and a Fountain for Youth —

It’s a delightful sensory overload before you even bite into their mouth-watering dishes. 

Heading to the main event: the food

Try their lip-smacking Crab Melt, heartwarming Shrimp ‘n’ Grits, and tacos that make you go, “Why didn’t I order more?” 

You can also sample some of the Buffett family faves, like fried shrimp po’boys and gumbo.

And let’s not skip a beat on their allergy-friendly angle. 

Lulu’s rolls out the red carpet for every dietary need with an allergy menu. 

Whether you’re dodging gluten, soy, dairy, or nuts, they’ve got you covered. 

Where: 200 E 25th Ave, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 967-5858

The Beach House Kitchen & Cocktails 

The Beach House Kitchen & Cocktails 

The Beach House Kitchen & Cocktails is where the sizzle of the grill meets the soothing sounds of the waves. 

This fab spot whips up Gulf delicacies like no other. 

How about sinking your teeth into some Gulf Shrimp Skewers

You can have them blackened, lemon peppered, or fried. 

More of a fish fan? 

Their Gulf Fish Plate is a must-have, especially paired with pineapple slaw and tartar sauce. 

And for those who adore comfort food with a twist, the Crawfish Mac & Cheese will perk you right up. 

Meat lovers, brace yourselves for ‘The Burger.’ 

Hand-ground Angus Sirloin paired with your choice of indulgent extras, like bacon or avocado? 

Yes, please! 

And here’s a little secret: 

Slide up to the bar any day between 2-6 p.m., and you’ll find some Happy Hour delights that’ll make your wallet and spirit sing. 

Where: 1154 Beach Blvd #6200, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 948-2431

Pink Pony Club 

pink pony club

The Pink Pony Pub is a sassy pop of color in Gulf Shores. 

Despite battling hurricanes (that apparently can’t respect town ordinances) and time, it stands proud, refusing to be washed away. 

They’ve been serving up scrumptious seafood and burgers since the ’50s. 

Craving Gulf Shrimp

They have it every which way! 

Add a po’boy that gives New Orleans a run for its money, and you’re in foodie paradise. 

By evening, let loose on the dance floor or savor spectacular sunsets from their patio. 

Where: 137, E Gulf Pl, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 948-6371

Hammered Crab 

hammered crab

I’m ending this list with the new kid in town, the Hammered Crab! 

Their all-you-can-eat snow crab legs are all the rage right now. 

Don’t want to crack, twist, and smash your way through dinner? 

Kickstart your gastronomic journey with the Crab Dip, a luscious meld of lump crab, cheeses, spinach, and artichokes, perfectly paired with garlic crostini. 

For something heartier, the Shrimp, Crab, and Andouille Gumbo brings coastal warmth straight to your table. 

On the mains front, the Herb-Crusted Prime Rib is sheer perfection. 

But you’re here for seafood, right? 

Try the crab cakes! 

And don’t leave without trying those Beignets; they’re the sweet ending every meal needs. 

Where: 1220 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Call: (251) 200-0545


What seafood is Gulf Shores, Alabama, known for? 

Popular eats in the area are shrimp, crab, oysters, grouper, snapper, and flounder! 

And though brought in, you’ll also likely encounter scallops, tuna, catfish, redfish, and squid. 

Where is the best place to fish in Gulf Shores? 

The premier spot for angling has to be the Gulf State Park Pier

Being a staggering 1,540 feet, it’s among the Gulf Coast’s lengthiest piers. 

If you’re going fishing, here’s a fun tip: 

Some local eateries will gladly cook up your fresh catch for you! 

What ocean is Gulf Shores, Alabama? 

The Gulf of Mexico is an offshoot of the Atlantic Ocean. 

It’s characterized as both an oceanic basin and a peripheral sea. 

That’s why the marine bounty here is so rich and ready for the net! 



From sizzling shrimp to melt-in-your-mouth crab, Gulf Shores plates up an ocean of flavors. 

Dive fork-first into this seafood haven, and let every bite transport you to a coastal dream. 
Seriously, though, you’re in for a treat, and you’re going to want to stay a while!

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