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  • Our Favorite Mobile Memes
    Bookmark this page! We’ll add our favorite memes to the top that we see local folks create around town. Feel free to tag #MobileRundown on your meme for a chance to get featured!
  • Truckers Beware: That Bankhead Tunnel Traffic Might Get’cha!
    Have you seen this guy? We did a double-take and had to get a closer look. He’s outside of the ALDOT office off I-65, just north of Moffett Road. Just watching over the roads like Big Brother. We finally know who is behind those create signs on the Bankhead Tunnel! We’ve been wondering… ALDOT guy … Read more
  • Free Driving Lessons For Citizens Due to Roundabout Confusion
    In a shocking move by city officials, it was announced that all Mobile city citizens would receive free driving lessons. The reason?  The city has decided to install mega amounts of roundabouts throughout the town (here are the latest projects).   Citizens were quoted saying things like, “what is that?” and “do I drive over it?” … Read more
  • Bienville Square Fountain Stolen?
    The fountain is getting restored and was removed in 2021. It was only supposed to take a few months. Here we are in 2023. Still no fountain. A local source* took this completely unverified picture. It looks like one of those spy weather balloons may have taken it! More on that in a moment… But … Read more
  • We Found the Gold! (Thanks to the Crichton Leprechaun)
    Ok, so you know the gold we’re talking about.  It’s the gold the Chrichton Leprechaun had up in the tree in 2006. If, for some reason, you’re giving this screen a blank stare, refer back to this article that gives details about the famous Mobile, Alabama, Leprechaun. It even has its own Wikipedia page. Let’s … Read more