The Ultimate Guide to Dining in Daphne: 27 Best Restaurants

Daphne, Alabama, is a charming city on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay.

It is known for its beautiful views and lively atmosphere.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, one thing is for sure – Daphne has some incredible restaurants that are sure to satisfy any craving.

From Southern comfort food to international cuisine, the options are endless.

In this guide to dining in Daphne, we’ve compiled a list of the 27 best restaurants in the area.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to embark on a culinary journey through Daphne’s top eateries.

27 Best Restaurants in Daphne AL

Seafood Restaurants In Daphne AL

Daphne is one of the best cities to go to if you want the finest seafood because they source it from the Gulf Coast. 

It is only fitting to have these best seafood restaurants serve you the freshest offerings of the city.

Seafood Restaurants

Kravers Seafood Restaurant

Kravers Seafood Restaurant consistently serves Daphne’s most tasty seafood, including steamed shrimp, catfish, and gumbos.

They also serve the best cocktails and appetizers to pair with your meals, like potatoes, cole slaw, and fried green tomatoes.

Visit: 25965 AL-181, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-625-1990

The Wacky Shrimp

The Wacky Shrimp knows precisely the best seafood recipes as its owner has extensive experience in shrimping and oyster plantations. 

With their love for food and hospitality, The Wacky Shrimp serves the freshest seafood platter, baked beans, and sides. 

Visit: 1650 US-98, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-621-9697

Dragon Seafood Restaurant

Dragon Seafood Restaurant offers a variety of authentic seafood goodness, from jumbo shrimps to oysters and anything under the sea. 

You can create your seafood platter or avail of their mouthwatering lunch specials along with sides, po’boys, and wings. 

Visit: 2101 Hwy 98, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-525-8586

Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill

Boudreaux’s Cajun Grill has outdoor seating for almost everything you crave, from seafood to BBQ to American cuisine.

However, they are more well-known for their remarkable Cajun and Creole menu, bringing Louisiana goodness to the Gulf Coast. 

Visit: 29249 US-98, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-621-1991

David’s Catfish House Express

David’s Catfish House Express serves you Southern seafood with locally-sourced and crisp ingredients for that delicious final plate. 

It will not be David’s Catfish house without its cooked-to-perfection catfish, but they also serve lunch, dinner, sandwiches, platters, and sides. 

Their bestsellers are anything with shrimps, oysters, and crab claws that they source from Bayou La Batre. 

Visit: 1716 Main St, suite c, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-307-5350

Coffee Shops In Daphne AL

Coffee Shops Restaurants in daphne al

Every waking day in Daphne is a great time to start your day with a little caffeine boost and a hearty meal.  

Fortunately, Daphne is home to various exciting and relaxing coffee shops with lovely interiors and brews.  

East Shore Cafe

East Shore Cafe brings you a warm breakfast to start your day with a touch of Southern flavor and atmosphere. 

Their cottage features old-fashioned decorations where you can relax and sip your coffee while reading the morning news.

Aside from the hot cups, they also serve vegetarian-friendly meals, salads, lunch, and dinner.

Visit: 1506 Main St, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-625-0055

Soul Caffeine

Soul Caffeine is a place to connect with friends, meet new people, and have a great time alone in their lovely atmosphere. 

They serve rich and flavorful coffees at a reasonable price while using the freshest and responsibly sourced ingredients. 

Visit: 2004 US-98 b, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-345-4156

Sugar Kettle Cafe

Sugar Kettle Cafe serves family recipes that will give you comfort and satisfaction with Southern taste with a modern twist. 

They have classic breakfast meals like toast, biscuits and gravy, omelets, and daily specials. 

Visit: 1015 Daphne Ave, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-626-5657

Mexican Restaurants In Daphne AL

Mexican Restaurants in daphne al

You will not be craving Mexican food; that is why Daphne has got you covered with these fantastic restaurants. 

Not only do they bring the authentic Mexican flavor, but also the overall atmosphere and hospitality.

Don Carlos Méxican Restaurant

Don Carlos Méxican Restaurant is a full-service bar serving authentic Mexican dishes on the Gulf Coast. 

With their familiarity with the cuisine, they can bring the taste and ambiance of a dining experience to remember.

Aside from Mexican dishes, they also serve unique cocktails from their bar and feature live music every Friday.  

Visit: 29669 AL-181, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-625-3300

El Rancho Mexican Restaurant

El Rancho Mexican Restaurant serves traditional Mexican grub in their large restaurant with a patio and cocktail area. 

The restaurant’s design indoors and outdoors gives you a Mexican atmosphere so you can relax and eat better. 

They offer a long list of Mexican dishes for lunch and dinner, like enchiladas, nachos, burritos, and more. 

Visit: 28960 US-98, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-626-2623

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Moe’s Southwest Grill

Moe’s Southwest Grill is not your typical Mexican restaurant because they bring Southwestern food with their delicious twist.

They always bring crisp ingredients to the table so you can enjoy your burritos, quesadillas, tacos, nachos, salsas, and pico de gallo healthily. 

Visit: 1539 US-98 APT 102, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-626-3334

Taco Mama

Taco Mama is a funky Mexican restaurant with flavorful dishes and a lively dining room for margarita nights.

They have quality food, great prices, and a wide range of Mexican options such as nachos, tacos, burritos, and salads. 

Visit: 6883 US-90, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-810-8226

BBQ Restaurants In Daphne AL

BBQ Restaurants Restaurants in daphne al

There’s nothing like biting onto a smokey and perfectly grilled meat to satisfy your cravings in these BBQ restaurants in Daphne.

Each joint has its signature seasoning blend, sauce, and cooking method to give you remarkable flavors. 

Moe’s Original BBQ

Moe’s Original BBQ is a Southern restaurant serving Eastern Shore with its best dishes and sides. 

They offer finger foods, salad, loaded tater tots, sandwiches, sides, platters, and a kid’s meal with live blues. 

Visit: 6423 Bayfront Park Dr, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-625-7427

LongHorn Steakhouse

LongHorn Steakhouse is a famous steakhouse chain in the US that serves grilled beef and American dishes.

Their ranch-style restaurant is something customers enjoy because of their perfectly grilled steak, cold beer, salad, desserts, and wheat bread. 

Visit: 6870 US-90, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-625-8960

Baumhower’s Victory Grille

Baumhower’s Victory Grille is a sports-themed restaurant chain that serves steak, seafood entrees, and pub snacks. 

They also serve their signature wings and unique dishes that you can enjoy while watching your favorite sports team on their multiple TVs. 

Visit: 6880 US-90, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-625-4695

Yinzers Brew and Grill

Yinzers Brew and Grill is a traditional American sports bar and grill that serves delicious food while you enjoy watching sports. 

They serve mouthwatering pizzas, steaks, calzones, bread, and tap beers with their arcade game machines. 

Visit: 28850 US-98 #200, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-625-4695

Burger Restaurants In Daphne AL

Burger Restaurants in daphne al

One bite of a burger is all you need if you are craving something heavy, delicious, and easy to eat. 

These burger restaurants are ready to fill your guts with the proper buns, fresh ingredients, and secret sauces.  


Whataburger is one of the classic fast food chains that serve burgers with the meatiest and juiciest patties.

They use fresh beef to serve satisfying burgers on toasted five-inch buns with onions, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and more. 

Visit: 29651 AL-181, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-241-0402

Manci’s Antique Club

Manci’s Antique Club is your go-to place if you want to taste different cuisines in one place, like Buster’s, with its specialty hamburgers. 

Delicious is an understatement to describe their burgers, and they also have a variety of them, along with pizzas, beers, fried pickles, and more. 

Visit: 1715 Main St, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-375-0543

O’Charley’s Restaurant & Bar

O’Charley’s Restaurant & Bar is the perfect spot to spend time with your loved ones over your favorite foods to share. 

They bring Southern hospitality to serve their tasty hamburgers, fried chicken, ribs, seafood, and more.

Visit: 6840 US-90, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-447-0744

Island Wing Company

Island Wing is a full-service restaurant and bar that offers delectable and quality hamburgers, wings, chicken, seafood, and more. 

Their wide variety of dishes allows you to enjoy different flavors while enjoying a sports game in their lively restaurant. 

They also serve beers that go best with your food, and you can choose from over 22 tap selections. 

Visit: 29740 Urgent Care Dr, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-625-3042

Brunch Restaurants In Daphne AL

Brunch Restaurants in daphne al

Sometimes, waking up too early is a hassle, but you can always take advantage of an excellent opportunity to eat warm meals.

These brunch restaurants are the best way to start your day and fill your cravings in a relaxing morning. 

2 Sisters Panini

2 Sisters Panini is a bakery and cafe that serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch with fresh ingredients. 

You can fill your tummy with their offerings, such as American-style meals, wraps, paninis, pastries, salads, and more. 

Visit: 1501 US-98, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-930-1444

Waffle House

Waffle House is your friendly breakfast chain that offers an all-day breakfast menu and American dinner meals. 

Their signature waffles are worth trying as well as their simple breakfast meals that are cheap and filling. 

Visit: 6781 US-90, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-626-0431

Top of the Bay

Top of the Bay is a beautiful place to eat brunch, especially on their Sunday offering, where they serve very good food and cocktails. 

Their Sunday brunch features breakfast burritos, pancakes, eggs, bacon, and cocktail drinks.

Visit: 28971 US-98, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-431-1499

Pizza Parlors In Daphne AL

Pizza Parlors Restaurants in daphne al

Daphne always brings pizza parties wherever you are in the city because everyone loves pizza.

Whether you want a New York-style or authentic Italian pizza, they have the best pizza parlors to try.

Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom is a funky pizza chain that you can find in Daphne that offers stone-baked pizzas. 

They are local favorites, serving unique flavored pizzas, calzones, and beers.

Visit: 29698 Frederick Blvd, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-621-3911

Cicis Pizza

Cicis Pizza is a unique pizza parlor that lets you eat pizza endlessly with their all-you-can-eat promo. 

You can also munch on their pasta, salad, and dessert, all made daily for an affordable price. 

Visit: 6882 US-90 Suite G-01, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-621-6820

Janino’s Pizza

Janino’s Pizza is the best place to get delicious pizzas, calzones, pasta, and other Italian cuisines.

Janino’s uses fresh and quality ingredients, making its pizzas stand out from other large pizza chains. 

Visit: 28567 Co Rd 13, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-621-1112

Marco’s Pizza

Marco’s Pizza started in Oregon but has now made its way to Daphne to serve its authentic Italian pizza. 

Their best-selling is pepperoni pizza, but they also serve high-quality, crisp, and tasty sandwiches. 

Visit: 2004 US-98, Daphne, AL 36526

Call: 251-625-6550

Restaurants in Spanish Fort

Restaurants in Spanish Fort

Spanish Fort is just a few miles from Daphne and offers a good list of restaurants. 

With different dishes like seafood, Mexican, steak, and American, these restaurants in Spanish Fort are a sure hit. 

Mandina’s Restaurant

Mandina’s Restaurant is your go-to place if you are craving authentic New Orleans-Italian dishes.

They have had a consistent menu for over seven decades, including fried ravioli, seafood gumbo, filet mignon, and shrimp dishes. 

Visit: 25000 Bass Pro Dr, Suite 100, Spanish Fort, AL, 36527

Call: 251-319-6491

Ralph and Kacoo’s

Ralph and Kacoo’s started in 1969 and has been a popular restaurant among locals as they experience their seafood craze.

They are one of the best cajun restaurants in Louisiana, but they also serve crafted alcoholic drinks and delectable appetizers. 

Visit: 1595 Battleship Pkwy, Spanish Fort, AL 36527

Call: 251-626-0045

Original Oyster House

Original Oyster House brings you a wide variety of seafood, salads, pasta, and steak with its Southern flare. 

They take pride in serving their signature gumbos, fried oysters, seafood platter, key lime pie, and salad bar. 

Visit: 3733 Battleship Pkwy, Spanish Fort, AL 36527

Call: 251-626-2188

Poor Mexican

Poor Mexican serves flavorful Mexican and vegetarian dishes like their signature margaritas, tacos, nachos, and enchiladas. 

Their quality service, reasonable price, authentic atmosphere, and delightful meals keep customers returning.

Visit: 30500 AL-181 #134, Spanish Fort, AL 36527

Call: 251-621-7433

Felix’s Fish Camp Restaurant

Felix’s Fish Camp Restaurant is a rustic-themed restaurant that serves fresh seafood, steak, salads, and cocktails. 

Their location features a beautiful view of the Mobile Bay causeway, so you get tasty food and a casual atmosphere in one. 

Visit: 1530 Battleship Pkwy, Spanish Fort, AL 36527

Call: 251-626-6710

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You can never miss a cuisine in Daphne because they have everything you want in their popular restaurants. 

Whether you want a quick bite, a heavy meal, or a chat over drinks, you can always find a spot in this city. 

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